Charles Green now marinades in his own venom

charlesgreenDundee United fan Graham Harrop states that despite being an Arab, it would be easy to lord it over Rangers tonight. So he does it anyway.

The purile, snarling, arrogant, bullyboy demeanor of Bears and Charles Green alike has been nothing less than staggering, especially in the build-up to today’s game.

The now standard attack/deflect/threatening statements would have seen action taken by the Scottish FA had they been made by any other club, but our nation’s craven footballing authority have proven that they’re incapable of fair governance having bent over backwards to provide a soft landing to the Govan coercers.

Buoyed further by the official fanzine – the groveling, sycophantic rag that is the Daily Record, an inevitable series of propaganda articles were gladly published in an obvious attempt to validate the embarrassing and unsubstantiated stance taken by those of a light blue persuasion in another blatant bid to keep the Bears on side as their paltry circulation plummets as quickly as the Jim McLean Fair Play stand emptied this afternoon.

The astonishing sense of false entitlement that emanates from Ibrox, invites nothing but richly deserved ill-feeling towards the deluded fourth tier outfit (4th tier having been allowed to bypass the application process, remember) against a backdrop of oldco cheating on a staggering scale to ensure an undeserved position that could never be threatened. A shred of sympathy may just have emerged had it not been for the spectacular lack of humility which manifested itself as soon as today’s fixture was drawn.

Let’s remind ourselves of the literal definition of ‘delusion': It’s a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary. Where did Rangers get the idea that they should have been allowed entry to the SPL? I mean seriously! They, and more worryingly, Sky, ESPN, Neil Doncaster, Stewart Regan, Michael Johnston and most talkSPORT presenters all thought it would be okay for a football club to go bust and then continue unabashed as a debt-free newco as if nothing had happened. You couldn’t make up such grandiosity.

On June 25th 2012, demagogue Gers Chief Executive Charles Green said: “Let’s now start moving this club forward, stop the fighting, stop the disagreements, get behind the club.”

But it’s clear that they can’t move forward, they can’t stop the fighting, they can’t stop the disagreements and as exemplified today, can’t get behind their club. They still can’t get over the consequences of liquidity and sought to blame a face that fit. United’s was as good as any.

The illogical and tenuous acumen to boycott today’s game could only have resulted from the exclusive brand of mass distorted Ibrox reasoning. Reasoning that consistently looks outward rather than in, consistently lacks argumentation and lacks dignity in perpetuum. The official slur was firstly that United were especially vocal in rejecting newco Rangers’ SPL application. Or you could say that United’s fans were just vocal about the existing rules being enforced, leaving Tannadice supremo Stephen Thompson no choice other than to vote accordingly. An apparent and constant pickle for those of a light blue persuasion are those pesky rules that everybody else abides by and don’t expect special treatment over.

Did Stephen Thompson actually say more about Rangers than any other chairperson last summer? Where are these offensive quotes from him? If anything, Thompson was watching his mouth very carefully given that he was on the board of the SPL at the time.

Of course, Rangers fans also sighted a grudge held since November 2009, back when Cheryl Cole’s ‘Fight For This Love’ topped the charts. A rained off game resulted in a re-scheduled fixture where the Terrors charged £12 entry to both sets of fans to cover the extra expense that the mandatory Police attendance at Tannadice brings. So in other words, because Bears can’t behave, United had to pay for heavy security twice, so the fans were charged twice – albeit half price for the replay. It’s worth mentioning that Dees and Dons also pack Tannadice but don’t need nearly as much security or police officers. As documented on this website previously, Bears have attended Tannadice en mass since the replay, yet curiously kicked up the most fuss over it a full 38 months on.

Having come down to the nitty-gritty, the actual football, United have sent the light blues packing with much to think about. Was the boycott really worth it? Perhaps today’s result would have been different had a large, vocal Gers support been there. Surely a Scottish Cup quarter-final with a chance of going on to win the trophy would have sent out a louder, more meaningful message than a Tannadice boycott? But nope, the Union Bears set the ball rolling to stir up as much ill-feeling as possible and are now marinading in their own venom. If anything, the ill-thought-out boycott only galvanized Arabs to what was probably a better level of support than would have otherwise taken place today.

