St. Johnstone Blog: Be careful what you wish for!



So as we pass another Saturday football free I still can’t get the expression “be careful what you wish for as you just might get it!” out of my head.

Our last home match saw us beat Kilmarnock and sitting in the top half of the table, yet for many of our fans its just not enough, a banner calling for the manager’s job by some of our younger fans has strangely had the reverse effect to how it was intended.

At times this season our performances have been somewhat questionable and our gaffer’s decisions bemusing to say the least. But, what we now have is a wage bill sitting in the relegation zone, with it possibly being the 9/10th in the league and a football team and formation that has fluidity as well as a bit of grit.

It may have taken time but our fledgling manager seems to now understand his players and likewise they now know what he wants and have seemingly started to blossom where last season we faltered. Let us not forget who we are and although frustrating we take each step a little smaller than others but well get there the right way.

Too many have been quick to judge our manager and players, seeming to forget that this is a marathon not a sprint, open your eyes and steer away from expectant glory and silver to focus on what we have in front of us.

To many we have a prima donna playing but do you really know him? Look at his stats before slating, our manager is surpassing points tallies of others yet it’s not enough! As I said at the start the banner had the reverse effect off its intentions and made some of our more seasoned spectators take check of what their voices were shouting and realised: “Hey this lot can do something.”

Come April the 1st we can secure top six and with the unity I crave slowly gaining momentum lets set our sights higher and push forward as one for a change and remember. WE ARE PERTH… WE ARE ST.JOHNSTONE.


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