Dundee Blog: On the park troubles are nothing compared to Brown appointment


It’s been announced today to universal confusion and among Dees anger, that John “Bomber” Brown has been appointed as Dundee manager. Although considered a Dundee legend by those with long memories, Bomber is now recognised more for his connections to Rangers and his bombscare managerial experiment at Clyde (one Clyde fan on “Sportsound” called him their worst ever manager-even worse than Jim Duffy) and emerged as a surprise front-runner this week for the post.

This appointment, even if it is only an interim appointment, only makes the decision to sack Barry Smith even more perplexing. John Brown’s managerial record is abysmal and inspires absolutely no hope whatsoever, and no amount of “Dundee ties” should overwhelm this given our situation. I don’t care how much of a disciplinarian or a passionate individual he may be, results are delivered by experience and knowledge, neither of which he has displayed.

There are too many questions to ask over this whole saga. Why on earth would we pick somebody with such a poor record instead of one of the many free agents (Calderwood, McPherson etc) that were available, particularly those who have experience of trying to save struggling club? Why would we pick an individual whose overwhelming links to Rangers (and cringeworthy statements in recent years about Rangers’ situation) would only exacerbate accusations of our team being a “wee brother” of the Govan side? Why would the Board of a fan-owned club pick a man who the fans pretty much unanimously said they would oppose the appointment of?

This is short-sighted nepotism at its worst and an absolute PR disaster for our team at a time we didn’t need it. Our club have become the laughing stock of Scottish football today and we deserve all the pelters that we get from pundits and other fans. If we’re a fan-owned club, it’s time that we showed it and told the Board (which has a majority of “fans’ reps”) to get its act together.

As much as it pains me to say it, this week I have been 100% ashamed to be a Dundee fan. We need change at our club, and we need it now.


  1. Gary you have mine and probably most fans sympathy today. Given Brown’s cringeworthy antics over the summer, how any Club would want to touch him surely calls into question the competency of the Dundee Board, one word describes the appointment, embarrassing.

  2. The fact that someone of John Brown’s ilk can get a job at a club this size is representative of everything that’s wrong with Scottish football. Tragic.

  3. what in the name of good god possessed the Dundee board to appoint this eejit?Quite incredible and utterly baffling.

  4. I’m afraid it shows what any intelligent fan knows, the majority of fans just aren’t that bright – you just need to listen to them at a match to know that. Put a group of them together to make decisions, and this is what you’ll get!

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