In synopsis, the accusations were unsubstantiated and the boycott had no rational explanation. All the level of hatred showed was how important United must be to Rangers. Well done today, Bears. Good one.

Written by Graham Harrop


  1. single dundee mother

    February 2, 2013 at 5:57 pm

    not a happy arab ha ha . the best quote of your drivel is , probably a better level of support than would have otherwise taken place today . probably half the arabs who sang offensive songs will no be back again this season . but thanks for the crowd giving rangers 40 %of the ticket money .

  2. Not only is this a pathetic and obsessive analysis of the situation it is also factually incorrect on many levels..

  3. You are an absolute roaster of a boy.

  4. Well done to all bears who stayed away today even with cut price tickets the desert was way short of arabs i myself will never set foot in any sphell ground again we may have lost today but was nice to see thompson and co losing money lets wait for next season so we can do it all again WATP

  5. rangers have got a signing ban if we didnt have that dundee would have been humbled by rangers easily as we all know. Not rocket science when you lose 80% of your squad and a transfer ban is sanctioned against you. not hard to figure out really but as we all know rangers will be romping it back to the top after september. job done with current sub standard team in the current league and easily and by far way off the team we will have after september.

  6. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!…The groveling, sycophantic rag that is the Daily Record………..the deluded 4th tier outfit. You guest writer sounds like a celtic fan spouting his hatred and bile. Well Andy ….I never !!!!!

  7. Sorry BB as stated at the start the writer is a Dundee United supporter

  8. graham harrop..
    well done…u are wallowing in you’re victory!! You’re world beating team defeated a team who lost 29 1st team players at the end of last season. U must be beside yourself with pride….but do you really think you will win the cup?? It goes to show how sad a C**t u really are. Go ahead…slag The Rangers as much as you want…but the bottom line is…we will forever be more succesful than you shower of shit will ever be…oh!!! see all the chairs that people were sitting on today in ure s**t 1950’s stadium…to us that is whats called a ‘full house’….hope youre glory hunting fans took ther’ye cameras because it’ll be a long time before ure…errrr..’stadium’ is full again. I look forward to hearing from you the next time we meet..ok???

  9. 29 1st team players? Steven think you may mean 29 players in general.

  10. sorry i stand corrected….29 in general

  11. Of course, of course errmmm Andy? lol

  12. Ha ha, a lot of hurt and bile from the followers of Sevco, the arrogance and entitlement they feel leaves them unable to see that Green is taking them for a bigger ride even bigger fall than even Whyte managed. Enjoy making friends in the 4th tier…..,HH

  13. Don’t believe me then – no skin off my nose.

  14. Indicate where.

  15. Spot on and well written, must have touched a wee nerve judging by all the hurting zombies commenting.

    Well done to Jackie and well done to the Arabs.

  16. Liked the piece thought you got it spot on but i see some hurting sevconians replying and still they dont get it, NO ONE likes or wants them in Scottish football because of their of their vile sectarian racist bigoted support why UTD have been singled out by these morons baffles me, they say they will boycott all SPL teams so we dont need them now or ever again, Green says he wont play in the SPL again ? good let them stay where they are and rot in the 3rd division. and for the 40% cut of the money its going to “charity” i just hope they pay up this time Yorkhill Childrens Hospital have NEVER been paid the £5k they are owed from these chancers so much for Dignity FC

  17. Thanks for this article.

    Why won’t those who have an issue with it try to go beyond invective and foul language and write some constructive criticism.

  18. BB, I reckon The Thrill Is Gone, from the newco’s journey, and Charles Green is finally Paying The Cost Top Be The Boss.

  19. For all the Sevcos making the excuse of having lost so many players, what about when you were lording it over other SPL clubs when you were outspending them by about 20-1? At least Utd are bringing through their own players, Rangers are only doing that now because they’ve been forced to.


  20. Irony upon irony. The irony of the writer accusing other people of dispensing “venom”. The additional irony that, despite his team winning, he is still in a rage (for no good reason).

  21. laffs@SevcoZombies

    February 2, 2013 at 6:44 pm

    Rankgers git hee haw…cash goes to charity or is that another Zombie lie…gaun the Arabs;-) Sevco wur keek lol..

