Scottish Football wants to move on but the Irish Political brigade do not

bloggerThe world lives in the 21st century, Ireland has moved into the 21st century and yet Scotland is infested with those who still live in the past, be it 1690, 1916 or the times of the Troubles. Mention Irish politics not having any place in Scottish football and you will be inundated with the activists, followers, tag alongs and wannabes commenting, criticising, abusing and threatening. And that is why league reconstruction is not the biggest issue within the Scottish game. The Irish political infestation is.

Before anyone tries to claim this article is an attack on Ireland or the Irish, like one specific Irish-based journalist tried to peddle last night on Twitter – much to his buffoonery – especially given the fact he was born in Scotland and live most of his life in Scotland. This article looks at why Scottish Football is sick to the back teeth of Irish politics and conflict being brought into the Scottish game. It is not only non-Old Firm fans who are sick of it, but there are plenty of Celtic and Rangers fans who hate the republican and loyalist rhetoric being peddled about by the 90 minute bigots, by the inbred bigots and the terrorist-supporting luvvies.

I have written on many occasion on the IRA supporting luvvies that are within the Celtic support and those across the city also who peddle this notion that Rangers must adhere to their Protestant traditions.

A simple conclusion to this article just now is that both are as bad as each other. However, as we all know that is simply not enough for some folk whose mock outrage and faux pas offence raises its ugly head at the sheer criticism or failure to back their ’cause’.

It is ironic really, especially coming from elements of the Celtic support and one specific group who state they are anti-fascist, only to denounce, condemn, attack and abuse people who do not kowtow to them or who do not adhere to their ways – fascist or what? A group born out of division to continue their stance of conflict against the club’s board all the while taking backhanders from the same board they denounce time and again on forums and social network sites.

Scottish football fans have more things to worry about than the politics of a nation [or two nations] from across the Irish Sea. In fact the fans have their own problems to deal with rather than having to face the plague that is in our game. Football is a relief for most, sadly for these hatemongers it is just an extension of their hate filled bile.

Scottish football is facing its biggest crisis in years, whether folk want to believe it or not. The financial climate in the country is abysmal – blame who you want for that – ticket prices are far from value for money in our top league, while the quality on the park is potentially at its lowest ebb ever. The Scotland national side has failed to qualify for a major tournament since 1998, Rangers financially imploded due to their own mismanagement at board room level and we are seeing other clubs nearing the end or seeing their debt increase significantly over the past few years. Yet the major issue that has cursed our game is sectarianism, Irish politics and Old Firm whataboutery.

Scottish football can re-invent itself, it can reconstruct the league setup, we can see a return of quality players on the park and may even see a reduction in the debt within clubs, but all that will be in vain if we are subjected to the bile that belongs to another nation – a nation that is doing its damnedest to turn their back on it once and for all. It is a Scotland-wide problem, but for the most part the majority of the perpetrators who peddle their Irish political bile are from the West of Scotland.

You can bet your mortgage on the majority of those who do peddle such bile have never been to Ireland in their life, or if they have they stay clear of the ‘real’ Ireland and stick to the tourist hotspots drinking their choice of Irish tipple and claim to have returned to the motherland or their place of origin.

I was born in Scotland, lived most of my life in Scotland – bar a few years in Singapore and England. I have been lucky enough to travel to numerous places across the world, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australasia. I have experienced much and yet when returning to the west of Scotland it feels like I have gone back in time and it’s not a good thing.

As a Celtic fan, I look at my son, who is not even two yet and I worry. I worry over subjecting him to the bile that infests and plagues our game. Since starting this site, I have attended a multitude of games across the country and I am sad to say, I would rather take him to an SFL game such as Partick Thistle or a Junior game like Pollok or Arthurlie, free from the bile that some Celtic and Rangers fans feel are part of their respective clubs and of our game. I may not be able to protect him from the usual language that is heard in the stands – usually aimed at referees – but I will make sure that my son will grow up like I did by detesting the issues that plague or game – issues that have no place in Scottish society let alone in our football stadiums.

If you speak to certain elements of Rangers fans, they believe that they should protect and defence their club’s Protestant traditions – clearly spitting in the face of those Rangers fans who are not Protestant. Do they care? No, because they peddle that rhetoric in retaliation to those Celtic fans who peddle the Irish Republican rhetoric as a counter. At the end of the day it is a petty, idiotic and hate filled battle of massive whataboutery.

In effect, the battle of whataboutery is the modern-day equivalent of two siblings getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar and trying to blame the other so that they get a worse punishment than they do.

Nowhere in the Celtic history does it state that Celtic fans must be supporters of Irish republicanism, certainly nowhere does it state that they must sing songs glorifying the IRA of any era.

I have looked on the Celtic website and even the brilliant Celtic Wiki page and any article or information related to the formation of the club, fails to mention anything about Irish Republicanism being a founding principle of Celtic Football Club.

An article on Celtic Wiki entitled ‘Born From Charity – Brother Walfrid and the Poor Children’s Dinner Table’ stated that Celtic was established ‘to aid an impoverished community’.

It added: “A community often shunned because of their faith and nationality. He [Walfrid] was driven by a desire to not just save them from poverty but to help them retain their dignity. Through the Poor Children’s Dinner Table and Celtic FC he wanted to put food in the belly and pride in the heart. That’s not romantic revisionism, that’s the reality behind Celtic.

“The club’s rapid success on the pitch would see it quickly steer away from these original off-field aspirations. Today such honourable intentions are, bar few exceptions, almost alien to a world of football more concerned with multi-million pound transfers, sponsorship deals, executive boxes and merchandising.

“Yet these roots remain a source of great pride for Celtic supporters’. While the club is now ‘owned’ by shareholders, charity and community will always remain at the very heart of the club.”

On the Celtic official website, under the brief history section, it states: “November 6, 1887 – Celtic Football Club is formally constituted in St Mary’s Church Hall in East Rose Street (now Forbes Street), Calton. The purpose is stated as being to alleviate poverty in Glasgow’s East End parishes.”

Again no mention of Republicanism or the IRA, or more accurately at that stage the IRB. Of course many who do know their history, or specifically Celtic history know that Irish nationalist Michael Davitt laid the centre circle at Celtic Park in 1888. They get on their soap boxes and use Davitt as some sort of poster boy to bang on about Celtic’s links with Irish republicanism and the IRA. Yet they fail to mention the whole truth of Davitt.

In an article written in the Irish Independent, May 2006, it is well-known that Davitt renounced his ‘Fenian oath; and took a seat in the House of Commons at Westminster. He also ‘totally excluded violence as a means of advancing Irish unification’. That alone puts a nail in the coffin of those who try to use Davitt as some sort of Irish republican who had links with Celtic Football Club, therefore giving them the right to sing about the IRA.

In fact the majority of songs that Celtic fans sing about, around the 1916 Easter Rising, have less meaning if they continue to use Davitt as some form of poster boy. During the Easter Rising of 1916, Davitt was deemed a Judas and had been “deliberately air-brushed out of the script for Irish freedom. Republican Ireland declined to acknowledge him as among ‘the Greats’. Pearse did not assign Davitt a place in the Republican pantheon of Theobald Wolfe Tone, John Mitchel, Fintan Lalor – or even Parnell.”

Giving more backing to the notion that Davitt’s mere presence at Celtic Park had nothing to do with Irish republicanism but more to do with his work in Land reform and his work in Scotland also with crofters.

Davitt, after years in prison, came to the conclusion that violence was ‘self defeating’ and ‘membership of an underground, armed conspiracy merely invited the counter-productive attention of State agents infiltrating the movement and recruiting informers’.

The poster boy for so many so-called educated Celtic fans and Irish republican supporters, inspired even the great Mahatma Gandhi in his campaign for an independent and free India from British rule.

Again on the Celtic website, under their Social mission section, it states: “Celtic Football Club was founded in 1888. Its principal founder was a Marist Brother named Walfrid. The Club had two principal aims: The first aim was to raise funds to provide food for the poor of the East End of Glasgow, an area of the City that was greatly impoverished and had a high rate of infant mortality. Within the East End was a large Irish community and friction was growing between the native Glaswegians and the new influx of Irish. Brother Walfrid saw the need for social integration and his vision was a football club that Scottish and Irish, Protestants and Catholics alike could support. A new football club would be a vehicle to bring the communities together and this was the second aim. The Marist brother sought for the Club to have both a Scottish and Irish identity and hence, the Club’s name “Celtic” came about, representing a bridge of cultures across the Irish Sea.”

AGAIN no mention of the IRA or Irish republicanism.

The current positioning as the website states: “Celtic Football Club is a Scottish football club with proud Irish links. The primary business of Celtic is as a football club. It is run on a professional business basis with no political agenda. However, the Club has a wider role and the responsibility of being a major Scottish social institution promoting health, well-being and social integration.”

So a club that back when it was founded – which had no links nor interest in Irish Republicanism – still to this day steers clear of Irish Republicanism, with no political agenda. I seriously wonder if these Celtic fans who claim, Irish Republicanism and Celtic go hand in hand, know the club’s history or have they been brainwashed by decades of inbred bigotry and political propaganda.

This is not solely an attack and condemnation of those IRA supporting and glorification luvvies, as Celtic’s neighbours from across the city are just as bad. Sectarian signing policy, the utilisation of a child abuse scandal as a tool to beat their rivals with and sectarian/racist chanting bring unwanted headlines on Rangers’ doorstep. Were Rangers founded as a Protestant institution or was it all about five lads wanting to play football?

It is clearly evident that while there is a sizeable number of Irish fans that support both Rangers and Celtic Football Clubs, the main protagonists of glorifying the Loyalist and Republican causes are Scottish-born fans claiming to be political activists and religious zealots – who have for the most part not set foot at a political rally, campaigned or set foot in a church or chapel week in week out – as the political and religious zealots they claim to be.

The Government have certainly not helped with ill-advised and half-cocked legislation, likewise self-policing is far from successful also, but at least they are not ignoring the problem.

Last year, before the Offensive Behaviour in Football Bill was passed into law, I wrote a piece looking at the IRA love-in with some elements at Celtic Park and looked back to Celtic in the days of legendary manager Jock Stein.

Jock Stein – a Protestant – during a game against Stirling Albion at the start of the troubles in Northern Ireland, famously vaulted the perimeter fence to challenge a group of Celtic fans who had been chanting ‘I, I, IRA rule ok!’ and other IRA slogans throughout the first half of the game.

An eyewitness to this famous event stated that Stein said: “The players don’t respond or react to your IRA songs or chants. Keep them for your buses or pubs. You have loads of Celtic songs, sing them and the players will respond better, thank you.”

For the Second Half of that game, the Celtic fans sang only Celtic songs.

But don’t let the IRA supporting luvvies hear you condemn and call on them to put an end to their hate filled campaign from the terraces. They will label you not a real Celtic fan, they will peddle lies about you, they will abuse and they will try to intimidate. Not better than their equivalent element from the blue half of the city.

As the club state themselves, “Celtic is a club for everyone who believes in football as a medium for healthy pleasure, entertainment and social integration. The Club always has been and always will simply aim to be the team of the people.”

Can you honestly say that with the bile infesting Scottish Football at this time, that football is a healthy pleasure, entertaining and is helping social integration?

One side peddles the IRA as freedom fighters and the British military as terrorists, the other side peddles the IRA as terrorists and the British military as heroes.

At the end of the day, when it comes to Scottish Football, the majority of fans do not care one iota about Irish politics and the bile and plague that comes with it. It is time that either these so-called football fans ditch their unwanted politics at the turnstile or that all the decent Scottish football fans make a stand and rid them from our midst once and for all.

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  1. Tam says:

    And it’s not just Celtic and sevco fans u have killie hearts hibs Dundee Motherwell and a couple more and that’s just spl and one 3 div and don’t start me on orange walks and hibs walks a just wish we could rid ourselfs of this hatred we are all scots we should act like a nation and mabie one day we will be

  2. Mark Cassidy says:

    Andy, i dont know where all this has came from but i have these issues with your article:

    1. Why have you brought the IRA issue into this? The GB have been giving a positive atmosphere to the games, especially this season. Not one time have i heard IRA chants this season.

    2. I’m guessing this is a reaction to the recent bust up between the GB and the police.

    This incident had nothing to do with spouting out irish republicanism, or IRA chants, it was to do with harassment from the police.

    yes, the GB had no warrant for the protest, but to be honest, would you think you needed a warrant to walk to the game, just cos you walked in a big group? the violence was started and 90% carried out by the police, theres videos that show what happened, you can see them if you can be bothered.

    anyway… this incident was about the big new bill that literally, in the eyes of police, turns all people wearing colours of their teams into potential criminals. The GB have been targetted at matches and arrested, and in court, most cases have just been laughed out.

    3. yes, in the past, there has been rather embarrassing incidents involving the GB, and yes, most of them do just look like a bunch of neds, but its all just image, they try to look like european ultras, and to be honest, if they didnt make the effort to be like that then they wouldnt be very effective in creating their atmosphere, i love watching what they do at the games. I feel you have blown the political side SO far out of proportion, dont get me wrong they do have a political stance on a lot of matters, but to describe them as an infestation is literally just crazy.

