All about the hate never about the football!


Last night’s Glasgow Cup Final was supposed to be about the football on show, from some of the best youngsters that Celtic and Rangers produce, sadly it was overshadowed by the disgraceful actions of a minority from both sets of supporters.

From fans trashing seats in the stands, to flares being thrown onto the pitch close beside the players, a pitch invasion and disgusting songs – it’s just another game between Celtic and Rangers isn’t it?

Well if you believe some in the mainstream media it’s not, they believe that it’s the first derby game at any level, since Rangers imploded financially. However they would be wrong, as both teams faced one another at Murray Park back in March, which ended 2-2.

It is, however, the first team both clubs have faced one another in a cup final of any sort and when it comes to winning a cup no matter how important or not, these ties will always entice not only the true football supporters, but also the hate-filled elements who go to the games just because it is Celtic and Rangers.

We have had a number of club officials come out lately, stating that the game should reconsider its ban on alcohol in football. We all know it’s not about the ‘entertainment’ factor but all about the money, and incidents last night prove that some clubs should not have the facility to sell booze to the ‘ordinary’ punters in the stand.

Whether the fans were boozed up or just sober-as-a-judge scum, either way they proved once again that Scottish football can do without their sort and another reason for them to be hated.

Scotzine contacted Police Scotland into the incidents last night. A spokesperson said: “There were three men arrested at the game. One 19 year-old man for a minor offence outside the stadium before the game started, and two 17 year-old men for alleged pitch incursion. All three are subject of a report to the Procurator Fiscal.”

Kick off was delayed due to objects and flares being thrown onto the pitch, from the Rangers end, the spokesperson added: “Kick-off was delayed as when the players came out items were thrown on to the pitch which caused a significant amount of smoke covering most of the north stand and the immediate environs – in the interests of safety this had to clear before match could kick off.”

One of Scotzine’s team was at the game last night and he stated: “The most concerning point for me last night came about 7-8 minutes before end. Hundreds of Rangers fans poured down the shed end; I thought there was maybe a serious incident they were getting away from. It wasn’t; I don’t know if it was co-ordinated but they made their way to the bottom of the stand to stand about 5-10 deep against perimeter.”

We came across a video showing exactly what happened and I have to state that this incident may have been seen as a bit of fun, but given disasters in the past it was absolutely idiotic for these ‘fans’ to do this.

Scotzine have also came into information that a section of the Celtic support sang songs mocking the 66 Rangers fans who died in the Ibrox Disaster in 1971. This has been confirmed by a number of individuals and another member of the Scotzine staff. And we have to reiterate our disgust at these people using the disaster as a points scoring exercise.

There was also time for two Rangers fans to take to the field before the end of the game to invade the pitch.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that seats were ripped up in both Celtic and Rangers ends of the ground, with the clubs set to receive a bill from Partick Thistle for the damaged caused.

Police have added that they are continuing their enquiries into the incidents last night.

These ‘people’ have no place in Scottish football and are certainly not football fans. They attended last night’s game not to support their club or support the players on the pitch, but to cause trouble to bring shame on the majority of decent supporters and to target the opposition with their hate. Scotland’s shame indeed.

Rangers Under-17s won the Glasgow City Final beating Celtic 3-2.

Our photos from last night

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