  22. Well done Dundee United,time for us all to move on now…for sevconians your next year is 1691.

  23. Well written article and 100% spot on! Well done Jackie, even better than last season when United put Rangers out the Cup. Oh wait no, that was the old club with those “29 first team players”. Ha ha ha ha ha!

    PS Nice touch with the Craig White masks! :D


    February 2, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    Telling the truth, tut tut !

  25. Excellant piece by the writer.Well thought out.It’s a pity sevconians cannot reply without deviating from the subject in question as usual.

  26. Ha ha ha, I bet your hatred keeps you awake at night, doesn’t it?

  27. great article well and truely sums it all up deluded and ungrateful keep up the good articles and good luck to dundee utd for giveing us the game of the season so far in scotland by a mile what a class act and a classy set of fans who showed how to deal with bullys and lets hope jackie and russell get a taste of europe next season via a cup or league place well done utd

  28. Yet your wage bill is still significantly higher than Dundee Utd’s…

  29. I think it is absolutely fitting that the long time bully boys of Scottish football are now dead. It is also nice to see Sevco getting a damn good spanking.

  30. You’re really not very clever, are you?

  31. Easy for the zombies”tae blame united.
    should pay your bills&get your fans”to stop there nae one likes you!!

  32. Show where the rage is.

    Sounds balanced and reasonable to me.

  33. Did sevco not bring black shields Kyle sandaza and about 6 other players in before September so your point is void about signing ban

  34. Well done Jackie Mc and Dundee United for doing the SPL proud, sevco say the tackling in the fourth tier of Scottish football is abysmal, didn’t take them long to learn.

  35. Never a thrill being in the lower tier, an adventure yes..a long and hard one it will be, the only way is up for The Rangers I say!
    PS who are the newco’s ?????????

  36. Unsurprising comments from sevco followers, they STILL don’t get it do they? They cheated for years,we know it,they know it. They thought it was Celtic fans that were only concerned with what was going on at the asbestos dome. As the season went on they soon discovered it was fans of EVERY club who were disgusted at what had went on.
    Despite this, they still displayed no humility,no contrition at all, instead choosing to follow the ramblings of a desperate Yorshireman who on the face of it was as arrogant as they were.
    Today,United fans got their chance to vent their fury at what had gone on before and as an extra bonus a chance to mock the sevco followers about their ill advised and non- sensical boycott.
    They accuse rival supporters of being in a rage but if they take a good look at themselves they will see the rage lies only with them as every club LAUGHS at what is now nothing more than a tribute act to a now dead football club.

  37. Certainly a lot of hate coming from the anti-Rangers brigade, I thank my lucky stars that I support Rangers I could not live with that hatred and obsession festering away inside me. You people should get a life and the hatred and obsession with Rangers might go! At this moment I can proudly call you TRUE RANGERS GROUPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. One thing Sevco have succeeded in doing, is uniting all fans of all clubs against this noisy, irritating but wholly ineffectual neighbour. It is not just Celtic fans who occasionally tune in to watch the tribute act getting stuffed and even the chaps from Div 3 regularly rip the Michael.

    The sooner the WATP attitude disappears, the sooner Sevco will stop being laughed at. You are not the people anymore. You are an embarrassment and should maybe just keep a low profile for a bit after today’s performance.

  39. To busy laughing at you,than hating you to be honest (ha ha ha )

  40. Zombie LOLocaust at Tannadice, lmao.

  41. B.B.

    We don’t hate you,we are LAUGHING at you.Why can’t you see that?
    Any bitterness lies with sevco followers who allow themselves to get whipped into a frenzy by chuckles. But hey,feel free to lash out by ridiculing ,belittling and demonising those who hold an opinion contrary to “ra peepul” – it was the Rangers(RIP) way and its now the Sevco way.

  42. What aload of rubbish…….this sounds like some one who is unhappy with rangers not being stripped……celtic used ebts on larsson FACT…….THE DIFFRENCE celtic told the proper authorites and the 54 league champs didnt….do you really think that will see tittle strippinng?????? i dont think so ;)

  43. Haha

    We couldn’t care less about the crappy cup.

