Calderwood returns to Holland to manage De Graafschap


As we announced on our twitter feed yesterday, former Aberdeen and Dunfermline manager Jimmy Calderwood has returned to Holland to coach first division outfit De Graafschap.

Calderwood, who succeeded former Rangers player Pieter Huistra after he was sacked on Christmas Eve, has been handed an ultimatum – either win promotion or be sacked.

De Graafschap are currently sitting in sixth place in Holland’s Jupiler League [first division], some 13 points off an automatic promotion spot.

On his appointment, Calderwood said: “I’m ready for the challenge in taking this club back where it belongs. I began to doubt whether the chance to manage would ever come my way again after being rejected by so many clubs. I still don’t understand the reasons why I’ve been out the game for a couple of seasons.

“It became clear there was no future for me in Scotland although I had a decent record. It’s been a nightmare but I’m so excited to be going back on to the training ground to work. This is a fresh start at a club with massive potential. I played here earlier in my career and always thought that I’d return as manager one day but that looked unlikely as time went by.

“This club lies near the German border and traditionally haven’t played in the Dutch style. They want more passion and I know the players have the talent to adapt. I took Go Ahead Eagles into the play-offs a few years ago and this is a bigger club with better players so I’m confident about meeting my target.

“We’re sixth in the league and will progress, I’m certain of that. It’s just so exciting to be back in management after such a long absence and I will make the most of the opportunity.”


  1. Yes we know what happened to Calderwood – tweeted it at the time.

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