    I’m sorry Andy I usually agree with what you have to say on scottish football, but i dont think you wrote a very sensible article here. you’ve stirred the celtic support up, and then felt the need to bring rangers fans into it just to even it up, when really its just one big article of rage that no one is going to agree with!

  3. Albie O'Neill says:

    Mark, I didn’t finish reading your reply for one simple reason. I’m a season ticket holder, block 102 and I have heard pro IRA songs this season from the Green Brigade. I fully support the reunification of Ireland in the same way I support independence for Catalonia, two state solution in Palestine/ Israel. But the advancement of these political causes is not helped by a small group with a chip on their shoulder singing about the IRA and causing offence.

    Yes I do mean causing offence. The 4 horsemen banner was funny, the blood stained poppy and “sniper” banners were offensive.

    I asked a GB leafleter why the need to sing IRA songs, his reply was freedom of speech. Bollocks! This is the libertarian nonsense spouted by one of the FAC friends Dr Stuart Waiton who supports freedom of speech for racists.

    The Green Brigade bring a great atmosphere but are trying to use their support for political ends. I be spent my whole life supporting political causes and Celtic. But at the centre of my politics is freedom and equality. Maintaining the sectarian divide ala Green Brigade doesn’t do it for me.

    By the way Andy, original piece is good.

  4. Kenny says:

    I never agree with any of Andy’s articles but for once be seems to have written a neutral piece that hits the nail on the head – relating to both sides. Leave hatred, politics an religion out of football. You can be passionate and support your team without the bile.

  5. Mauberley says:

    I do agree, though, even if Mark says nobody will. I’m an atheist. I’m German. I detest nationalism and any religious bigotry. I’m also a Celtic fan, and I think the political instrumentalization of Scottish football is both embarrassing and outdated. I am not saying football is unpolitical, and claiming that it is not is part of the problem, not the solution. It’s just that it’s up to us fans to make it political the way we want it, and I want my club to be about tolerance and inclusion. This article is about taking the game back from those who abuse it. If the GB can recognize that, all the better, but it’s ridiculous to accept their (openly stated) 20th-century politics because they’re the ones “improving” the atmosphere at Paradise. I would rather have the soft applause of thousands than the loud propaganda of a few. So, thanks for this article. Let’s hope it gets at least some people thinking (and the comment section clear of the very idiocy it denounces).

  6. energyzone says:

    What sectarian/racist songs do Killie fans chant?

  7. Murdochbhoy says:


    Your article is an over-simplification and as such you’ve taken a single aspect of the issue and decided to beat Celtic supporters with it.

    Newton’s law of motion could be applied to the Celtic / Rangers whataboutery, and I’d draw you to the 3rd law and ask a simple question, if you review history, who has been the aggressor and who has retaliated.

    Newton’s 3rd law of motion….

    When a first body exerts a force F1 on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force F2 = −F1 on the first body. This means that F1 and F2 are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.

    Even today, who is the aggressor? Who has been proven as cheats, who is threatening other clubs and supporters when they don’t get their way.

    No Andy, I’m afraid your review doesn’t have the depth and balance to make an effective point.

  8. Eddie Docherty says:

    Andy, you portray Celtic Park as a hotbed of rabid bigotry and Irish Republicanism. Actually you could just have said ‘GB, could you stop singing Roll of Honour’ and that would be it. I don’t hear any other pro-IRA chants or songs from them. I’ve taken neutral fans to Celtic Park and never seen them offended by the singing. Did you write this article 30 years ago and you’ve just fished it out the drawer?

  9. canamalar says:

    Andy having read your article I’m left a bit confused, your whole premise is an attack on Celtic supporters who want to celebrate the single most important subject in Irish history, which I have no problem with, personally I agree the songs should be allowed to fade into the celebrated history. How that is achieved is up for debate, me I prefer evolution to revolution, for singing their lulabys and battle crys and songs of hope and joy, I do not believe supporters should be given a criminal record. I as a kid in the 70’s sung the songs, a much more sensitive time I’m sure you’ll agree, I have since matured and was allowed to find my own way, youngsters today are not being given that liberty and people like you don’t appear to have a problem with that, in fact you identify that you want your own child to grow up in a sterilised atmosphere were he will not have to deal with real life or make his own decisions on such matters as he matures, that’s your prerogative but you must accept other people have different views and you labelling them hate filled and sectarian does not legitimise your argument or make anything conclusive.
    My main contention with your article is what appears to me as deliberate misdirection, the Irish heritage stuff is Traynoresque, the insistence that the most important issue facing Scottish football is the financial meltdown, is simply a load of codswollop, Scottish football has been shown to be corrupt and those guilty have been allowed to continue in their positions of power, no one has been punished, in fact this whole issue is currently being buried under drivel such as your article, the continued deflection from the real issue.
    The biggest issue in Scottish football is corruption and until that is sorted the financial meltdown problems will always be with us.
    Your are playing the same game as the politicians and media, find a populist angle and bury your head, blaming the big bad supporters will not sort the corruption, in fact it will allow the corruption to continue and ensure Scottish football is forever condemned to the vicious cycle of boom and bust, the football authorities are obliged to ensure member clubs are run properly both financially and according to the rules of the game.If that fundamental duty is subject to corruption, then blaming Irish history or how some immature supporters might misbehave does nothing to help, except we’re it makes you popular with the brain dead who like you are afraid to face the real problems.

  10. Ian says:

    I generally think of your blog as being nothing more than a smoke screen to promote your Celtic view of the world through a ‘Scotzine’ tag. It is refreshing however to read this attack on the Green Brigade by one of Celtic’s own. Your article I have to say would have been better in my opinion if you had resisted the whataboutery that you claim we are all guilty of, as a Rangers fan I am well aware of the element within our support that we are trying to eradicate, indeed the club have came out recently and stated that the songs at Berwick and at the end of the game at Hampden will not be tolerated. Celtic pander to the Green Brigade and until they condemn them your problem will persist, Mark’s reply above highlights the problem you have. The actions of these so called Celtic fans last week at Glasgow Cross was not football related, they were nowhere near a football ground never mind in one and what have we heard since? Celtic and certain MP’s raising concerns about the Police response! They were told they couldn’t march but they decided to do so nonetheless, that is a public order offence not a football related offence. Let me state for the record that Rangers supporters are not squeaky clean but we are trying to deal with the nonsense within our support, until Celtic Football Club distance themselves from the Green Brigade and their political rhetoric you will never be the club of the people that you state is in the history of the club. To look at Scottish culture as a whole, I had the occasion to be in Glasgow City Centre last Sunday, it was like a Celtic Supporters convention for St Patrick’s Day, what do we do for own Patron Saint? My big pal is a Dubliner and quite rightly had a real Irish celebration on Sunday, I have been to Ireland (south) many times and the reality is the Irish do not want any part of the sectarian crap that goes on.
    I support a football club, my politics and my religious beliefs do not accompany me to the game. I know this is the case also with many Celtic supporters that I consider friends but more has to be done.

  11. Brian Doyle says:

    Andy I watched from afar last night some people on Twitter who I don’t know from Adam attack you for what you’ve been saying. On the basis of their previous posts I did not expect some of them to be in agreement with the lowest common denominator of our support. I am not a season ticket holder but I used to be, I had a parent/child ticket for 2nd back row of Block 113. I’m currently on the list for a ST for next year. My last season was when we had 3 or 4 GB wannabees sitting right in front of us who stood on their seats singing crap but not standing watching the game and singing but standing looking over to the GB as if looking for some kind of approval. My son was about 12 at the time. On one occasion I, along with a couple of others told them to shut up or go over with their lovvies. This was a designated Concession area and there was lots of kids around and I wasn’t putting up with the language these wee idiots were spouting every week, so much so I used to sit in spare seats nearer the pitch held by a friends friend when I could every week. For a lot of reasons I stopped going, this was one of them, it wasn’t enjoyable going to a game. Now I’m not for a minute suggesting a Pat Nevin “faux” rage at IRA songs, it wasn’t like that. I have to say for a long time I never heard IRA songs at CP.

    I have said for many a year we as a Club had a massive opportunity to take the moral high ground on a lot of issues but these wee diddies, for that’s what they are, teenagers with little intelligence who are determined to give the people who want to bash our Club the ammunition to do so.

    I’m all in favour of the Green Brigade, although I am not a ST holder any more I do visit on occasion and spend a lot of money on corporate packages from time to time, I was there last Saturday and they have brought atmosphere to Celtic Park that would otherwise not be there. They’re problem is the wee clowns I have referred to who want to hang on to their coat tails to sing songs which have nothing to do with our Club. I know I was one of those fans who in my teens in the 80’s sang these songs, bought the Wolftone’s cd’s and even VHS tapes. We live in a different place now, people have moved on, and even if we didn’t these songs still have no place at CP. So it was ok for you to do it but not the kids now, I hear people say, it was much easier back then, when a significant minority or more of fans sang these songs and the IRA were in the news almost daily. Fergus tried to move the Club forward and in my opinion did a lot to educate fans who wanted to be educated and these songs gradually disappeared from CP but not from away grounds.

    I will never allow my kids to forget their Irish roots from both sides of our family, they know it and don’t need to sing IRA songs to remember it. Annual trips or more to Donegal to see their grandparents will ensure that. But I won’t be letting my son borrow my Wolfetone CDs that are up in the loft somewhere. I have deliberately not mentioned Rangers fans in my post and their songs, I don’t care what they sing, I can’t influence it but I can influence my own kids, I just wish others would.

    Well done on writing a piece others wouldn’t.

  12. Chris Lane says:

    I have been a Celtic fan and sparodic season ticket holder for over 40 years.I am sorry to admit but I think Andy has got this one right. This is not an attack on the GB ,you can read between lines and see anything,it is what it says it is ,a fan ,like myself ,who is totally fed up with various factions within Scottish football using our game as their ‘political’ platform.Its totally unacceptable to the majority of football fans I meet and needs to be highlighted and ridiculed.Its BORING!!!!
    Well done Andy.

  13. lewis says:

    Well done Andy … as long as the Republican rabble that follow Celtic are allowed to spew their bile with impunity then the hardcore Rangers fans will always be around to maintain the opposition … its always been that way and will always remain … but at least you are admitting the problem and meeting it head on … the main problem that you have is the folk like Albie in suits at PH that agree with these folk but play the respectability card when it is required … the GB are supported by the top brass at Celtic and that is the sad fact and true root of sectarianism in our National game … good luck and hats off for making the stand but I think that the top brass would get rid of liberals like you from PH before the extremist … sad but true!

  14. Paul says:

    At last I find an article from you that I totally agree with. To me this is a fair and precise view of the problems that have blighted the game in our country for too long. Good Celtic supporters ( Being a Rangers fan that is hard to say lol ) are rightly proud of the club and its origins as well they should be, as are Rangers, but there is a section of each support who need to be educated in the way to support a football team without feeling the need to make political statements. Even the people in the affected parts of Ireland are getting over the issues that have been a part of their lives for too long. It is time we all did the same.

  15. SFTB says:

    This article would appeal to Daily Mail and Sunday Post curtain twitchers.

    It gets a stamp of approval from Les Gray, the big tough policeman who had to leave a pub in England because the atmosphere turned “nasty”.

    The rhetorical tricks of conflating and confusing IRA, Irish Republicanism, Irish Nationalism and political liberalism are accompanied by a lazy demonising of the groups you dislike (daft young boys, never been to Ireland, know nothing of history).

    If they can be characterised so lazily then you can be subsumed under the scaremongering, golf club decent, Daily Mail immigrant hating, one’s as bad as the other wing of Scottish politics.

    The problem with the Nevin viewpoint that you repeat is that you both attended Celtic games during periods of much more contentious singing and chanting. If you are offended by what you once sang yourself, and I know wee Pat sang those songs, then it is you who have changed more than Celtic have.

    Canamalar’s post nails your intolerance. Thankfully, outwith the curtain twitchers here you will have little influence in your campaign to Hibernify the Celtic support and have us troop into your vision of an intolerant and authoritarian Scotland.

  16. Scotzine says:

    Sorry but I have attended games this season also and heard the singing of iRA songs both home and away.

  17. Scotzine says:

    And sorry I never once sang songs about the IRA dont tar me with that brush just because others did and still do.

  18. Tombhoy says:

    This article doesn’t even raise debate, in my opinion long winded Tosh, my advice is watch the game and support your team, you appear preoccupied with those around you “Chill Andy

  19. Stevie says:

    So Andy Scottish football wants to move on but can’t because of the Irish Political brigade.
    All the troubles that Scottish has you’ve decided it’s the Celtic support who’s to blame.
    Pray tell was it the Celtic support that killed Rangers, was it the Celtic support that appointed Regan, Doncaster, or provided Ogilvie with his EBT loan.
    We’ve got Jimmy Calderwood admitting David Murray put him in place at Dunfermline, we’ve had referees lying to Neil Lennon and numerous honest mistakes which will return to top flight football as soon as Sevco do.
    We’ve got Charles Green trying to bride teams with ticket money to jump a league, yet all this is the Celtic Supporters fault, all because you had an argument on twitter.
    If you feel you can’t take your son to Celtic park as a parent that’s your choice.
    We’ve got many problems in Scottish Football but a few misguided souls within the Celtic support isn’t even near the top of the list.
    Just for your information I don’t believe that rebel songs should be sung at any football grounds and personally I’ve never sung them.
    Yes Scottish Football is dying but don’t blame the Celtic support for that.

