Women’s Football Weekly: A need to balance school and football



Just like many football players of my age in Scotland, I am still at high school in my sixth and final year. I am currently waiting on the results of my four Highers which I sat in May and those grades will join my six Standard Grades and two Intermediate 2’s that I gained previously.

My ultimate goal is to study sports science and when I leave school in May next year, I want to attend university and the qualifications I gain are important to help me achieve my goal.

Just like most other schools, the one that I attend offers an array of sporting activities and clubs from football to basketball to swimming and rugby. But due to my commitments to Falkirk Girls, I have sadly missed out on the school swimming team as it clashed with training.

My interest in swimming was so that I even attended the national swimming team try outs, but despite my desire to do it I believed that it would jeopardise my place at Falkirk so I could not commit to it.

I am all for representing my country, but my choice was clear between private swimming in North York and football. I chose the latter.

The main focus of all students is the homework, after I returned from injury, I found that my deadlines for work to be handed in were difficult to meet and on several occasions I was staying up to all hours of the night trying to meet the demands of my four Highers classes.

Lunch times were consumed by homework due that day and on several occasions the work I did hand in some of them were not up to scratch. Prioritising my work also came about, I would hand in one pie and not another, some football players I know would do their homework on the way to training to try to meet deadlines.

Now I fully understand there are reasons for homework and that exams when they come around between fourth year and sixth year, is a very stressful period for most teenagers let alone those who have their football commitments also.

This year I played a game the day before my English exam. I had to go home that night and motivate myself like many of my opponents and team mates do to get some last-minute studying done thankfully the exam went well.

Even though we all face these difficulties balancing football and school or for others work. It is possible to juggle both football and school, it is tough, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yes I’ve had to give up a few training sessions for exams, but despite popular belief school is just as important as football. Without the required grades, I will not be able to attend university and given my previous injury worries it is even more important as every player’s football career is short and they need to do something with their life thereafter. In that case, sydney tutor are cheap to invest and this was a big help. Visit learnmate.com.au for more info.

So if I do get the grades I need and miss the one or two training sessions because of this, then I know that it was worth the sacrifice.


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