What will Charles Green give up for lent?

Pic: Liam McFadden | Scotzine

Pic: Liam McFadden | Scotzine

Charles Green is a dream for Sports journalists and bloggers alike, there is no denying he is a man-made for headlines. But it is quite strange that the man who has the gift of the gab is not being questioned by the mainstream media nor was his Oz tour covered by any media outlet in Scotland either – why is that?

Green has been likened to a snake oil salesman and given his penchant for boasting, making ridiculous claims and peddling fabricating information to anyone who would listen and not question him at all.

So I call on Charles Green to ditch the boasting, the fabrication and the ridiculous claims for lent and tell the truth. State the facts and back them up with documentary evidence. If he promises to do that then I will gladly turn up at Ibrox in full Rangers regalia.

Charles Green makes some outlandish claims to expat Rangers fans

As we brought to you previously, Green has been making a significant amount of ridiculous claims to Rangers fans on his travels, be it in the United States or in Australia. We already mentioned his claims to Perth Rangers Supporters Club members, but if you thought his comments to Rangers fans on the west coast of Australia would win best motion picture script at the Oscars this year, then his wee session with the Sydney-based Rangers fans would give their Perth brethern a run for its money.

Charles Green, after the usual pleasantries were exchanged, he turned his attentions to HMRC’s decision to appeal the FTT verdict against what he described as a ‘company which is in liquidation and has no assets’. Despite the appeal not taking place yet, Green was adamant that HMRC has ‘no chance of winning’ the appeal.

He did admit: “That Rangers had made huge mistakes in the past and did deserve to be punished, but not the fans or the staff working for the club. The people who should have been held accountable for all the mistakes have never felt any pain. It is now the fans who are paying for these mistakes….We have paid the price for our mistakes so there will be no more apologies from us.

I beg to differ from Green’s point of view – those who are paying for Rangers ‘mistakes’ are the small businesses and creditors who lost – combined – millions of pounds that they were rightfully owed by a club who failed to deliver on invoices for services rendered and products obtained. They are the real victims in all of this., Rangers shot themselves in the foot as the fans demanded success by any means necessary, they didn’t care how they obtained the best players or how much they were paid all that mattered to them like other football fans was winning silverware. If it cost £20 million in players wages so be it, but a league championship is still a league title won no matter how much you spent.

Green added that the club ‘were misled by HMRC and all the problems could have been avoided if we knew the outcome of the tax case sooner as Ticketus were willing to accept the CVA’.

He then went on to state that he is the biggest shareholder at the club with an 8% share of the business which is valued at, according to Green, £60 million. His shareholding is valued at £4.800.000 – a sizeable investment to safeguard – hence the reason for some fictional storytelling of late. Despite him trying to inform Sydney bears that he has ‘never told lies’.

Green repeated his previous comments from earlier in the season, in that he was told ‘by other Chairmen that they had no choice to vote us down as their own fans were refusing to buy season tickets’. He then claimed that he had offered to pay for 3,000 season tickets that one specific club would normally sell – I wonder what club would that be? Ross County, Kilmarnock, St.Mirren or Motherwell? Certainly not Celtic, Aberdeen nor Dundee United that is for sure.

Cash-for-votes indeed, Indian politics was rocked by such a scandal, what would have happened in the Scottish game if that actually was accepted? What would the authorities say about one of their member clubs buying votes to favour them?

With the news of Orlit Enterprises threatening a winding up order over unpaid debt owed to them by Rangers, Green stated that once again the Ibrox side was debt free and that Rangers have £20 million in the bank. He added: “We have no borrowings yet people are still trying to make mischief. The Orlit situation. We had agreed to pay introductory fees to the stockbroker of 5%. Now we are doing so well they are asking for £230,000 more and have placed a winding up order against the club. It is complete nonsense and they will not get a penny from me as I will never give in to blackmail and threats.”

On the finances at the club, Rangers are now operating under ‘tight controls’. He added: “We need to strike a better balance between running as a business and satisfying the fans. When I was at Sheffield I paid £500k for a Flo brother – Rangers paid £11.5 million too much. The club were spending far too much on players and wages. Yet we are still unable to sign players and have no idea what league we will be playing in next season – absolute madness. It is hurting us as it affects decisions – shirt sponsors, TV deals. We also have to face difficult decisions such as the opportunity of stadium naming rights.”

Rangers want to control the Scottish football media

As we broke in December 4th, Rangers signed demoted Daily Record sports editor James Traynor, in a planned operation to wrestle control of the media from the clutches of Celtic.

