Fans group calls on Rangers board to decide on Green’s future

Pic: Liam McFadden | Scotzine

Pic: Liam McFadden | Scotzine

The Rangers supporters trust have called for the Rangers board to decide on the future of chief executive Charles Green over his ‘recent performance’.

The fans group said: “The Board of the club has enjoyed the backing of the overwhelming majority of the Rangers Family and to date no valid concern about its operation or composition has been aired. Therefore, it has the competency and authority to deal with the matters surrounding Mr Green’s recent performance without interference from the media or external bodies.”

Their calls for action comes after Charles Green was charged by the Scottish FA for racist language, when referring to Ibrox commercial director Imran Ahmad as his ‘little paki friend’ and also a former team-mate during his playing days as ‘darkie’.

It is the first time that Rangers fans have officially called into question Green’s performance as chief executive, but is of no great surprise given continued statements that have faltered or proven false in recent weeks.

The RST have also called on the board to quiz both Charles Green and Imran Ahmad on the issue with Craig Whyte, and the allegations of the trio working together.

The statement added: “With regard to Mr Whyte’s claims, the Board can question the directors and employees concerned in a confidential manner which should provide additional clarity.”

Despite the allegations and the so-called evidence already aired by Craig Whyte, the RST have called on Green and Ahmad to take the former Rangers owner to court, believing that only a ‘judicial examination’ can clear the whole sorry mess up once and for all.

They continued: “Craig Whyte will never be an acceptable owner or investor in Rangers – his allegations appear so outrageous and injurious to the club that only a court appearance will force him to provide conclusive evidence of his claims.

“As he is alleging collusion between himself, Mr Green and Mr Ahmad we believe that the situation now requires judicial examination and recommend that Mr Green and Mr Ahmad instigate legal proceedings against Craig Whyte without delay.”


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