    Finally you get a decent crowd by reducing your tickets to £12 joke!!!!

    all you tight skanky Dundee trash did was cheat the charity. But everyone knows how deep pockets and short arms are in the junkie capital if Britain scumdee

  44. I find it laughable that any Rangers fan would ever comment on any hatred aimed at them, considering how vile and disgusting followers of the Ibrox club have been for decades. Let’s get this straight, Teddy Bears are the most despicable, ignorant and arrogant bunch of ‘supporters’ I have ever encountered. Nothing has changed. Nothing will change. They will always be Scotland’s shame.

  45. No one likes us we dont care you fud

  46. Ok I’m a Dundee fan but that post typifies united fans.They think they’re so bloody righteous and clever.I’d love to give him a dab in the puss

  47. I think it is now time for Scotland to come into the 21st century and stop all religious hatred and start putting a product and support to raise revenue rather than worry about restructuring the leagues

  48. Good article, by the way. Well written.

  49. Shane where is the evidence to back up your claims that Celtic used EBTs for Larsson? They used an EBT for Juninho – FACT.

  50. Yes agree the “Rangers” fans did well to boycott the game today as they avoided seeing their team spanked off the park!

  51. Yes,United fans think they’re so clever but they can’t spell simple words! It’s “marinates” not marinades…..deluded thickos

  52. Must be talking about yourself eh (ha ha ha )

  53. Ha Sevco are funny

    February 2, 2013 at 10:06 pm

    Humped again ! Arabs 3 Zombies 0 ! Loving it. The WATP bile got humped again ! The Zombies are pish ! PAY YOUR DEBTS ! The Clown needs his bills payed !
    All of Scotland rejoice ! Every team in Scotland, Most teams in England and ALL teams in Europe hate your biggoted ignorance and your- Up yourself attitude ! Get real you bunch of cheats !

  54. i guess the ‘newco’s’ would be The Rangers Football Club Ltd and The Rangers International Football Club Plc.
    so which one owns the ‘club’? looks like legally TRIFC are the Holding company yet TRFC are also a new company which was claimed as just a holding company. much like Liberty Capital was the holding company of The Rangers Football Club Plc, who were the club, who went bust last year.

  55. To the fellow above who commented on NewCo’s signing ban may I remind you that your team cheated European and indeed Scottish football for over a decade with your tax avoidance schemes .

    And furthermore…

    You where never the people ;)

  56. So funny to hear Rangers fans complaining about hatred. The fans that smashed and looted their way through Manchester city centre. The fans that sent bombs and bullets to sportsmen because they don’t like their religion. The fans that threatened MP’s, journalists and innocent panel members putting their lives in danger. The fans that attacked a football manager from behind in the street leaving him unconscious. The fans that warn their players not to bless themselves.

    Ironically this wasn’t the first time they boycotted United in the cup. They did so at Ibrokes last season as well……….what do you mean it wasn’t a boycott ?……oh I see they just never bothered to show up !! I wonder how the head counters felt !

    I’ve not heard a Chico rant today. I think it’s finally hitting home what he’s actually got himself into. £22 million share issue but no profit posted, record breaking Adidas deal, Dallas Cowboys, CC Mariners, champions league football, increased capacity at the debt dome..etc ….etc….Ghod I’ll miss him when the newco dies.

    Well done Jackie, Simon and the Dundee Hibernian.

  57. Bwaaaaahahaha

  58. Says the guy whose club charge £10 a ticket and £200 a season ticket. Laughed at.

  59. You say laughing but I detect a lot of hatred in posts, the only ones getting whipped into a frenzy are the anti-Rangers brigade and the belittiling and ridiculing are surely being done by the anti Rangers brigade who feel the need to voice their hatred on Rangers posts!It could be inner insecurities. Sometimes, putting down others is the easiest way to lift yourselves up.

  60. Probably the only people to agree with your comments are Celtic Abedeen and your lot!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. You really need to get rid of the chip on your shoulder and the paranoia , and learn a little humiliation do you even know what that means, not once have any of you shown that

  62. The “clever” United fan is using the word as a verb so it is marinating.
    When using word as a noun it is a marinade.
    If Scotzine want to employ me to save them from further embarrassment I am willing to negotiate!

