Rangers Blog: When will they ever learn?


ibroxWhen will they ever learn? I’m talking about those so-called ‘fans’ who embarrassed the club they claim to love at Berwick with their bile chanting, about issues which have absolutely nothing to do with the Gers and at the same time have played into the hand of those whose obsession with attacking our great club consumes them from the minute they wake up in the morning.

Rangers FC have been kicked from pillar to post in the last twelve months and at a time when they are attempting to win friends both here in Scotland and elsewhere the last thing Charles Green and co need now is a return to the dark days when the FTP brigade dragged our great club through the gutter.

Massive strides have been made in recent years, including some excellent self-policing amongst the supporters themselves, but for a national television station to be forced into making a public apology for the singing of offensive songs from a section of the travelling fans is a real low.

And please, please will those who wish to defend the antics of these people wake up and smell the coffee and resist from taking the view that our friends across the city are just as bad.

Of course Celtic have a problem with the Green Brigade and lets not forget the Neanderthal behaviour with large swathes of their support at Dens Park last month, but it would be wrong and pathetic for true Rangers supporters to try to deflect the spotlight on the shameful singing at Shielfield Park by coming away with the old “we are not the only ones” attitude.

At a time when the fans need to be united and be prepared to be ready for the possible negative outcome of the SPL commission finding the club guilty over the whole EBT issue, it is far from ideal to have to write an article about a problem which I for one hoped would be binned and left for the past.

There is nothing wrong for many Gers fans to be proud of the clubs links to the Crown and the union but there is a real difference between showing your support for your faith and your politics and attacking the views and opinions of those who chose, in a free democratic society, to have a differing outlook on life.

Opting for the latter tarnishes your argument, singing stupid add-ons to some great Rangers songs achieves nothing positive at all, it only highlights the failure of you being convinced your cause is worth defending.

Make no mistake there are many people out there desperate to stick the knife into the Gers and those who embarrassed the club this afternoon have handed a blade over to the anti-Rangers brigade on a platter.

If you think that shows your loyalty to the club you proclaim to love then the vast majority of us fellow Bears will be more than happy to point you in the direction of the exit doors from Ibrox Stadium.


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