  20. lewis says:

    So Celtic are and have always been IRA sympathizers and if a new breed of Celtic fan does not like it then they can lump it? The response that I expected really … I just cant understand the reasons behind any non Irish supporting Celtic myself … the club is steeped in it Andy … maybe you should support your local team after all?

  21. ROBBO says:

    I do not always agree with your views but this is well balanced article.

    The Irish based “journalist” to whom you refer has a very narrow agenda and is totally unwilling to accept any alternative views.

    I have attempted to post on his site on numerous occasions but have fallen foul of his administration.

    However a read of numerous posts on his site whilst not containing sectarian terminology are bile filled rants which he seems happy to allow.

    There is no shred of impartially on his site and it is difficult to take his claim to be a “journalist” seriously!

  22. james baird says:

    yes —well said overall — although there is only one true statement regarding terrorists/freedom fighters and heroes and that as any sensible person would know is that the british armed forces are heroes – otherwise you nor I would be debating this issue as we would not exist

  23. GWG says:

    Total CRAP Muirhead~~~

    One would think that you aspire to full the vacancy left by fat boy Traynor with this load of “Irish tosh” with a bit of Protestantism thrown in, you obviously refer to what YOU can recall and what has been spouted and regurgitated by the Scottish media over your limited years on this planet, but the trouble with Scottish football is not a entity that has just appeared over the past couple of decades but has been deep routed for generations and nurtured by the “Institutional” cabal that IS Scotland.
    I’m 66 years of age and I can remember walking the streets from Baillieston to Glasgow in search of a job when I was only 15 and was more then always met by the dreaded third question “What School Did You Go To” the St Bridgett’s answered was always a give away to the answer “We’ll Be In Touch”
    It was nothing to do with “Irish Republicanism ’ but indeed BIGOTRY!! And simply anti-Catholicism,
    I’ve not a drop of Irish blood in my veins and my last name is indeed Italian but even though I was born and bread in Scotland as was my Mother and father and their parents before them the very fact I was catholic was a barrier to having a equal standing in Alba.
    I endured Bigoted Scotland and it’s sectarian ways til 1975 when I upped sticks and took my young family to sectarian free England.

    The point I’m making is the bigots and the Institutional cabal have for generations treated their own (Catholic) citizens as second class long before the Irish question ever arose but use’s the Irish question as a stick to beat us with, no more so than the Scottish Football cartel who for generations have treated the Celtic Club as some kind of unclean but tolerable entity that should never get in the way of their agenda. I’m sure there are many that have chocked when reading your Traynor like copy that it’s the Irish to blame for Scottish footballs ill’s when indeed the blame for Scottish football’s sorry state lies with SCOTLAND!! And the Intuitional Club that expired through their own greed.
    Your article is way off the mark in suggesting that Irish Republican songs or even the good old Protestant banter are the cause or even part of footballs problem, the problem has been fermenting in it’s own bile since the 1900’s
    It’s not Irish republicanism that’s the problem it’s the mindset of “We Are The People” that is promoted on a daily basis by a totally bias and bigoted media that you appear to have swallowed.
    Finally~~~~ is it not strange that Scottish football is in serious trouble since the former quintessential club got liquated, was Scottish football not in trouble when they were spending the taxpayers cash on following a dream
    To read your article it looks like the IRA and the Green Brigade are responsible for the demise of football in Scotland!!


  24. Stevie says:

    Lewis I would really be interested to know how you came to that conclusion.
    Did you notice Celtic fans being attack by Strathclydes finest on Saturday and didn’t retaliate compared old dead club Rangers fans in Manchester who were attacking Manchesters finest.
    There lies the difference in fan base Celtic fans awards from UEFA and praise from the police out with Scotland, the Dead clubs fans fines from UEFA and fighting with police wherever they go.

  25. Bobo says:

    There’s been plenty of times the GB have sang IRA songs this season, trust me.

  26. Bobo says:

    Agree with all of this.

  27. Bobo says:

    You’re wrong to think Celtic pander to the GB. There’s information on many Celtic forums that suggest/prove the club are colluding with the polis.

  28. Greig fae Paisley says:

    “….Scottish football fans make a stand and rid them from our midst once and for all.”
    We tried that in Paisley. One of the commentators that day was an ex-Old Firm player who condemned us for it and recently labelled us some of the most “vitriolic” supporters he’d ever happened across. So if someone in a responsible position is being critical for you standing up against such nonsense what chance have you got?

  29. BC says:

    After reading this article I see its author in a new light – a better light. As a Bluenose I often (usually) disagree with the stance he takes on most issues yet on this one we are singing off the same sheet. The people who have claimed that it is an attack on Celtic either didn’t read it or, more probably, saw what they wanted to see. It is these people who are the real cancer in the game. Not just Old Firm fans but fans of all clubs who feed into the insane drivel that is Scotto-Irish politics. The whole thing is an embarrassing anachronism from an era where people couldn’t really be blamed for not seeing the big picture. Nowadays, in the Information Age, there is no excuse for failing to see the real story of modern Northern Ireland where organised criminals use this foolishness to extort money, sell kids drugs, control politicians etc. None of this – any of it – has anything to do with football.
    We can all think of people we have seen at games who are clearly 100% the genuine article bigot who proudly acknowledges it. These people are in the minority though. The real harm comes from a much larger number who encourage these idiots either by mimicking them or by believing any of the drivel they spout and repeating it. These people are either too stupid to think for themselves or – worse – they secretly know it’s trash but they still like doing it in what they think of as an ironic way.
    The sooner more people speak out as Andy has done here the better. The “Irish journalist” is a force for negativity and is clearly a man with a massive chip on his shoulder and, as such, should be ignored.

  30. lewis says:

    Sadly that is only in your head Stevie … Celtic have more fitba banning orders than any other club … the media dumb it down these days as Celtic have them in their pockets … Rangers fans were refused permission for a march and so called it off … Celtic on the other hand continued and broke the law … public order offence … even Celtic supporters are sick of the Republican politics that are deep rooted PH … with the media on side then Celtic will never sort it out … Scotlands shame right enough …

  31. lewis says:

    That will be why nearly every top job in Scotland is filled by Catholics … your rant just does not stand up against the facts …

  32. Nasalsinatra says:

    You must be be mellowing with age or you have just matured. Your article is spot on and it is no surprise to see the usual caveman responses you got from some people. I was born and bred in the Calton and the majority of my friends in childhood and teenage years were Celtic fans. I was even a member of the local Celtic Supporters Club – a ‘social’ memberr so I could play snooker with my pals – despite being a massive Rangers fan who followed the Gers everywhere. And I also attended all Celtic’s big European games at Parkhead in the late 60’s and early 70s. There was nothing like the scale of bigotry and bitterness that exists nowadays among Celtic fans. I have many Irish friends who are astonished by the Paddywhackery that takes place in Glasgow on match days at CP. And Irish journalists (proper jounalists, not bigoted bloggers) are actually publishing articles warning Celtic fans who intend to travel to Glasgow for matches that many of the so-called ‘Celtic pubs’ are pretty lawless. Celtic’s reputation in Europe is in grave danger. The ‘F*** UEFA’ banner did not help.

  33. B. B. KING says:

    Stevie I think your hand is stuck in the cookie jar that Andy mentions in the above article.

    Andy your article is reassuring, good wtite.

  34. Albie O'Neill says:

    Calm yourself big man. It is petty minded bigotry that created the situation when you tried to get a job all those years ago. And unfortunately it is the same petty minded bigotry you are displaying which stops this country going forward. I say this as a 56 year old Irish Italian (ex) Catholic from Airdrie who doesn’t feel the need to live in the past.

  35. Stevie says:

    So Lewis you can also rewrite history now.
    We all know who Scotland’s Shame is they now follow a tribute act. You say Sevco fans are just bigots to oppose the mighty hoops.
    Andy states Scottish football can’t move on because of his fellow fans, all because he got abused on twitter.
    I’d say that’s the least of our problems.
    Biggest problem we’ve got is a tribute act wearing dead teams cloths acting like Greyfriars Bobby waiting on its master to return.

  36. Scotzine says:

    Stevie – Read the article. Scottish Football cannot move on as folk peddle whataboutery, Irish politics – which have no place in our game let alone in Scotland and those who use either side of the divide as a badge of honour. Scottish football will always be plagued by another nation’s curse IF we continue to let these individuals peddle their hate filled bile.

  37. Chris Kinsella says:

    i agree that politics and football shouldn’t be mixed and that only football songs should be sung at the matches. I however as an Irish republican am disappointed that while you know plenty about Celtic history you know nothing about Irish history given the fact that you portray the republican cause as some sort of criminal conspiracy. Your pro British view of Irish history clouds what should have been a good article about people who use the political situation in Ireland as a smokescreen for sectarianism that manifests itself in Scotland society. That sectarianism existed long before the current conflict or before Michael Davitt given the fact that Celtic was formed due to the outcomes of that sectarianism – namely discrimination against the Catholic community. So don’t blame Irish Republicans who have legitimate right to campaign, thankfully now in a peaceful and democratic way, for an end to British occupation and partition of our island for the faults of Scottish sectarianism.

  38. canamalar says:

    Come on then Lewis, qualify your claim, identify who these Catholics are and the positions they hold, let’s start with the Scottish cabinet please.
    Or is your claim just made up FACTs

  39. lewis says:

    How about Glasgows Lord Provost Sadie Docherty who went to StMargaret Marys in Castlemilk for starters … done OK in this land that discriminates against Catholics … lol

  40. Smiler says:

    I agree with your reply, and if majority of supporters from both sides move forward and stop living in the past surely the bigoted minority will be left isolated. I am 67yr old Rangers fan seen all the good seen all the bad, the good from both sides are the best in the world, I won’t mention the bad. Remember we are Scottish, we should all move forward as Scottish clubs, somehow I think that will never happen.

  41. Scotzine says:

    Agree with you Smiler I am 35 and I doubt I will see it all end in my lifetime let alone yours auld yin ;)

  42. Mantobhoy says:

    People like you are incapable of moving forward, your type keep us in the past. Always offended, only because you want to be, that says it all really. Move on.

  43. Mantobhoy says:

    The above post is a reply to Stevie.

  44. Stevie says:

    How about Campbell Ogilvie Signed of contracts at deadco then employed at SFA and accepts Contracts.
    Also has a loan from Deadco very dignified. Don’t care what religion he is.

  45. Stevie says:

    So locking for honesty, fairness and truth is holding what back exactly.
    A level playing field would be nice.

  46. Stevie says:

    So me mentioning Celtic fans being attacked, brings a response from you that it’s my fault I should move on.

  47. Al says:

    Knowing history and using your interpretation of it to continue the same boring nonsensical justifications for hating your countrymen for simply supporting another team are not the same.
    Most of your articles are unbalanced guff Andy, to be frank, but got to congratulate you in an attempt to at least cover a difficult subject. Speaking out against others is easy, speaking out against your own is not so you deserve credit.
    This season is a massive opportunity to support your team with no hatred or add ons, take it and hold your head high.

  48. South of the Border Ste says:

    I didn’t realise how bad Scotland was with this till I moved away down south, its hard to see when you live there, you just expect that’s how the world is.

    But reality is the further south you go the less people care about religion.

    Protestant, Catholics, Muslims, Jewish, nobody cares, and even Rangers and Celtic fans get on down south, yh there’s banter but its football banter and never once felt hated because who I support.

    Even political agendas are more assosiated with foriegn affairs and in England the country is more or less united as one.

    The thing I find with Scotland as a whole is a need to hate!

    Even when it comes to our nieghbours, most people have an anti english agenda going back further to Bannockburn days.

    Why can people remember that but forget fighting together and dying together in the World wars and recent questionable political wars that people may not agree with but the statement of dying together remains.

    Come on guys can’t aint the place not big enough for all of us??

  49. Ian ferguson says:


    Scotland is a bigoted Country & it comes from the import of The Orange Order in the 1790’s from Ulster by returning Scottish soldiers.

    It is still Present & marching on Scottish Streets Annually.

    Scottish Bigotry exploded, due to Irish Immigration during the Famine… the denial of ANY Education led to the Establishment of Catholic Schools, at the expense of the Irish Immigrants, who chipped in & paid for Private Education, for their children, which was denied to them by LAW.

    THAT is what Established Separate Schools in the first place, Anti Catholic Laws.

    This has led to Clowns like Gordon Smith stating that Catholics were the enemy, because they went to different schools. Is THAT Bigotry? Substitute Black or Muslim for Catholic & decide.

    The Import of Ulster anti Catholic Ethics, when Shipbuilders came from Ulster set a trend as did Mr Struth at RFC, it was Religious Apartheid. Catholics were Persona Non Grata.

