Rangers FC Blog: Easdale Brothers, Are They Welcome?


rangers-logoIn recent weeks it has been revealed by many media outlets that Charles Green aims to sell his shares when the Stock Exchange rules allow, with the Easdale brothers claiming they have a mutual agreement with Green to buy his shares in December.

James and Sandy Easdale are the owners of the independent bus company McGills and invested in the club last year, but are these the type of people we want having shares and a presence on the board?

The brothers already own 6% but aim to invest in more shares to gain a position on the board and look to the future of one day investing enough to gain control of the club.

However the past of Sandy Easdale, who was jailed back in 1997 for VAT fraud, is a worrying thought for the other board members.

After all that has happened at Rangers in recent years now is the time to appoint board members and investors who are “Rangers men” and will have the clubs best interests at heart.

Right now the only people at the club fans truly trust are Walter Smith and Ally McCoist, it’s time we look to bring back in the Rangers men and pull the club out of the uncertainty that is currently hanging over it.

There has been recent talks of Dave King being interested in a return to the club and willing to again invest money from his personal fortune after losing £20million when Rangers entered administration, however he has his own problems. King is facing multiple criminal charges in South Africa. He may have settled his long battle with the South African tax authorities over unpaid tax, but he is still facing hundreds of criminal charges which if he is found guilty could face a long spell in prison.

Another former board member I would like to see make a return to the Ibrox would be Paul Murray, a man who was with Rangers for many years and someone you can rely on to defend his beloved club against anyone. He believes there should be a new constitution written in which every person who joins the board has to agree to the core values and if they don’t they can’t join. He is an endangered species in this brutal saga recently at Rangers. He has a very intelligent business mind and understands the running of the club.

If we can bring in true Rangers men who will put the club’s interests before their own, then we can surely prosper in the way we aspire to. This is a new era at Rangers and we need to clear out the people who are interested in lining their own pockets and making a quick return on their investment.

So what side do the Easdale brothers fall on? The real Rangers men who would put the club’s interests before their own or are they simply there to line their pockets and making a quick return on their investment? Thoughts?


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