Rangers fans attending Tannadice labelled scabs by boycotting fans

Pic: Liam McFadden

Pic: Liam McFadden

365 Rangers fans made the journey to Tannadice earlier today to support their team. They didn’t care for politics, they didn’t care for supporter groups calling for a boycott and they certainly didn’t care about what Dundee United were supposed to have done. They simply turned out to support the club they have supported all their lives.

However, these lifelong Rangers fans are now being labelled ‘scabs’ by those Rangers fans who decided that boycotting the Scottish Cup tie was the way to go and was more important than supporting their team.

Rangers fans on two of the largest Rangers forums – Rangersmedia and Follow Follow – targeted these fans for abuse. There were even threads with the title of ‘Scabwatch’ directed to these fans who were in fact praised by manager Ally McCoist in the run up to the game.

McCoist said: “I am certainly not going to be critical of our fans at any time this season. Our fans have been the real story of our club in the last year. They will certainly not be getting any criticism from me, because they have been nothing but fantastic for us.”

Despite McCoist’s comments, a majority of Rangers fans rounded on those 365 fans who travelled to Dundee with some calling on the club to ban said fans for crossing the ‘imaginary picket line’ and with others allegedly taking stills of those who attended in a bid to name and shame them.

One Rangers fan calling themselves WVB said: “My old flatmate, on his way to the Geordies v Cockney Spivs game, has photographed 10 scabs that he recognises as being membe[r]s of the Edinburgh Union Jack, heading to Tannadice on the train from Waverley station.

“I’m not sure where he plans to post these peoples pictures, and maybe these guys are just going through to watch it in a pub. Either way, they are being very stupid, and asking for trouble. I hope any scabs identified by the TV cameras get banned from Ibrox for life. They are putting the reputation of our club at risk.”

Another called into question their allegiance to Rangers, The Godfather added: “I’ll not consider those people as Rangers fans. They made their selfish choice!”

And the Guardian labelled the 365 fans traitors: “Whilst they are entitled to go if they like, they are going in the knowledge their presence will be used against Rangers. In my book that makes them traitors. There should be no action against them personally, but as a group they should be ashamed.”

Lancedeangers1 continued the tirade against those 365 fans, claiming: “They only served their own interests. They effectively ruined the clubs official decision and objective, erasing the message it was meant to send. They weakened Rangers position and credibility in the event of any further protestations which may have been necessary in the future. They also gave Dundee’s Rangers hating coffers lots of much needed cash. Ah well at least they are happy.”

The Wee Blue Devil adding: “350 out of a fanbase the size of ours is nothing. Attention seekers maybe, for what reason I know not. Just seems some folk have to make an exhibition of themselves. Not sure what they thought the were achieving by going against the express wishes of the Club and Manager. They are a bit of an embarassment really.”

On a Follow Follow thread, David Stewart said: “Hopefully [fans]named and shamed by the club and banned. Next home game a big banner with pictures of them all on it.”

Leo Ger added: “They’re not Rangers fans to me. More interested in themselves than the good of the club.”

And Ryan Thompson echoed those sentiments, he continued: “A let down to this great institution. You are with us or against us and any “Rangers fan” in that stadium today is not with us.”

However, there were other fans who didn’t resort to abuse nor insults, Zulu went against the current of ill-feeling, saying: “I don’t agree with what these people going there but the last time I looked this was a free country.”

The last word is left to Follow Follow head honcho Mark Dingwall, who is also a member of the Rangers Supporters Trust – an organisation that states: “the group is a democratic, not-for-profit organisation that seeks to give every true Rangers fan a greater say in how their club is run”.

Dingwall under his alter-ego Grandmaster Suck on Follow Follow labelled those fans who attended as: “Irrelevant, self-obsessed, self-important wallopers.”


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