    The Gerrymandered Culture of the 6 Counties of Ireland, imported to Scotland & older Irish history has not helped on either side of the divide.

    Scotland, has never accepted the Irish Catholic Immigrants in the same way other countries like the USA have, other countries CELEBRATE their Irish Influx, Scotland treats it like a POX.

    Scotland’s ongoing Bigotry towards Irish Catholics is well recorded & included Politicians, Business, Commerce & The Kirk, The Kirk changed, the Politicians & the rest did not.

    The Kirk has progressed, apologised for it’s Anti Irish Catholic stance & is now Ecumenical in it’s viewpoint towards other Christian Faith groups, The Kirk now has an out looking attitude & acceptance of other Non-Christian Religions which are now present within Scotland.

    I am a Catholic from Perthshire & came to Glasgow to go to Uni in the mid 60’s.

    We had no Irish connection but my dad followed Celtic & I was the youngest & got treated to games with him.

    We went to two Euro Finals & I have already said how proud I was at the San Siro, in defeat, at how Celtic Fans handled it.

    My big sister was already down & had married, so I had all the home comforts & money to go to games.

    I qualified & worked in Planning & later QA/QC as the Oil industry took off.

    I fell out with my long term girlfriend & met a Scots girl of Irish extraction at a dance,(I later married her & had 4 kids & we have 6 grand children)I took her to the office party & my my Manager, the better for drink, said who brought that Fkn Taig, I did not know what a Taig was.(Her Father was a local Shopkeeper & she was working as a Bookkeeper in a big Store, so they were not scruff or anything) I was not a happy bunny, nor was he.

    I was a practicing Catholic all the time I worked there & had no bother, all of a sudden I was a Taig too, I left.

    I then read a bit of the History of GB v Ireland & it would put Hitler to shame, same Ethic, less technology.

    I have worked abroad a lot, I had a Jan Smuts International stamp on my passport & had a few comments on it until I got a new passport, I was in Jo’burg for THREE days, looked at a company’s problems, ate, had a shot or ten of their Brandy & slept, but a stamp on my passport raised Ethical brows a few years later when Nelson Mandela walked to freedom.

    I witness Orange Walks on a Yearly basis… Bitter & Bigoted, Catholics in Scotland have not gained Equality yet.

    Now on to Football:

    Scotland is corrupt, Why have rules when they are ignored & broken? Why Blame everyone else?

    it is intermixed “Irish” politics & Scottish football.

    I have raised this a few times.

    When Stokes was present at a function I raised the point of the Irish problems, at that time there were riots over the
    Flag issue & murder collusion between GB & Ulster Protestant Para’s & the Police & Military.

    I was accused of being “PHIL”, that happened a few times. I even had feedback it was nothing to do with Scotland.

    I protested about Murder on both sides, it was all laughed off on the “PHIL” Tag.

    Later I objected to a guy on a “Go Home” Theme.

    Anti & Bigoted, go back & look.

    Your reaction was YOU are too BUSY to react to that, so a bigot claimed victory.

    BOOM. ALL of a sudden you are active.

    BUT it seems only because it is a personal disagreement… SHAME… I think that reaction is what others wanted of you.

    Meanwhile, in the REAL World, Corruption goes on, in SCOTTISH FOOTBALL, possible control of MULTIPLE Clubs through Bank DEBT, A MANAGERS Job, of ANOTHER CLUB, allocated by the Chairman of Rangers.

    So there we are Andy,

    Corruption & bigotry

    SCOTLAND is Corrupt & Bigoted
    SCOTTISH POLITICIANS? A waste of space.
    SCOTTISH FOOTBALL? Corrupt, every Rule needed to be broken, has been broken.. The rest were Ignored.

    So, Bonnie Wee bigoted Scotland is.. Bigoted… SURPRISE.

    The Football is BENT, stick to that on a Football site & leave the rest to others.

  50. Stevie says:

    BB been there done that with you it’s not all about Religion.

  51. Ann says:

    Well Andy you finally got the sevco fans to like you well done,
    if as you say you have heard the I.r.a. Chants at Parkhead you must have also noticed that they lose the rest of the crowd until they start to sign Celtic songs again,
    Of course no mention of this in your article,
    you do realise that the police in their heavy handed policing of the GB have only united the Celtic support,
    for the simple fact we don’t like injustice and that is what we saw last Saturday.
    As I have said before on this site I have expeirienced bigotry at first hand in my country,
    from football bigotry since a young girl,
    To bigotry in the workplace.
    It’s not nice I can assure you, hence the reason I will back the GB to walk the streets to Parkhead as we are not a police state yet.
    I now fear after seeing one 14year old boy,
    who was walking away from the police getting away from any bother, being wrestled to the ground by 5 of strathclydes finest and truncheoned.
    As you can see Andy you at last have sevco supporters agreeing with you, I am left to wonder why ?

  52. Scotzine says:

    Ann first up the GB were not simply walking to CP they were congregating in a large group to march and protest. A protest in which they did not get council or police permission for.

    When the cops turned up they advised group that either to allow them to dictate march route etc – The GB refused to adhere to police instructions and that is when the cops used the kettle tactic to take control and then disperse a large aggressive crowd.

    Check the videos on the net. Far too many folk are focusing on the cops rather than looking at those being arrested. The age of someone does not matter if they are breaking the law, failing to adhere to police instructions and in many of those arrested manner putting up resistance to being arrested inc swearing like a trooper.

    The GB have never been lilly white and now they are trying to blame the club also for their harassment. What a joke.

  53. lewis says:

    Small minded agendas exist every where in the world but are magnified in a small country … Scotland is inclusive of all and the small minded bigots are those that claim otherwise …

  54. lewis says:

    Good post Andy and that pretty much sums it up … sadly though folk like Ann and others prefer to create the myth that they are in the right and some how others are to blame for every thing and playing the bigotry card is a real easy bit of propaganda for them to use … the facts show otherwise though but they stick steadfastly to their agenda and party line and never deviate and it becomes a little cult like as they are beyond reason … just another reason why this situation in Scotland continues …

  55. Ann says:

    Andy were did I say the G.B are lily white, but can you honestly say that the police were not heavy handed, really ?
    And if the club are handing over supporters details as suggested,
    I for one want to know why.
    Is this happening elsewhere in football, if not why not.
    And as I said Andy that young boy was walking away from the bother not into it.
    But hey ho just let that go he shouldn’t have been there in the first place,
    is that going to be the stock reply to it ?
    For everyone else gloating if they get away with it now,
    it could be happening at a football ground near you soon

  56. Ann says:

    And you lewis are a joke,
    with your bigoted view points In other articles,
    This one must be right up your street.
    Love to see your next replies when sevco are mentioned again.
    The bigot will out,
    and sadly lewis folk like you will spout your bile again.
    Cult lewis you wouldn’t know what that is eh.

  57. Scotzine says:

    Ann – in regards to football clubs handing over details of fans to Police – read the rules and regs within stadium also SFA/SPL regs. The Cops ask for details of fans who they believe broke the law – club hands it over with no fuss or they say no have to pay for a lawyer every time and appear in court before having to hand the details over anyway when the court order is issued.

    The GB and others believe that the club should withhold info at all costs – why? In terms of the trouble and those who seemingly are ‘innocents’ – one wee phrase to remember. There is no smoke without fire.

  58. Ann says:

    Sorry Andy, just getting guilty before charged on that lot. Who is next Andy, you or I or are you telling me that the innocent wont be charged,
    You have more faith in the police than i

  59. Stevie says:

    Andy the Green brigade consist of 80 to 100 members all be it they’ve got hangers on.
    So when referring to the Green brigade we’re actually talking about the Celtic support. Now the young man arrested on Saturday in the video he wasn’t wearing a hoody and his face wasn’t covered.
    Andy I’ve attended Celtic park from the eighties and I can assure you things are much improved since then.
    I believe having a banned song list would give us more clarity on what is offensive, funnily enough no one will provide one, either Police or Politician.
    Rightly or Wrong this offensive behaviour Bill was ill thought out and leaves the Police powers to arrest anyone for basically anything.
    Mr Salmond will pay for this a year come September.
    It might be bad living in the union but just imagine living in Salmonds Scotland.

  60. lewis says:

    As if by magic Ann appears in Cult fashion and calls me a bigot without any reason … I rest my case …

  61. Scotzine says:

    I guess I do Ann. I just go to the football to watch it not to sing about politics etc

  62. Ann says:

    Did you see that young boy ?
    The gestapo are alive and well and living in scotland

  63. Scotzine says:

    I’ve seen footage a lot of footage and images – however listening to them also puts things into perspective. Many reacting aggressively to cops not through physical means but verbal. Fact is the GB knew what they were doing when they did not apply for permission from GCC to march. Police told them they can still march but under their guidelines and supervision – they refused and then tried to march anyway – Police had to react to counter a large group of unruly and aggressive behaviour – best way and efficient way to do so and to disrupt group was kettle tactic whether we like it or not. A legal tactic also whether detractors like it or not.

  64. Ann says:

    For goodness sake andy the Scottish police could not have handled a crowd of about one hundred people any better,
    Then god help us all, including the innocents that get caught up in it.
    As long as they keep their arrest figures up eh

  65. Stevie says:

    15 year old kid manhandled by 5-6 police officers, not an issue in Scotland. McCoist whispers something in Lenny’s ear all hell breaks loose governmental meetings and new laws passed, I don’t want to live in a Independant Scotland under Salmond.

  66. Stevie says:

    One things for sure Andy last Saturdays shocking images have galvanised the Celtic support to act as one, that was an attack on the whole Celtic support.
    Peter Lawwell has a decision to make now either back the support or pay the consequences.
    Season Ticket renewals are due soon.

  67. lewis says:

    What is that you dont quite get about public order offences Ann? They could have arrested all of them … they all broke the law … but the Cult followers think it was someone elses fault as usual …

  68. Stevie says:

    Ann it was a major own goal by the Police.
    Responding to a call 200 hundred police, helicopter, mounted police, dog handlers batons drawn ID covered.
    This was an orchestrated attack on fans human rights.
    As we’re told often enough by others we’ve got the right to walk the Queens highway.

  69. wonky says:

    This problem is not as simple as mere physics- fortunately or unfortunately human problems are much more complex than the laws of science.

  70. Ann says:

    As far as I’m concerned,
    I see public order offences nearly weekly during summer months,
    Were most could be arrested but aren’t

  71. B. B. KING says:

    Hello Ann,

    Ann why would a young boy be there in the first place, I would not like my kids to be at a march. Anyway on to more important matters ….Andy for Prime Minister.

  72. Stevie says:

    The young man would possibly be there because as the police say “keeping people safe” didn’t quite work out that way.

  73. Ian ferguson says:

    Bang on the nail Stevie,

    I have been busy & I’m playing catch up.

    Up until now I have treated the GB with amusement, young guys full of vim, they have livened up Celtic Park.

    I would be in favour of them dropping the IRA stuff, but I will be on their side from now on. It is Police overkill pure simple.

    The GB are Targeted by a “BAD” Law which was not used in any of the arrests arising from this incident so far, the same police IGNORE Illegal singing & activities elsewhere.

    Andy, it is easy to condemn whataboutery, you then should not indulge in it yourself. Ann’s point are valid, Police violence is not acceptable, even if you dislike the recipients of that violence..

    England as a Nation expoused State sponsored violence to keep the Natives down, in Wales, Scotland & Ireland.

    The Union of Crowns & Parliament just led to it being exported to Africa, America, India, China Etc.

    British Policy, led to murders by The Forces of the Crown when they opened fire on Unarmed Civilians in ALL of these Continents & Countries, feelings run deep worldwide, NOT just in those who highlight the Irish situation.

    In recent years State sponsored murders Still occurred in Northern Ireland. It is a disgrace it is tolerated by anyone, no matter their Creed or Colour.

    Scotland is a bigoted country, plain & simple. It has a made great inroads in colour & immigrant issues, but remains steadfast in it’s anti Irish Catholic Sub Culture.

    Until THIS is tackled & eradicated things will never change.

    Scotland hides behind it’s own denial ” we are all Jock Tamson’s Bairns”, then asks what school you went to.

    Back to Football.

    No group of supporters is bigger than their Club, but conversely, the Club is NOT bigger than the fans. Without the Fans there is no Club.

    If the Celtic Board do not approve of the activites of the GB, Fine. Get it out in the open, list what they find unacceptable & BAN it.

    Scottish football has big issues to tackle, it is Corrupt, it’s Office Bearers are not fit for purpose.

    There has been massive Rule Breaking to help the Establishment club, all stemming from the sub culture ethos which created THE PEOPLE & probably illegal activity within that Club, to boot, before it died.

    Sevco were allowed to gain entry into the 3rd Division against the Rules & seem to be following the FC(IL) Model, declaring a £7m deficit.

    The MSM are continually proposing a fast track promotion for THE Rangers, for the good of Scottish Football of course.

    Radio Clyde SSB even went as far as saying the Rule Book was thrown out of the window last year, so just get on with it… For the good of Scottish Football, of course.

