The battle for the heart and soul of Rangers continues to drag on



Much like the posturing and pre-prepared statements made by politicians prior to an election those involved in the battle for control of the heart and soul of Ibrox have been maneuvering into position in readiness for the much-anticipated AGM on December 19.

Never before has there been such interest and speculation about what normally is an examination of the clubs books and some questioning to the boards directors about the clubs short-term business structure.

Such has been the enormity of the scandals and controversies surrounding the fall and rise of this Scottish institution there is world-wide interest in what exactly has been going on down Govan way, witness the amount of overseas reporters attending matches and press conferences involving a team in the third tier of Scottish football.

And whatever the outcome of the annual general meeting news of it will be of keen interest in all corners of the footballing world.

For many Rangers supporters the struggle for power at their beloved club has become a weary process of follow following as each day appears to bring more stories of mudslinging between the two opposite factions of the existing board and the so-called ‘requisitioners’.

It has become a sorry state of affairs witnessing the bitching between these people who claim to be businessmen yet act like kids with claim and counter-claim over who holds the interests of the club at heart.

Despite having to suffer a list of characters who have arrived at Edmiston Drive full of empty promises about how they could ensure the club gets back to the top of the Scottish game, the Rangers faithful have continued to attend matches in an incredible fashion though now many are prepared to look at themselves in the mirror and question just how they will support the club if their preferred choices as powerbrokers lose out at the AGM.

Despite what they may see I would find it hard to imagine many bears turning their back on the team although they could decide not to invest into the clubs official merchandise provided by Mike Ashley’s Sport Direct business.

What concerns the support is the fact that talk of another period of administration is starting to resurface as the unease over who holds the purse strings gets stronger and stronger as we head into the second half of the season and ever closer to the month of April when according to those in the know the club will have only £1million in the bank.

And despite what they say possible links between the disgraced Craig Whyte, Charles Green, Imran Ahmed, Brian Stockbridge, Sandy Easdale and the mysterious off shore hedge fund groups Blue Pitch Holdings and Margarita Holdings refuses to go away something which should appear to present an opportunity to the chances of the gaining the shares necessary to hold the keys to Ibrox.

However similar to those on the back benches of the Labour Party who crave for Ed Miliband to flex his muscles and give a bloody nose to the coalition government over their mishandling of inheriting a fiscal debt a large bulk of the Rangers fanbase are desperate to see Paul Murray provide them with much more information of how exactly he plans to take the club forward in terms of a major financial injection (why is Jim McColl pushing for change but not prepared to put some of his undoubted wealth into the club) and at the same time confirm exactly what dirt he may have on the current board as opposed to just speculating on issues such as the still involvement of Charles Green.

In their long illustrious history Rangers FC have tended to do their business quietly, professionally and with dignity behind the scenes in a manner born out of the principles of great men such as Bill Struth and Willie Waddell.

The words and actions of messrs David Somers, Easdale and Murray in recent weeks have left a real sour taste in the mouth and the hope is that AGM will help begin a new start of honesty and transparency at Ibrox.

However I fear this whole sorry saga will drag on well into the new year and the poor Rangers support will have to suffer more news about what is happening off the park than what is actually occurring on it.


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