Rangers Blog: 54 titles and still going strong


54 titles and we’re still going strong. That is the message that has to come out loud and clear from today’s SPL commission verdict by Lord Nimmo Smith.

After winning the “Big Tax Case” in November – pending an HMRC appeal of course, this news further vindicates the club and how they acted over the last decade.

As always, many fans of other clubs and many bloggers and indeed many experienced journalists had already found Rangers guilty of fielding ineligible players and demanded titles were stripped by the commission. In their state of obsession, they almost forgot that a verdict had yet to be delivered.

Now a verdict has been delivered and whilst I will revel in as a Rangers fan- £250,000 fine to the oldco notwithstanding, it is surely time to move on and look to take Scottish football forward. Since entering administration on Valentine’s Day last year, the club has been hit with punishments right left and centre. From illegal transfer embargos, to points deduction and ultimately the demotion to the third division – the club has been absolutely battered from pillar to post.

It is time now for the club to hunt those that were responsible for the destruction of the club such as Whyte, Murray and of course those that are meant to be responsible for running the game at the SPL and the SFA. How can men like Stewart Regan and Neil Doncaster continue in their jobs when they have been made to look like fools by an independent commission? Heads simply must roll – this is merely a victory for Rangers, now punishments must come against those who had found the club guilty when NO verdicts had been delivered.

As a Rangers fan, those memories would never have been taken away even if the club had been found guilty, but it is a great relief knowing record books won’t be rubbed out. However, there is also a sense of great anger at this result. A sense once again just like the big tax case result asking why did this all have to happen over the last year?

Rangers will now embark on their journey, just as they have been whilst all this has been leaning over them. There will be some gloating which every fan has every right to do, but a line in the sand must now be drawn.

Rangers will be back in the top league before most fans will be able to blink and on their way to title number 55. Let’s hope by then justice has been brought to bear on those who brought a great institution to its knees and saw it end up in the bottom tier of Scottish football.


About Author

Ewan is a third year Journalism student at Glasgow Caledonian University. A Rangers season ticker holder, he is interested in all things related to Scottish Football, but also writes about the English Championship.

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