    Add the tie in with Murray & Masterton, Excessive Bank Loans for RFC(IL), The Bank’s control of other teams being used to help the Establishment Club by insisting on player sales & the possible leakage of other Clubs Financial Details to Murray, The Pars situation… Fat Sally wasting Millions Etc.Etc.Etc.

    With ALL this going on I am bemused that The GB is THE BIG FOOBALL Story.

    I admit I know virtually nothing about them, I will go & read up, but I reiterate, CELTIC should tell them what is acceptable to the Club & what is not, PUBLISH it & enforce it.


    NOW let’s get back to the corrupt Scottish game & how to fix it.

  74. “Don't mention the war” says:

    People from Scotland have been interfering in the affairs and politics of Ireland for over 400yrs since James Stewart and still do. In ‘Union’ with your English master and since the Irish never submitted to your authority terrible war and oppression was used on a constant basis. Everything from land-grabs, (where do you think Ian Paisley came from? slavery, famine, executions, penal laws etc. enacted against 90% of the population. Plus the added misery of partition just to make sure Ireland cannot function as a proper nation.

    Is it any wonder the people of your gold bribed country (sic) don’t want to hear about ‘Irish politics’?

    Matthew 7:3

  75. lewis says:

    Andy It is very clear that by standing up to the “cult” menatality that exists at PH that you have brought the lunatic fringe out into the open … I would gett cctv installed at your home quick style …

  76. Ann says:

    Bb there are marches every week during the summer in Scotland and a lot of young boys turn up at them, so why wouldn’t he ?

  77. Stevie says:

    Sadly I agree with everything you state, my real fear now is this issue with the attacks on the Celtic fans is creating a climate were no matter what you do in life someone could be offended by it.
    If this is the way forward for the SNP I want no part of it.
    Lets not forget this law was created because one team and one team only lost the plot at Celtic park and rather than deal with the establiment team the powers that be thought they drag Celtic into the scandal. Then was the time for Lawwell and PLC board to back the fans and players not be party to unjust laws.
    More recently we’ve had the mass riots at Dundee were four Celtic fans were arrested one for drunken behaviour but roundly condemned by Lawwell as a return to the seventies football violence. Something stinks in Scottish football at the moment and if its anything to do with sneaking Sevco up a league or two I’m out of Scottish football for good.
    Lawwell and the board need to state what their trying to achive.

  78. Ian ferguson says:


    I demand to know who these people who would make CCTV needed Are?

  79. lewis says:

    Celtic Fc have all their details on file and have probably passed them on tae Glasgows finest already …

  80. lewis says:

    You silly bhoys make me laugh … it was you lot that started greetin and complainin tae the authorities about Rangers singin this and Rangers fans doin that etc … and now you lot are moaning about the mess that you created … sounds about par for the course these days in Scottish fitba … lol

  81. Towie says:

    Pity a well written and articulate asking pertinent questions proves exactly what is wrong with Scottish football. Blinkered and bitter points of view are put forward as the truth. Unfortunately I am afraid things will not change on both sides of the divide.There are people who have agendas with no place in football.

  82. Stevie says:

    Lewis I’ve no interest in what a tribute act follower got to say.
    Now away and fill the bootleg Rangers stadium.

  83. Ian ferguson says:

    Lewis, You talk in Riddles.

    Let me get this latest Fantasy of yours right…

    Celtic have passed on the details of people that Scotzine must beware of, to the extent you recommend CCTV, to the Police.

    In the World of Sevco La La Land, which has produced a few stoaters, you stand head & shoulders above the rest…Well maybe B.B. gives you a close run for the Crown.

  84. Ann says:

    Lewis see when you can really have an unblinkered viewpoint,and realise where the cult, and lunatic fringe, actually come from.
    Come back and we will have a debate, but you do know you are incapable of that don’t you ?

  85. Ann says:

    Ian and stevie, thank god for you two.
    Because lewis is a bitter bitter person who will not listen to the truth.
    And Andy the police have done nothing except unite the Celtic support. Wether you think so or not, until it happens elsewhere, which we all know is not going to happen. One law for the Celtic support

  86. Ian ferguson says:


    It asks pertinent questions but does not go far enough into it, mind you, THAT would need more than one Blog.

    You speak of “Both Sides of the Divide” as I have also, several times.

    Have you actually thought what it Means?

    What is this DIVIDE? How did it start? When did it start? What continues to fuel it? Why, in the 21st Century does it still exist?

    The answer to the last two question is Intolerance, but more than that an underlying Bigotry… Why in this day & age are Orange Parades allowed in Scotland? Why does it’s sentiments underpin The Fabric of Scotland?

    Why do those in power ignore it & the knock on effects of it year upon year? The Divide will not heal by itself.

    Think for one minute, if the Annual Marching Season was to show superiority over Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Asians Etc. Etc.Etc. It would not be tolerated, if Anyone declared their joy at being up to their knees in any of the above’s blood they would be in Barlinnie very quickly.

    So why is it OK when it’s Irish Catholics who are the target of this Intolerance? Some areas of Scotland resemble Belfast at it’s worst.

    Scotland is a bigoted Country & can’t admit it, until it does & actively tackles this problem them things will never change.

    It is reflected in Scottish Football, RFC(IL) was a focal point for this Superiority. When they died the Sevco entity HAD to be shoehorned in, HAD to be treated as the Original Establishment Team, no matter how convoluted it all became.

    Do you Remember the fears of violence & Civil unrest? Remember All the broken Rules, Strange decisions & Judgments?

    The Leadership within Scottish Football is Corrupt, it is not fit for purpose.

    Is it Incompetence or something else? After all, I continually read about how brilliant our Great Administrators are.

    When you look at the evidence presented by the Football Authorities you find that it is Flawed. So has the output of Law Lords at SFA Tribunals, they can argue that they decided purely on the evidence presented, By Our Great Administrators, but that would not be accurate.

    Think on the decision by Lord Carloway, to uphold a lesser punishment which was not in the Rules, at The SFA Tribunal Appeal stage.

    RFC went to the Court of Session & had the non Rule book punishment overturned.

    This is the only time any of the convoluted decisions taken concerning RFC has been challenged in a Court of Law & it was overturned as being not within the Rules. It was sent back to the SFA APPEAL stage so a Proper Ruling would be applied.

    What happened? The SFA Appeal never resat. This supposed INDEPENDENT Tribunal was ignored & a gerrymandered solution was concocted between The SFA & Green who was allowed to act for RFC.

    The Illegal punishment stood but the start date was amended to allow Sevco to recruit the maximum number of Senior players allowed under the SFL Rules.

    As I have said, constant Cheating, to assist Rangers, who Alex Salmond, The First Minister, said was “Part of The Fabric of Scotland”, this Cheating has continued to assist Sevco, Later renamed THE Rangers.

    Salmond REFUSED to answer questions, under The Freedom of Information Act, concerning his involvement in interceding for RFC with HMRC, using the fact that his involvement Conflicted UK Law because Tax issues were not Devolved…

    Think on that for one moment. The FIRST Minister of Scotland has acted in a suspect fashion to aid a Team of Tax Dodgers which he says was Part & Parcel of the Fabric of Scotland. God help Scotland.

    The Police & Politicians refused to act on the Singing of Illegal Songs but introduced a Law to act on ones they found “Objectionable”.

    So now the Circle is Squared, Bonnie Bigoted wee Scotland continues on her Bonnie Bigoted way & the Racist, Religious Intolerance will be ignored, as usual. It will go on, as will the denial.

    That is some DIVIDE.

  87. Stevie says:

    Like Bootleg Rangers AKA Deadco Lewis and BB best ignored as far as they concerned liquidation means ditch your debt and carry on just the same as before.
    They think they were demoted because that Catholic cabal ordered it.
    Anyway personally I blame the Green Brigade for the whole worlds problems. if there were no Cotholics they wouldn’t be so bitter, that’s Sevco logic for you.
    Lets not forget we’ve still got our secret weapon Ally’s in charge of first team affairs as long as he’s there, their on the road to nowhere.

  88. Ann says:

    Ally for prime minister lol

  89. B. B. KING says:

    Thanks for the mention Ian. There is a post by Paul posted earlier that says..

    There is a section of each support who need to be educated in the way to support a foootball team without the need to make political statements, even the people in the affected parts of Ireland are getting over the issues that have been part of their lives for too long It is time we all did the same.

    Grow up Ian and move on, you and your type are an embarrassment to Scotland..AGAIN

  90. B. B. KING says:

    Ann whether it is a legal march in the summer or an illegal march by the GB I do not think it is the place for a youngster. Personally I would ban them all there is no place for them in Scotland. Irish politics should stay in Ireland.

  91. B. B. KING says:

    An illegal march is always going to be top story, probably because of the social disruption and the cost to the taxpayer.

  92. B. B. KING says:

    Where I mention you and your type I mean Gers fans as well.

  93. lewis says:

    How are the windows Andy?

  94. Stevie says:

    Cost to the tax payer your having a laugh or deeply deluded.

  95. Andy Macdonald says:

    It’s a crying shame.

    Andy, fair play to you. I’m very critical of some of your articles, but it took a great deal of courage to go against the grain here. But for that, you get the dinosaurs like Ann, Ian and Stevie trying to keep dragging us back to an issue that in the main had been pretty much dying. From what I read in this thread, Ian and Stevie seem to have done very well out of this “bigotted country” in spite of the obvious prejudices against them. Well done them. I’m positive that had it been anywhere near what they’d have us believe, they’d have found doors barred and glass ceilings everywhere. Any sane and balanced individual can look across the spectrum and see the very people that they claim are discriminated against in senior positions in all walks of life, whether in national politics, national government, local government, educational esptablishements, press, broadcasting and so on. I get the impression people like Stevie and Ian won’t ever be satisfied. What do you want guys? Positive discrimination where all “yours” get the jobs? A bit like Monklands council, for instance. Or GCC? Or indeed certain schools where my wife couldn’t get a teaching job because she couldn’t demonstrate the religious values (still got the letter from 1997).

    This is what’s behind the GB, they want to tell the world they’re opressed, downtrodden in this big bad Scottish country they live in, not able to say what they want…all because they’re Irish Catholics. We no that’s not really true because, well, it’s not!! The evidence of so many careers says otherwise. They just want to be victims, that’s why they held this so called “march” without permission. They KNEW it would draw attention. They KNEW the police would have to come out. They KNEW, when they tried to go where they wanted, police would have to prevent them. They KNEW that if they kept pushing, the police would have to start arrests. They KNEW all this would happen, and they KNEW the likes of McGillivan, Haggerty and others were going to have their back, along with some sympathetic press. This was all planned.

    The stupid thing is, they claim it’s being done under this persecutive legislation that we’re all against. Had they any sense, they’d be trying to galvanise ALL football fans behind the drive to repeal this legislation. But they have their own agenda…

  96. Ann says:

    That’s good Andy wouldn’t like to be accused of something that was never going to happen

  97. Ann says:

    I laughed out loud at that

  98. Ian ferguson says:

    B.B. Go& learn to READ.

    I outline the position of Bigotry in Scotland & it’s effects on Football in real terms.

    If I embarrass Scotland by telling the TRUTH then it deserves to be embarrassed.

    Once again I will say this to you, try coming on with a fact instead of your usual mince.

  99. Ian ferguson says:

    When I mention Bigots I mean the likes of You B.B.

    Like Stevie said earlier, we have read your rants previously & can do without a repeat.

    You have proven yourself a Liar yet again, do you remember you said Goodbye, you were away & were not going to return?

  100. B. B. KING says:

    You played the bigotry card the last time, calling all bigots and you ended up making a complete fool of yourself. you ended up showing all that the biggest liar and bigot is yourself.

    Mr Narcissist ….you and brother Stevie and sister Ann have been on a diet of lemons for so long that reason is not in your vocabulary.

    Remember if you make a fool of yourself again change your diet.

  101. B. B. KING says:

    Andy the three you speak of Ian, Stevie and Ann are incapable of moving on because they don’t want to, and they are offended because they want to be, that sums them up really and I agree with all you say… again.

  102. Ian ferguson says:

    Andy, I was educated under a school system a lot of people want to shut & luminaries such as Gordon Smith freely admits “WE” were the enemy because of this. As I have said Jews, Muslims etc are not treated or thought of in the same way. Why?

    Bigotry that exists in Scotland/ Are you saying unless there is a “Die Kristallnacht” openness about it, then it does not exist?

    How is Anti Irish bigotry in Scotland Dying? It is alive & well & will be Marching on a Street near you soon.

    I am not a dragging you back to an Issue which is dying I am highlighting Facts which are conveniently ignored & denied & like I say, until it is tackled things will never change.

    Explain Why you think Bigotry is dying in Scotland.

    Explain the correlation between RFC(IL), Sevco, The SFA, SPL, SFL, & All the bent & Broken rules, in a non biased fashion.

    I am NOT bringing Politics into Football, Salmond & a few MPs & MSPs did that, to assist the Establishment Club. I notice no such help is forthcoming for Hearts & The Pars though.

