Risk Versus The Reward – How The Dive Is Like A Hand Of Poker


You would have seen it on many occasions and usually from players on the continent, the type that like to dive in the penalty area in order to try and win a penalty. The whole process of this technique some seem to have practiced it to a point where it is almost an art form to them. They make sure to be as dramatic as possible whilst throwing themselves through the air as if they had just been shot.

Having seen this so many times I tried to get into the players heads in order to think about their thought process on this. What I came up with was a term that is usually confined to the poker tables, risk vs. reward.  And when it comes to reward then, Yakin88 Pkv Games is your solution as it is the most trusted online gambling agent with providing a huge amount of profit.

Usually a ceme online poker player will use a formula of risk vs. reward before making their next play in a hand. They will risk a slice of their chip stack in order to hopefully win the reward of the pot. They will grab every great poker offers available whenever they see one. Their decision will change by just how much risk there is compared to how much reward that is on offer, though there are of course other variables that can affect a decision (we just won’t go into those for the sake of this article).

Well after thinking it through, players that like to dive in order to win a penalty are thinking along the same lines. Their risk is the dive which could land them in trouble, usually through a booking and possibly a small fine later down the line. Their reward is that all important goal in a game that they want to win drastically, this is of course if they manage to con the ref into believing it was a foul rather than a dive.

It seems to me that the only way to combat the amount of diving that goes on in the modern game is to increase the amount of risk taken by the player.

Would a player purposely take a tumble in the opponent’s penalty area if the ref had the power to award a penalty to the opposing team? Would a player take the risk if actions during the game could be assessed after the game from different angles resulting in an immediate suspension, docked points for the team and/or a large fine? We highly doubt it.

The problem with this is that it could backfire unfair on players that are wrongly adjudged to have dived. Sometimes it is not always so black and white when it comes to diving. I learned a lot playing online gambling throughout the years and I had great times.

Anyhow, it will be interesting to see if any changes are made in the future or whether more big games are ruined by one player’s risk vs. reward situation that ends in his favor. At least this formula in poker is part of the game, there really is no need for it in the game of football.


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