Green, continued: “We have brought Jim Traynor on board. He is not a Rangers fan but he knows Scottish football inside out. I asked him to leave the BBC/Daily Record as we need to be able to control the media and Jim is a great asset. Serious action is needed with regard to the media. The Old Firm have always had a huge influence over the media, but with Rangers not speaking out for the last five or six years it had given Celtic too much power.

“Dominance was now held by just one club and that was not healthy. Jim had lost faith in the media. Jim has something on everyone in Scottish football and now he is working for us you can guarantee there are quite a few people on Immodium now.”

Is Green alluding to corporate blackmail, that himself and Traynor would use ‘information’ against newspaper men to coerce them into not publishing articles that see Rangers in a negative light?

In a startling revelation, Green announced that Rangers’ new phone in show would not conform to ‘political correctness’ or have any boundaries – a fully open forum to discuss. A dangerous proposal given the history of commentary from elements of the Rangers support.

If you believe that fans have moved on from the dark days of sectarianism – the very first question asked of Green by one expat Bear was – What school did you go to? Safe to say he never named said school just saying it was not a comprehensive or grammar school and that he ditched school at the age of 15 to work in the mines.

Future youth development is an important issue at the Ibrox club, with Green admitting that Rangers would never be bigger than Manchester United or Barcelona. Green said: “We need a different model – we need to look at Ajax and Sporting Lisbon and Porto. These teams compete well in Europe every year. We need more out of Murray Park and we need to buy young players from teams. Not Messi or even Fabregas, who is sitting on the bench behind Messi.

“We need the youngsters with great potential but don’t get a chance because they are stuck behind Messi and Fabregas. We need a mixture of one or two experienced players alongside a young team.”

He then repeated his claims of having discussions with Central Coast Mariners. He added: “I had a meeting with Central Coast Mariners today, they have great facilities. Scottish talent will never be enough so we need to look at other players from overseas. Ji Sung Park at Manchester United is a great example of this. He is a great player from a commercial sense.”

Ji Sung Park is now at Queens Park Rangers – Green’s information is a wee bit outdated now.

He continued: “We need to set up an academy for talent in Australia, Japan and China. Central Coast can be a feeder club for us. I will be bringing teams over to Scotland. Rangers will be going to the USA this year and Indonesia next year. We will be hosting friendlies at Ibrox. Claudio Reyna will be helping us set up an academy in USA. We need a mix of cultures to build a side which can compete.”

Mariners acting as a feeder club for Third Division outfit Rangers? Not if Mariners have anything to say about it.

He had already intimated to Sydney based fans before Friday nights fan rep meeting that he had plans for the areas around Ibrox. Gone are the Hinselwood redevelopment plans valued at £700 million, Green now wants to #create a walkway to the ground for families similar to Wembley Way’.

The old ticket office building, Edminston House, which Murray used for his call centre business RHL Recruitment/RESPONSE, was bought back for £1 million and the ground floor would become the new Rangers shop with the upper level being a cafe/bar. The current superstore would become the new ticket office as the portakabins, which were meant to be temporary structures in 2005, and a Rangers museum would be established in the stadium.

There is no denying that the Rangers share issue was a success, otherwise the London Stock Exchange would have announced it as a flop. But worryingly, Green admitted that when the Rangers holding company’s share price went up ‘many investors took their money and left’.

And in a statement which would have Green line up alongside Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest, he peddled the notion that Rangers would be worth half a billion pound in five years!

He said: “Rangers are currently only valued at £60 million. We will be worth half a billion in 5 years. We are selling shares in an institution and many fans have invested so will help to control the club. The latest Deloitte report shows that when you exclude the money from Sky TV Rangers are bigger than Aston Villa, Sunderland and Everton combined. With TV money, we will be massive.”

Tonight, there was a meeting between Green, Sportsdirect and Fans reps, to announce more details on what s going on behind the scenes at Ibrox. But there was nothing new to tell – just the usual repetition of what Green has already claimed during his Oz tour and since before Christmas time, including:

  • Sports direct are front runners for the stadium naming rights and stated that there was a second party interested but has not announced who they are.
  • Rangers could receive Newcastle players on loan – a proposal that would see Rangers act as the Geordie side’s feeder club.
  • The kit deal and sponsorship which was supposed to have been signed previously is still a matter of days away. AGAIN.
  • Rangers have leased space in Glasgow Airport beside the Celtic shop, but will not open up any stores in the city centre of Glasgow, with Sportsdirect instead selling the clubs merchandise – in a similar move to what occurred with JJB previously.

And Lord Nimmo’s report on the investigation into Rangers’ use of EBTs and dual contract according to Green will be announced on the 28th February.


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