    The Police & Politicians praised RFC Supporters for singing Illegal Songs, is this Normal balanced behaviour by those in charge or is it that which you claim is dying out, in action?

    I am not an Irish Catholic & make no claim to be one nor do I claim to be of Irish descent.

    I point out facts which are unpalatable & you would prefer to ignore, Scotland is bigoted & the underlying Ethos is that of an Northern Irish Anti Catholic persuasion & it is NOT Dying out, it is thriving & ignored.

    It seems that anyone who speaks out against it is wrong, bitter & bigoted.

    Give me some FACTS to show me where I have stated something which is untrue.

  103. Stevie says:

    Andy Mc
    Quite frankly you don’t know me from Adam, but I can remember facing that third question in any job application form.
    In fairness to you things have improved since I first joined the job market many years ago.
    Typically you and your side believe everything’s rosie in the garden now you allow us employment parity, whilst still allowing hundreds of anti catholic marches per year.
    If we look back at the last trophy Old club Rangers won at Hamden whilst yet again the Police were in attacking the green brigade at the other end of the park what did we see and hear smoke bombs and the worst bigoted singing in years.
    Then after the game we’ve got Salmond, MacAskil and a senior police officer praising the atmosphere very dignified.
    Lets not forget either it wasn’t that long ago Newco had a march without the 28 days notice period given and fully backed by Strathclydes finest allowed to march and block the highway.
    So don’t talk to me about equality till you’ve lived my life.
    As long as this country allows the bigots to go unchallenged others will be rebellious.

  104. Stevie says:

    Grow up BB your attitude stinks of self importance.

  105. Stevie says:

    How does that denial line go, some would say your a bigot BB, some would say without your type this country could finally move on.
    Some would say BB your the type that make this country bigoted.
    So don’t come away with blaming others for your underhand profession of a bigot just check your mirror, some would say,

  106. Ann says:

    Offended, bigoted, can’t move on. Think this may be sevco fans you speak off, Andy your wife could teach my child the catholic ethos that is needed in denominational schools. And before you start our local school now has more non denominational children than ever why do you think that is. The shoe is on the other foot here and you don’t like it, welcome to my world.

  107. rizmcc says:

    Nonsense. Those bloggers are wanting such as yourself to acknowledge certain negative forces that are still influential in parts of Scottish society. They are trying to raise your awareness.

  108. Ian ferguson says:


    I never played the bigoted card last time.


    Do you remember your premise:

    Scotland is a Protestant country & would be better off without Celtic & Their lot who came over.

    You then changed your attitude to You did not say it, it is what OTHER People say.

    You ARE a Bigot, not only that you are a perfect example of the type of bigot who will not even admit it. It is everyone else’s fault.

  109. Ian ferguson says:


    Move on to what?

    The situation in Scotland is as I have described it.

    Instead of talking in your usual riddles & cliches give me some facts to debate if you disagree.

    Stevie sums it up well, you are a self important person who adds NOTHING to a debate.

  110. Ian ferguson says:


    Once again I note all the replies are of the deny, deflect & attack type.

    There is a mountain of evidence, freely available, concerning the misdeeds of all those involved in the SEVCO Saga, RFC Cheating & the goings on in Bonnie wee bigoted Scotland by the Police & Politicians.

    What response is there to it all?

    It is getting better & somehow WE are lucky because we worked hard, as if somehow the bigots HELPED us to get on.

    The underlying thing that comes out from all the replies is that WE are wrong for bringing it up

  111. Mantobhoy says:

    Mr Ferguson

    I remember that silly little argument you two had, I also remember b b king was clever enough to say Some would say Scotland would be better of without celtic and their agendas. That would clear bb king of being what you say he is. Maybe you say he is a bigot because you want him to be just like you are offended because you want to be. No Ferguson he said nothing to suggest he is a bigot but you tried your best to prove otherwise and failed.

  112. B. B. King says:

    Mr Ferguson

    Your narcissism and egotism make it hard for anyone to have a balanced debate with you as I am sure Andy Mac has found. It also makes it impossible for you to talk reason without calling others bigots because they dare to disagree with your outdated views. As I mentioned before move on and only then will people begin to take you seriously.

  113. Ian ferguson says:


    Once again not a fact in sight.

    What outdated views do I have?

    The situation I quote is current.

    The Facts are actually Facts.

    Andy Mac posted points & I answered them & posed some questions which have not been answered in return.

    As usual YOU are an empty vessel with nothing to contribute.

    I called YOU a bigot, don’t drag others into it.

  114. Ian ferguson says:


    YOU are another person who cannot read, when it suits you.

    B.B. did Not say what you quote, if you are going to join in try & get your facts right.

    Mind you I forgot… Facts seem to be the Hardest thing for a lot of folk, like you, who post Tripe.

    The quotes I attribute to B.B. were made by him.

    What is clever about making bigoted comments & attributing them to some anonymous “Other People”.

    What is silly about objecting to bigotry?

  115. Stevie says:

    Have you wondered what we’ve got to
    MOVE ON from.
    People keep telling me to MOVE ON, to MOVE ON from what.
    A saying keeps coming to mind at the scene of an accident the police will say “move along folks nothing to see here” which basically means something unsavoury has not to be seen. Wonder what I’ve to MOVE ON from.
    People will imply theres never been a bigotry problem in this land whilst being a bigot.
    BB will hint at others bigotry whilst hiding behind his own, whilst others call me paranoid so just MOVE ON but from what.
    Andy in his headline on the blog uses two words Irish and Brigade which imply to me and obviously others that its a green brigade issue only.
    You see this by the way Lewis jumped all over this blog and the reaction of others.

  116. B. B. King says:

    Mr Narcissism

    Offended by everything embarrassed by nothing, blaming police, MPs, SFA, SPL, SFL, Referees etc, what exactly is your point? you are on an endless rant. Don’t you realise that only when people like you stop shouting nonsense from their soapboxes with their we are opressed and downtrodden crap will Scotland be able to move on. Yes I agree there is no place in Scotland for Irish walks, but I also say there is no place in Scotland for Irish politics only then can Scotland move forward. I can’t see that happening anytime soon with people like you peddling your bile.

  117. Stevie says:

    Move on from what BB.
    Some would say you and your kinds bigoted views.

  118. Smiler says:

    Ian Ferguson

    Are you related to George Galloway? there are similarities.

  119. Ian ferguson says:


    I noticed that Headline too & wondered.

    I know Andy has had previous run ins with the GB but I don’t know the ins & outs of it & as I was late on to the blog I left that aspect.

    Maybe time to address the “Scottish Football wants to move on” idea.


    How exactly has Scottish Football moved on? How exactly has it TRIED?

    There is a FIVE WAY AGREEMENT which drags The SFA, SPL & SFL straight down into the gutter of disrepute by it’s very existence, even if the Broken Rules for RFC(IL) & the Gerrymandered Sevco Fiasco had not Already managed to do so…

    The £95,000 “LOAN” to the best Administrator in the world really moved Scottish Football’s reputation DOWN TO a Banana Republic level.

    THEY are Desperate to “MOVE ON”, if that means a Clean Sheet for them, but what about ALL the other clubs & Supporters?

    How is it fair to them? Our game is bent & not fit for purpose, how does this help ordinary fans move on & enjo a overpriced game?…Why would honest people want to support this? They rely on us supporting our teams come what may.

    Alex Salmond & other Politicians tried to aid RFC before they went into Administration, Salmond even refused to answer questions under Freedom of Information because of the Political fallout for interfering in UK LAW.

    Now That, Really helped Scottish Football MOVE ON & find an HONEST, Level Playing Field, didn’t it?

    After all, by Salmond’s own admission, RFC were part of the Fabric of Scotland & we all need them, Especially Celtic, Salmond said so, & Politicians don’t lie, do they?

    How has this Political interference helped Scottish Football “Move on”?

    Add that to the Armageddon Pish & the fears of Public Disorder & it is clear this was ALL designed to allow us to move on & get the Tribute Act into the SPL as soon as possible, for our own good of course.

    To Manage to move on, we are told we Need a STRONG Rangers, no matter how many rules are broken.

    RFC went into the Liquidation process… Fk all that integrity stuff the MSN told us, WE NEED a Rangers Team for the good of us all. So the Tribute Act was born, Anomalies & all… & Scottish Football moved on… As Stevie said “Nothing to see here” we were told, as the biggest con ever in Scottish Football undermined it all again…. Jeezo, I admit I know nothing much about the GB, but they must be Fking LETHAL if they are a bigger threat to Scottish Football than that mob.

    Let’s add the police to the mix, They should apply the Law in a fair & equal way to all. Parliament says so.

    RFC Fans sang Illegal songs & The Police & Politicians CONGRATULATED Them.

    Celtic Supporters sang an “Inappropriate” song & The Police REPORTED them to Uefa.

    I do not condone either set of singers but note the one sided reaction of the the SFA, Police & Politicians as we watched Scottish Football move on yet again.

    It Gets WORSE…Rangers players caused all sorts of bother, THREE Red cards & a whisper later, they all were let off & a New Law comes out…

    The one thing this Law did was create a level where the police could treat the GB in a fashion which they should have applied to the Illegal singers, but always declined to do so. Again I note it took a reaction from an English commentator at a game in England to highlight the ongoing Illegal singing which is allowed in Scotland.

    The SFA brought in new procedures & people to assist in the governance of the game & help in Disclipinary matters.. What happened?

    Lunny has shown no consistency & the SFA has ignored it’s OWN Independent Panel Rules to have private meetings with Charles Green, who had no Official position within Scottish football, & between them they decided to accept a version of a sanction declared illegal the Court of Session.

    I could go on & on, but suffice to say there is glaring evidence to support the fact that the powers in Scotland, Political, Police & Football are NOT applying the rules in a Fair & Honest Fashion.

    How is any of this moving Scottish Football forward?

  120. Scotzine says:

    And in all of that Ian you fail to state that the GB refused to adhere to Police instructions on Sat, they tried to march illegally and they were aggressive and reactionary when Poloce tried to get control of situation.

    All through this the GB knew what would happen and they have used it to their advantage. Now they claim the club are involved in trying to get rid of them. The group away from colour and atmosphere are just a gang of reactionaries looking to make a name for themselves and trying to say withodut them there would be no Celtic support.

  121. Ian ferguson says:

    SMILER, you will have to explain that one to me, it’s very cryptic.

  122. Ian ferguson says:

    Scotzine, I made it clear that I was commenting on the inference that THE REST of Scottish Football wanted to move on except, the GB.

    I have not commented on them yet as I do not know enough to do so & I also made that plain.

    I admitted that until now I have just treated them as local colour & a good laugh at games.

    I have also commented, in a previous post, on the fact that if there are issues with the GB at Celtic Park, then CELTIC should be telling them what is acceptable & what is not & should apply those rules.

    I will say one thing though, if they do think they are bigger than Celtic, or the support would be nothing without them, then they would be as delusional as The Sevco mob, who think of themselves in a similar fashion within the framework of Scottish football..

    I agree that their leadership have an agenda, most leaderships do.

    The Politicians & Football leaders have all shown this & Rules do not stand in the way of THEIR Objectives.

    My point about the GB versus Police issue is that the Police have brought the full force of their powers against the GB & have been reluctant to act elsewhere.

    The GB seem to be protesting this.

    Two wrongs may not make a right but it focuses my attention.

    The police once again, have proven they are not acting in a fair or balanced fashion & this all ties back to the fabric of Scotland as Mr Salmond calls it & the bias therein.

    If the police can use their powers so decisively in this instance why has there been a decided reluctance to act on the other side of the divide… There we are, back to THAT DIVIDE & that is what is crippling Scotland, never mind football.

    Now here is a thing, a lot of people will back the GB because of the imbalance in the police action. I know it has given ME food for thought.

  123. B. B. King says:

    Another one sided rant.

    The march was illegal, move on and stop giving us all this political anti- establishment drivel, I repeat the march was ILLEGAL, how thick are you?

  124. B. B. King says:


    I agree there is similarities, but if Ferguson were to go into Big Brother he would not purr like a pussy he would be more of the canine type forever chasing his tail going around in complete circles talking the same nonsense. Everyone must be tired of his narcisstic and egotistic manner.

  125. B. B. King says:

    Mr Ferguson

    You say a lot of people will back the GB because of the imbalance in the police actions, anyone who backs the GB because of the police action must be imbalanced and in need of education. The police took the action because the march was illegal and the crowd became aggressive and verbally abusive and were getting out of control. When police say no march it means no march, surely a march needs council or police permission.

  126. Ian ferguson says:

    Here we go again B.B.

    More junk & not a fact in sight…Are you & Smiler the same person? Are you trying to deflect from the subject?

    Try a fact or two or go away Boring Boy.

  127. B. B. King says:

    Peter Lawell must be starting to rue the day he gave the GB a platform to perform. I can see problems arising soon.

  128. Ann says:

    Take it, I am not to be allowed to use that comment scotzine .

