Sacked Rangers physio Phil Yeates speaks to Scotzine


rangers-logoPhysio Phillip Yeates has spoken exclusively to Scotzine.com over his departure from Rangers Football Club.

The Dunfermline-based physio expressed his disappointment over his role ‘being made redundant’, but understood why the decision was taken.

As part of, what Rangers have described as, a ‘far-reaching restructuring programme at various levels’, Yeates was one of several club employees shown the door.

Yeates had been with Rangers for five years and had a wealth of experience within the game having worked at Dunfermline Athletic for 20 years up until 2004, as well as the Scotland national side between 1994 and 2008 – which saw him go to Euro 1996 and the 1998 World Cup in France.

However, the physio claimed that chief executive Charles Green had stated that his role was being made redundant, due to financial issues. Sports always come with injuries and accidents. Consult a physio in Alexandria to get releif from such injuries.

Yeates said: “I had a meeting with Charles Green who intimated there was a company review and as a consequence my position was being made redundant. Although disappointed, I can fully understand from a business point of view decisions like this have to be made.

“Looking forward with the finances of many clubs it will probably become more of a reality in the future.As I said if measures like this mean that the club stay on a secure footing then great, it’s just a pity it involved me!”

On his five years at Rangers, Yeates added: “I have enjoyed my time at the club. The first season with the European games ending in Manchester was incredible, I think we played about 18 games in Europe that year which is almost half a league season. I don’t think I have stayed in so many hotels in one season, in fact the family had a cardboard cut of me just to remember what I looked like.”

Despite his departure, Yeates hopes that Rangers continues in the right direction, he added: “Like the Rangers fans I have been on a bit of a roller coaster over the last few years but hopefully the club will continue to progress in a positive manner and achieve their goals.”

And he was happy to hear of the backing he had from the Rangers fans after his departure was announced. He said: “It’s nice to hear there have been some favorable comments, hopefully they will out way any less favorable ones.”

It is not known yet what plans Rangers and chief executive Charles Green have with the rehabilitation of injured Rangers players now, but with no physiotherapist on the books it will slow down the recovery process of those players – unless they plan to outsource the role.


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