Charles Green: Show me the money Jim!


In what could be construed as the script for the sequel to Jerry MaGuire, Charles Green speaking to Sky Sports News’ famous Rangers fan Jim White, called on Scotland’s ‘richest man’ to show him the money!

There may have been less shouting and less dancing in the sequel excerpt that Sky Sports aired this afternoon, but it finally gives us a glimpse into what Charles Green really wants – despite his past rhetoric about being in love with Rangers Football Club and wanting to stay on until he hears the Champions League anthem belted over the tannoy at Ibrox. As someone remarked all he cares about now is the chang ching of the cash register.

With Rangers, who are 1/20 with Paddy Power to win the SPFL League One this year, losing around £1 million per month and with no fresh investment following on from last year’s successful IPO [out of £22 million it is rumoured that only around £5 million remains]Charles Green returned to Ibrox some three months following his exiting the door after links arose between the Yorkshireman and disgraced former owner Craig Whyte.

As Green returned in a consultancy role, chairman Walter Smith walked down the marble staircase and exited the building with a heavy heart as the board room continued to descend deeper into civil war between the Greenites and the Murrayists. The Roundheads and the Cavaliers don’t have a patch on this lot.

Green’s return smells more of the man trying to protect the shares that he was ‘gifted’ by the club, [similar to a 40-year-old virgin receiving a valentine’s day card from himself] so that the share price does not fall further than the 41p it was yesterday – until he can sell up in December.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, Green called on McColl to put his money where his mouth is, he said: “What I say to Jim McColl, the world’s richest Scotsman, is put £14m in a bank account by Friday of this week and me and my consortium will deliver to you 20 million shares.

“That is about 28 per cent of this club and then I will know that you are serious about it. You have then invested some cash in the club you want to run. However, you are not going to do it without putting some money on the table and, up to today, and after 18 months, none of you have done it.”

In a somewhat delusional stance, Green implied that the Rangers board was fine when he left it in April yet has become a mess since then. He added: “This club is in an absolute mess. I left the club in April to allow it to move forward, to get on, for me not to be involved because of the Craig Whyte issues. What I wanted to do was see Rangers prosper and I think if you read Walter’s (Smith) statement yesterday you’ll agree that the board is completely dysfunctional and couldn’t agree on anything. That never happened during my time at the club.

“I ran the company and I made the decisions and there are no decisions being made in that board because of the arguments between it.”

Within minutes of Green’s interview being aired on Sky Sports, Jim McColl released a statement via the Press Association claiming that he does not want to join the board or increase his stake in the Ibrox side.

The businessman said: “Let me make it very clear, I am not seeking to join the board or to increase my shareholding in the club. I am a small shareholder like many of the club’s fans and have no intention of increasing my position in the short to medium term.

“I am 100 per cent focused on my own businesses and the strategy which I have agreed with the investors in my funds. I am duty bound to honour that agreement. This is not because I don’t believe investing in Rangers would be a good investment, it is because of the commitment I have made to my own businesses and to my partners.

“On the contrary, I believe that with a strong reconstructed, effective and highly competent board to restore financial transparency, stability and success to the club, it is a very attractive investment opportunity. This requisition for change is not about any one person or group of people trying to gain a controlling position, this is a demand for change by some very concerned investors, fans and other stakeholders. Things have to change to allow the club to move forward with ambition and confidence.

“The board needs to be constructed to reflect balance, independence and experience to operate in the best long-term interests of the club, fans and shareholders rather than the interests of a small clique.”

With Walter Smith resigning amid the continued farce that is in control at Rangers Football Club, the fans have now turned on Charles Green and his consortium.

I asked Rangers fans on our official twitter page – what they wanted to see at their club [after sifting through replies from Celtic fans]the three words that stood out the most were – Stability, truth and united.

Maybe just maybe it is time for the fans backed by the likes of Jim McColl and other investors to gain control of the club. They have seen Craig Whyte come in and bring the club to its knees and burying it, then they have seen Green and his cronies milking what is left of the club, will they stand for it a third time or will they finally make the call to gain control of their club rather than businessmen peddling rhetoric they know the fans want to hear?

The time for change is now, if the Rangers fan groups are serious about controlling their club then the time is nigh. Let them put their money where their mouth is and buy out Green and co.

Meanwhile Rangers fans and Scottish betting fans in general will be waiting to see whether or not the turmoil off the field will have any sort of impact as the club prepare for life in SPFL League One.


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