  129. Ann says:

    Guess what here’s another imbalanced, and in need of an education,
    Would love to see you say that to people’s faces.
    Because of police over handling of the ” illegal” march, there are a lot more people prepared to stand with, than against them now.
    That’s what Scotland’s finest have achieved good for them eh.

  130. Scotzine says:

    Nope Ann sorry keep the ‘language’ toned down a bit please

  131. Ann says:

    I apologise, take it the person I replied to would think I was uneducated

  132. Stevie says:

    BB at the very least if Ian does rant he rants the truth unlike like yourself who hides behind some would say.

    Some believe you to be the bigot.

  133. Stevie says:

    BB stating your a Smiler not some would say your a smiler, so an improvement when BB can state categorically your a smiler.
    BB turns to abuse when he can’t win or answer to the argument, but he’s not a Sevco fan.

  134. Stevie says:

    Why would that be BB Peter Lawwell the financial wiz kid of the SPL can make a profit pay the bills and social tax whilst playing in the SPL.
    You obsessed BB.

  135. Stevie says:

    We’ll find out how much backing the GB brigade have on the 6/4/13 when a static protest is planned at George square no permission required.
    Not all rights of protest have been removed from the Celtic support.

  136. Stevie says:

    Very well said Ann.
    The police in their actions against the Celtic support have only inflamed this issue.
    Supporters who would not normally concern themselves with such things are infuriated at the treatment dished out our fans.
    Whilst other fans can do the same without the 28 day notice period and be ably helped by the police.

    But lets move on nothing to see here.
    People like BB can’t see this is a human rights issue, why can’t some people walk the Queens highway without fear of a baton attack.

  137. B. B. King says:

    It’s not that hard to speak the Queen’s language…is it ?

  138. Ann says:

    So are the betting details out yet for how many of glasgows finest will turn out for this ? And take it any fans in groups won’t be harassed when coming away from it

  139. B. B. King says:


    B. B. does not need to do abuse, why would I do that I only tell the truth unlike some.

  140. Stevie says:

    Queen’s English, honestly some people.
    Some would say your stupid BB, I just think your uneducated.

  141. Stevie says:

    That’ll be one of the many factual facts you keep breaking down our arguments with

  142. Ann says:

    Honestly bb if I spoke like her in Scotland I think people would actually think I was taking the pith ( hope that doesn’t contravene any rules scotzine )

  143. Stevie says:

    What will the police response be, we know when Celtic fans go abroad their treated well and praised by police authorities.
    Strathclydes finest have created a real problem for themselves, the eyes of the world are watching now.

  144. Scotzine says:

    You will be interested to read the next issue of our magazine, which has a feature interview with the head of the FoCUS unit.

  145. Stevie says:

    Andy you might be interested to listen to ‘half the world away’ podcast who had an interview with an ex strathclyde police officer who gave a great insight into the polices thoughts and reaction to the Celtic support, which would make any comment by a senior focus officer null and void.
    Depends who you believe and trust.
    Politics and budgets that’s what it’s all about.

  146. Ian ferguson says:


    You are definitely the most BORING BOY I have ever ever read.

    The Queen’s English, how Quaint, a Germanic Language, Enthused over by a Plastic Dutchman.

    I was going to suggest that all the new GB Sympathisers learn to speak Erse…But I realised I am too late, YOU already talk out of yours

  147. Scotzine says:

    Do you have a link?

  148. B. B. King says:

    Time to go, the three nasties are starting to talk drivel. I would not like Mr Ferguson to make an Erse of himself again…..not a pretty sight when a grown man is crying like a baby just because others don’t talk in a bias tone like himself.


  149. Stevie says:

    Sorry no link.
    If you google hail hail media you’ll find it there, “half the world away” latest show.
    Apologies no link at work using my fone.

  150. Stevie says:

    BB ASA, BDO, Coventry City.
    Bye Bye BB.

  151. Ann says:

    Here’s bb back full of paranoia lol

  152. ROBBO says:

    On reading posts or should that be rants from Ian Ferguson it is clear to see that he is a perfectly well balanced individual, he has a massive chip on each of his shoulders!

  153. Stevie says:

    What would you suggest Robbo, I know lets MOVE ON.

  154. Ian ferguson says:

    THIS is a reply to B.B.’s post on the 26th at 19:05.

    I was late in reading his junk, & he had already been shot down…Big Time, so I left it…

    On Reflection, I should have posted.

    B.B. has continued with his usual junk, constantly since then, Fact free & full of Repetitious mince, big words without a context, devoid of any Factual input…It deserves an answer.


    I know you ARE a Dafty but I did not realise you could not handle joined up sentences..

    Which parts of my posts are causing you confusion?

    I will simplify & Review, just for You Diddums.

    My point is this, Scotland is a Bigoted Country.

    The Bigotry is imported from the Scottish Settlers in Ulster who wanted to be 1690 Dutch… It is replicated every year in Scotland in The Marching Season.

    More recently they want to be Ulster Scots, what is THAT?

    If it was a Rugby thing, it would be a Brilliant name & would unite folk, a bit like The Lions maybe?.

    IF it was Pride in the Heritage of a population which was displaced to various Countries, The Poles for example, & they were trying to UNITE their ain folk, then fair enough, I would applaud that.

    it is not though, is it?

    THEY are disparate.

    THEY have a sense of Superiority which WILL be acknowledged… OR there will be Trouble.

    The Plastic Dutch Importers of Bigotry, AKA known as Ulster Scots have brought
    their Fundamentalist shit into Scotland.

    It is now endemic.. & Marching soon.

    You say I have a problem with The SFA, SPL & SFL ETC. as if it makes me somehow WRONG.

    YES I DO…

    Their Cheating is also Endemic, forget any “HONEST MISTAKES”, the CHEATING became more blatant as the RFC situation deteriorated…

    The more the RULES were Broken, The more desperate the situation became.

    As their situation became more desperate, the more the Superiority of the PEOPLE was proclaimed…With Threats.

    The more a solution was sought, to prevent Civil Unrest, as forecast by our Footballing Leadership, the more rabid the Horde became,..

    Resulting in THAT Five Way Agreement.

    The more the Authorities backed down the more empowered the HORDE became… It was a self fulfilling Prophesy.

    Green is Laughing at the Football Authorities..

    HE represented RFC(IA), by invitation, when he had no right to, they thought it would be a Compact… He REFUSED… Now HE Knows.. THEY CHEATED & THEY know HE knows…

    That is why he can say & do what he wants, NO DISREPUTE… nothing to see here, MOVE ON.

    Fat Sally’s call to arms resulted in threats to Independent Tribunal Members & any Club related to them, go check that out.

    MR GREEN said, there are ANOMALIES in the Timeline between the RFC Death & the SEVCO Resurrection. OOOP’S.

    A renamed SEVCO Tribute Act, which Even Green admitted had NO Continuity, BUT, there were Anomalies..

    NO there were not, it was CHEATING & a FAILURE to cover up,…Despite the best efforts of all involved & a complicit MSM.

    BUT, The SUPREMACY thing meant they had to deny FACTS & LOGIC.

    It HAD to be the SAME Rangers, didn’t it?

    How desperate is THAT?

    Do you remember a weans story about the Emperor who had no clothes?

    That is SEVCO & it is the reaction of The People like you.

    How does the story end? The kid gets Killed for telling the truth.

    WHY? because The People can’t handle the TRUTH.

    You react in anger to the truth, then you revert to your usual name calling.

    If you want a Fuller picture, then in my opinion, it is acceptable to add the Politicians, Police & Judiciary to the list of Cheats.

    Again Why?

    Let’s look & See.

    The Politicians REFUSED to address the issues I have highlighted, not only that, they PRAISED Illegal singing by the Horde.

    When THREE RFC players were sent off & got off, & their Manager whispered, the the Politicians decided they must act & act they did.

    They introduced a Law which allowed the Police to reduce others to the level of the Horde by introducing a lesser offence.

    They then proceeded to react to the lesser & continued to ignore the Illegal.. Only in Bonnie Wee Bigoted Scotland.


    Were they AFRAID of that “CIVIL UNREST” threatened by Ra Rangers situation, or were their wee toes tapping to the tunes which did not cause THEM offence?

    The Judiciary? They have shagged Rangers while screwing the rest of us..

    The ONLY time a decision was given in their favour was at the Court of Session… & Charlie Green OVERTURNED it by playing along with the SFA & SPL…

    YOU all thought THAT was a Victory.. Poor deluded PEOPLE.

    There has been NO warning from the MSM about the situation at THE Rangers.

    A Holding Company owning the ASSETS, THE Rangers £7m in debt already, yet the delusion persists.

    Do you know what?

    I am HAPPIER THAN YOU, I have supported the Best Team in Scotland all my life.

    I don’t have to be strident in proclaiming that I am THE PEOPLE, I don’t have to Invent or BUY a History..

    I have got one:

    FIRST British Team to win the EUROPEAN CUP, FIRST to NINE in A ROW & WE could AFFORD IT.

    If I have missed anything, except your bigoted comments, on behalf of others, then let me know.

  155. Ian ferguson says:

    Here we go again,

    Tell me what I have stated & you disagree with.

    Better still, Give me an Opinion of your own, if you disagree say why.

    Your post was a very poor attempt at deflection… go on give me a SEVCO Fact to laugh at.

  156. Ian ferguson says:


    I will repeat a previous observation.

    YOU are a Big Fibber.

    You get a second prize, or TEN & go off in a Huff.

    In the past you have sworn Never to return, then turn up like a bad penny.

    wee Billy Liar, that’s you.

  157. Stevie says:

    After all that Ian we’ve just to move on like good little Timmies.
    The one thing a bully hates is loosing his power over others, we’re witnessing that at the moment over at ibrokes.
    Ian your argument is based on solid facts they can’t dispute so it’s the old defence mechanism abuse and tell them to move on.
    I take their abuse as a compliment.

  158. Mantobhoy says:


    No one knows the truth apart from you

    We are all cheats

    You are happier than whoever, it certainly does not sound like it.

    To put it in a nutshell you hate Rangers and it has turned you into a ranting fool

    Can people ever follow football without having to listen to this political nonsense. Thank goodness the majority of Rangers and Celtic fans don’t have agenda’s like you.

    Three cheers for the DECENT fans who go to watch football.

  159. Andy Macdonald says:


    I got to the point where you said “Scotland is a bigotted country” then skimmed through the rest of the mince you wrote.

    Absolutely deluded…but I agree Scotland IS full of bigots. Everybody doesn’t like and objects to something in their life, or things other people do. And do you know what? You’re absolute intolerance makes you the worst kind of bigot. Arrogance and pomposity are the worst kind of traits.

    I’ve always been a live and let live kind of person, be free to live by your own principles and let others live by theirs, even if I don’t like or agree with them. I’d suggest you go away and rethink your life. Personally, I don’t need religion to guide me, but others do. Each to their own.

  160. Stevie says:

    Andy Mac
    Each to their own then you have a rant at Ian because his beliefs are different from yours. We can agree on one thing this country is full of bigots.
    Take a look in the mirror you may find one.

  161. Stevie says:

    Move on nothing to see here.
    Never-mind sorting our game out lets just leave the powers that be help Sevco along.

  162. B. B. King says:

    You just don’t get it do you

    It’s people who speak like you that keep bigotry alive in Scotland, anti- establishment crap and hatred for Rangers, forever telling the world that Scotland is bigoted and making sure no one is going to forget it. It’s people like you that are the problem.

    That’s why people tell you to MOVE ON.
    Simple really.

    Somehow I don’t think you being the narcissist that you are will be able to grasp why people want you to move on.

  163. Ian Ferguson says:


    Again, go & Learn to READ what I write.

    Isaid I am Happy with Celtic’s History as it is a TRUE one, not Bought.

    Your answer is self serving, How does speaking out out against Bigotry & Cheating equate to Hating Rangers?

    is it that deep down you KNOW RFC(IL) were part of the problem & THE Rangers continue to be?

    A level playing field & the Rules Applied without fear or favour to all is what I want for Football & I am not getting it.

    The SFA, SPL & SFL Leadership are Cheats & not fit to hold Office. Where have I got that wrong?

    The actions of the Police & Politicians are as I recorded, or did I get that wrong too?

  164. ROBBO says:

    Little point in attempting to argue with Mr Ferguson he is straight out of the Always Cheated Never Defeated school.

    Might I suggest he would be more at home posting on the site of the well known Irish “jornalist”.

    This will ensure that he is with like minded souls as Phil will not allow any posts which do not meet his narrow minded agenda.

    Therefore he could post to his hearts content happy in the knowledge that he will find plenty of people happy and willing to agree with his somewhat warped views.

  165. Stevie says:

    Ian the truth hurts some but until they have acceptance of the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth they can’t move on.

  166. Ian Ferguson says:


    You are some man, you admit you have not read what I have written, agree Scotland is full of bigots but conclude that I am full of arrogance & pomposity for daring to speak about it..& that makes me the worst kind of Bigot.

    Here we go again,the best answer to Scotland’s bigotry seems to be call anyone who questions it… A Bigot.

    Being a live & let live type of person is what allows Bigotry to thrive.

    Why not stand up for Fairness for all for a change?

