St.Johnstone Blog: County should be hit with sanctions over ‘mercenary’ Brittain



As a St.Johnstone fan things were looking pretty good in January, a strong league position and an announcement that one of the best midfielders within our budget had committed to joining us next season. With the knowledge that two of our midfield stalwarts of the past few seasons in were on their way out of McDiarmid Park it was pleasing to see no time being wasted in putting plans in place for the coming season.

As we now know what transpired was a lengthy and sour escapade that has hindered our European plans, tainted the image of a manager who tried to play the matter out in the press and knocking the Highland “love in” that their on-field performances had merited.

As a sequence of events it seems that Brittain’s “personal reasons” that have been much spouted  leans towards the all important pound in his pocket and I  like many St Johnstone fan have no issue with a man seeking as much money for doing his job as he can get ,as its something that we would all do, but a player’s silence and Derek Adams insistence on attacking the most frugal, fair and honest club in the league has fuelled tensions between clubs where there was no need, only succeeding in masking the fact that they have “tapped up” a contracted player, to which I await sanctions imposed for a breach of rules.

Many will debate that the decision by Brittain to renege on the contract was down to the cash in his pocket but the U-turn by the false  god of Dingwall is coincidental with the return from holiday of the man holding the purse strings in chairman McGregor.

Since his decision to extend his five years in Dingwall, many of the Ross County fans have been quick to herald the decision, I have seen people call him “reverend Richie” and “captain fantastic” forgetting that he preaches to the pound and when County’s season was still in the balance he was quick to make sure he was secured and turned his back on those who worship him and a team just above relegation, second bottom of the league and nine points ahead of Dundee.

I know a few will laugh at my wish for sanctions citing sour grapes and bitterness,  and their argument will be “the SFA rules allow it” to this I answer, look at your shirt and embossed endorsement on the cheque that is dashed from sponsors, you signed up to the SPL and should abide by their rules.

So after early pre-season being disrupted by a managerial change and a football mercenary, thankfully our focus can turn to players who want to be here and a looming Europa League tie. Spend the transfer money wisely and we can continue to be successful!


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