    But I have to go away & rethink my life because I speak out against it.

    Bigotry has Nothing to do with having Principles.

    Cheating has nothing to with having Principles either & that is what I have written against.

    Stevie is right, it is the old Denial act followed by why don’t you move on, there is nothing to see here.

    It is all our fault for not moving on, “Everyone Else” wants to draw a line in the sand & forget all about it. Why can’t we?

    Because it is wrong, it’s as simple as that.

  167. Ann says:

    Andy why do you think sevco are still in Scottish football,
    because the bigots have cheated,
    They then keep moving the goalposts.
    I await with baited breath to see how these same people,
    Rush to Dunfermlines aid, or will they do as they did when Celtic nearly went bust, sit on their thumbs and do absolutely zilch.
    Yes the bigots are alive and well in Scotland


  168. Andy Macdonald says:

    Ian’s beliefs are figments of his imagination though. Entirely different from beliefs. He suggests our country is full of bigots. I concur, because in the true sense of the word, we’re all anti-something. But I’m playing of course. He’s trying to suggest that we’re all anti-Irish/Catholic bigots. Sorry, but that’s just pee. I assume his next rant will be selected incidents and stats that “prove” it. I could do that with anti-Scottish, anti-English, anti-Muslim etc etc stuff too. Fact is, it happens. There’s bams across the country no doubt. But there is NO general cultural or inherent societal bigotry in Scotland against Irish or Catholics. There’s more anti-Englishness goes on than anything else!! And even in all of that, most of us were grown up enough and educated well enough to understand that our “pals from the other side” were indeed pals, who we shared ribbings over our differences but at the end of it all, remained pals…that is until people like you started listening to the likes of McGillivan et al.

    And the cheating bit is absolutely hilarious, so much so I’m not sure you people are serious. Are you serious?? You do know that Rangers were cleared by a Tax Tribunal and an Independent SPL Tribunal? You do know that people involved with the take-over (Whyte and others) and those involved in leaking information to the likes of McGillivan are under Police investigations don’t you? It all stinks very very poohy. You do know that Rangers net debt was actually lower than Celtic’s when this all started with Lloyds aggressive stance on us 4 years ago? There but for the grace of god (says me the atheist!) go you. Different bankers, different tactics.

    These dear boy, are facts and easily checked. Most of what Ian has scribed is fantasy, borne from the sites of McGillivan, CQN and RTC blogs, which have mostly been found to be hopeless speculation and lies. The FTT and LNS inquiry saw to that.

    And so, back to the original story, the GB. Turns out that in all of this, they’re STILL the only group to have broken the law. :)

  169. B. B. King says:

    Mr Ferguson you are starting to wobble again, if I was you I would jump of the mince bus now.

    You ask how does speaking out against bigotry and cheating equate to hating Rangers, well it’s maybe just a coincidence that in your post MARCH 29TH 02.36 YOU mentioned –

    RFC – 4 TIMES





    Maybe coincidence that when YOU talk of BIGOTRY and CHEATING YOU have to mention Rangers.

    AS mentioned before your narcissistic personality does not allow you to see that you are the biggest bigot of all and I’m glad others are now seeing you for what you are, keep the good work up you are doing your club proud. I am only glad the majority of Celtic fans are not like YOU.

  170. B. B. King says:

    Yes I am a big fibber I said I would not be back and I am here. That is the only fib I told. I can hold my head up high because I do not have agenda’s like yourself, talking of your agenda’s I think that on it’s own would surely give you second prize in any decent person’s eyes making you the loser that you are.You then mention going in the huff I would not go ther if I was you, Tell me your having a laugh please, you are getting more deluded by the minute. Tell me your still talking to me please!

  171. Ian Ferguson says:

    Poor old B.B.

    It is YOU who does not get it.

    Scotland is a Bigoted country as outlined in previous posts.

    The SFA, SPL & SFL Leadership is corrupt & not fit to hold Office.

    RFC(IL) Died & a Gerrymandered deal was cobbled up by the above to allow Sevco entry into Scottish Football against the Rules.

    The Police & Politicians acted in a biased way.

    It is all there to be seen & is provable.

    From ALL this Corruption & Rule breaking you manage transfer the blame to me, for keeping on talking about it. You would rather it was all swept away. Let’s just Forget it all & Move On.

    I am a Bigot for pointing out the active Bigotry which exists in Scotland.

    I am Anti Establishment for pointing out they are corrupt & not fit for Office & not letting it go.

    I hate Rangers for pointing out all the lies & Cheating that has gone on, I am just rubbing Salt into the wounds.

    RFC(IL) Died as TAX CHEATS, THE Rangers are a THIRD Rate Tribute Act, more to be Laughed at than anything else, if it was not for the Cheating & Corruption….

    I bring Scotland into disrepute by Highlighting this all out & not moving on.

    I love the bit where you complain about me pointing out to the world Scotland’s Bigotry & making sure that no one will forget it.

    The problem to you is not that the Bigotry EXISTS, it’s the fact that I highlight it & will not move on like a good obedient Bhoy.

    You hate the fact that I remind you of the TRUTH & will not let you all draw the line in the sand & forget the Cheating & Corruption which has gone on…

  172. B. B. King says:

    As mentioned before Rangers were only guilty of ADMINISTRATIVE MALPRACTICE and were cleared of playing inelegible players or having sought an unfair advantage in otherwords CLEARED OF CHEATING.

    Everyone accepts that apart from the bigots with a chip on their shoulders.

    REMEMBER a chip on the shoulder is a sure sign of WOOD higher up !

  173. Stevie says:

    £47 million of undeclared payments, in fairness think that’s what you call cheating.
    Unfortunately that cheating club died, although their is a tribute act going about a bootleg Beatles type, who claim they are the same club with the history and bigotry intact, they don’t lay claim to dead clubs debt funnily enough.
    So when you pass cash to your employees without paying tax that’s cheating in my eyes and many in Scotland.
    HMRC hasn’t lost this fight yet and the Advertising standard Agency is looking into the fact that tribute act are claiming Deadcos history.
    Yeah let’s just move on, no chance till there’s some acceptance of guilt.

  174. Stevie says:

    Andy Mac
    What of the five cases Deadco didn’t defend but admitted guilt.
    RFC (IL) found guilty, that’s GUILTY no matter how you spin it the Verdict was GUILTY.

  175. B. B. King says:

    Andy the GB broke the law then Mr Ferguson says in an earlier post that he is now right behind them ! strange man very strange, I find it hard to believe anything this man says.

  176. Ian ferguson says:


    You have lost the PLOT.

    We are now not allowed to mention anything concerning RFC(IL) THE Rangers or their Management, especially NOT THE TRUTH…

    I have stated facts, why not give me some proof if you think not.

    You are actually quiet pathetic, do you NOT know why RFC(IL) & THE Rangers would be mentioned concerning Cheating?

    I will enlighten you. RFC(IL) Cheated, they DIED as Tax Cheats, Branded forever.

    Sevco, later renamed THE Rangers, were born from Cheating by the SFA, SPL & SFL Leadership, that is why They are not fit to hold Office.

    Why did I mention RFC(IL) & THE Rangers within this discussion on Bigotry?

    Are your senses so dulled by Bigotry in Bonnie wee Scotland that you can’t recognise it when the Horde’s Choir sing their Illegal Songs?

    Hope that clears it up for you.

  177. Ian ferguson says:

    Poor Old Deluded B.B.

    Say it long enough & you may even convince yourself.

    RFC(IL) went into ADMINISTRATION as Tax Cheats, they bare now in the process of being Liquidated…They are Branded Tax Cheats Forever.

    Get Your Big Bucket of Whitewash out for that Wee FACT.

  178. B. B. King says:

    It’s embarrassing but laughable reading your posts, trying your best to wriggle out the fact that you are a bigot.

    Not for the faint hearted.

  179. B. B. King says:

    X-RATED your making my stomach turn.
    keep it up Mr Ferguson.

  180. Ann says:

    Well well why do the rest and you not surprise me,
    Is there an agenda here ?
    You seem to know about this journalist,
    Has he rubbed you up the wrong way,
    Maybe put your gas at a peep ?
    Then you come on here and start on someone that tells you the truth,
    If you can’t open your own eyes and ears what a sad bunch you are.
    As has been stated before,
    Scotland’s finest are galvanising the Celtic support,
    that had before not really bothered about the GB.
    But I can assure you they are now.

  181. Ann says:

    What is this a masonic thing, with you and your cohorts, mr ferguson ?

  182. Stevie says:

    RFC now Deadco broke the law yet they still have a support even stranger.

  183. B. B. King says:

    I told you before the experts sort out the facts and not you. I believe the experts so as I stated…. Rangers not guilty. Your facts are in your mind (total fiction)

  184. Stevie says:

    Still no facts BB.
    At one point we just thought you were stupid now your proving that fact.

  185. Ian ferguson says:


    This load of tripe, you have written, Proves you have not read what I wrote.

    You still manage to disparage the Truth though, Don’t you?

    In actual fact you just misquote me & dilute it with irrelevant comments WHICH I Never made.

    Show me where I said EVERYONE was an Anti Irish Bigot?

    Show me where I am in denial about Tax Tribunals etc, I never mentioned The FTT or any Rangers Cheating concerning that.

    I talked about cheating & the breaking of Rules by the SFA, SPL & The SFL. This is true, are you saying they did not cheat & break the rules? I have said the Leadership is not fit to hold office.

    I suggest you actually go & read what I have written before you comment in future.

    What I wrote bears NO Resemblance to your self serving junk.

    You then go on to Gild the Lily with a bit of nonsense about Celtic compared to RFC(IL).

    For the Several Hundredth Time Debt has nothing to with it.

    Celtic’s debt’s are serviced in a proper Fashion. Celtic’s Tax responsibilities are met, year on year according to the Rules.

    That AndyMac is the crucial difference.

    We now reach the point where I mentioned RFC(IL)’s cheating. As I said the AMOUNT of Debt had nothing to do with what happened.

    RFC Cheated on Tax issues & never paid Creditors, in other words they never Managed their Debt.

    HMRC was going to put RFC into Administration & the owner did it before they did. The rest we all know, RFC’s Tax habits were the harbinger of their own doom.

    In layman’s terms it is like comparing two self employed neighbours in similar jobs.

    The 1st guy likes a red biddy & shops at Tesco for it. He goes out for a meal & drink with his wife & pals & has a few pints & a curry. He drives a 2nd hand Honda, is up to date with his Tax & pays all his bills on time. He has a Good credit rating.

    The 2nd Guy laughs at No 1’s lifestyle & also likes his wine, Jacob’s Creek is not good enough for him. If it is not at least £30 a bottle he is not drinking it.

    He likes a drink & a meal all top class stuff, he deserves it 7 you have to keep up appearances, screw the debt. He Drives a new Range Rover, it is a nice change from the Audi. He owes tax & is in arrears, he owes a few bills, but what the feck. He Could cut back but won’t. He could settle the debts by making a repayment plan did not… Insolvency followed on.

    That is the reality of the RFC(IL) situation. there were LOTS of things they could have done, but Didn’t….

    The rest, is as they say History… & Charlie Green bought it… For £1 exactly.

  186. Stevie says:

    BB name me one expert who said Deadco were innocent not even LNS said you were innocent.

  187. Ian ferguson says:

    The Experts DID sort it out.

    HMRC were going to apply for RFC’s ADMINISTRATION… Their Owner did it first.

    The EXPERTS then Closed them down for not being able to pay the Tax they Cheated on.

    The EXPERTS followed on with ADMINISTRATION & now the EXPERTS are in the process of LIQUIDATION…

    What part of the EXPERTS actions do you not understand?

  188. Ian ferguson says:


    Give me ONE Fact to show where I am wrong & I will amend the inaccuracy.

    Again you get it wrong, it is ALL of you Delusionists who are easily offended, by The TRUTH.

    I laugh at all the outrage at simple facts being written.

    I notice again , not a Single Fact in rebuttal.

  189. Mantobhoy says:

    Yes the little mind of a bigot.

    Sad man.

  190. Ian ferguson says:


    You are a fact free Zone.

    You are LOUD without a fact to back you up.

    Empty Vessels make Most noise… I thought you said you were away never to talk to me again?

    Once Again a proven Liar.

  191. Ian ferguson says:


    I can picture it.

    You are sitting sooking your thumb, you know WE are all bad… But ALL them FACTS … it does not look good… AW NAW not Again, Them ADMINISTRATORS are Picking on us…

    CUE the JAWS Music…

  192. Ian ferguson says:


    I will always talk to you, no matter how much you ramble on & refuse to provide any facts to back up your outlandish mutterings.

    Just stop telling those wee fibs.

  193. Scotzine says:

    OKAY folks this is getting away from the topic at hand, and once again seems to descend into tit for tat insults etc.

    Enough is enough. I have had to comment several times on other threads. If the same comments are peddled out time and again by the same individuals they will be deleted. If the thread descends into insults etc all comments will be deleted and comment section closed.

    Over 100 comments on this page alone and I suspect majority of them are just folk flinging insults back and forward. If you want to do that go onto a forum or another site.

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