  63. Yet again, a newco fan thinks it all about them. This is a dufc thread written for football fans… You really need help mate

  64. I have come the the conclusion that most if not all of the above rants and toxic drivel from the Sevco supporters are from children of primary school age. Not a single one of them can string a sentence together without foul mouthed bigotry, hate and futile threats.
    Blah, blah, blah scum, blah, blah, blah, hate blah, blah, blah, get you eftur skuil, blah, blah, blah ah need tae be noticed or i’ll die – blah, blah, blah

    They are in desperate need of psychiatric help; go easy on the poor souls.

  65. 200,000 fans in Manchester, minority ruin it, Dundee v celtic couple of thousand tic fans ……… Tic fans fighting amongst themselves and now attending potty training classes I’m gonna PMSL

  66. BB you will find that it was only a minority of Celtic fans who caused trouble at Dens Park – despite what you and others peddle. Facts are facts. And the two incidents cannot be compared – one side’s fans trashed a city centre and caused millions of pounds of damage – the other ruined a few seats and the loos. Not excusing their behaviour but they certainly are not on par to those who assaulted police officers, destroyed property and even attacked their own fans.

  67. Chelsea fans surely?

  68. And the ones that would agree with you would be hearts Motherwell and kilmarnock,honestly get a grip of yourself, and post on the sevco blog on her instead of making a fool of yourself on here

  69. Strange that in the age of cctv and camera phones there’s no footage of any fighting in Dundee. Worst violence in 40 years they say ! Aye right ! And shock horror weegie guy take a pish in the street !

  70. Ann take off your glasses and look at the big picture, there is a world out there enjoy ! There is life outside anti-Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!! go for it!

  71. Ano, you’d think they’d have more to worry about than the correct spelling of marinade …..a mean….marinate

  72. Aye because that evens it up eh, no we are the ones doing the laughing that you could actually compare these two incidents, you truly are Scotland’s shame

  73. Cannot excuse those people who caused trouble in Manchester,but to say we were attacking one another!! is that not what Tic fans wee doing at Dens Park??????????? Shame on you !!

  74. there is video evidence which shows it BB. Plus we covered Dens Park incident.

  75. Meeow Meeow…….. anybody seen me schoolbag!!!!

  76. Ignore their Lies Deny & Deflect tactics. They will never ever return to the level which they purchased before.

  77. Scotzines coverage is never bias ……….Andy says soooo!!!!!!!!

  78. if we didnt have a signing ban we`d have won????? did charlie green not come out a week ago and admit rangers are still running at a loss? maybe he`d have followed the old regime and signed players they cant afford and then cheat every creditor out their money to save face.

  79. Ah the old celtic fans riot at Dundee!

    In what was described as the worst public disorder seen in twenty years at Dens Park ,Tayside Police manages to arrest 5 people.
    That’s right 5 people.
    I’m curious BB, how many were arrested at the low level demo at the asbestos dome the previous week?

    Could it have been more?

  80. Check the mirror BB.
    You’ll find a hater.

  81. Who’s sevco????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  82. It’s my belief Celtics EBT came with the player and declared to the SFA/SPL and tax was paid and back dated.

  83. Believe me when I say. I enjoy my life to the full,
    But enjoying your pain and made up stories so much,
    It’s like listening to episodes of jackanory no one so blind than those that cannot see, tick tock.

  84. Ooops……you got that FACT wrong. Fact. Muppet.

  85. You are comparing a demo with a low profile football game…..c’mon

  86. Sad and bitter little man enjoy your teams victory today. I’ve enjoyed many a league title party at your poor excuse for a football stadium. Hopefully for your clubs future you can fill your ground again ( I doubt it looking at your attendances so far this season ) We will return stronger than before Scotland’s largest club. Then Now Forever Rangers WATP

  87. At least my legs were kept DRY!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Going to bed now, take a look in the mirror, use the one brain cell that you share with your friends, there you have your answer

  89. Ann cancel our date !!!!!!!!!!!

  90. The Revolution is postponed ’til September. Phew, that’s a relief! We don’t need to start cowering in fear for 7 months. It’s nice to have notice…

  91. The SFA are not incapable of fair governance, they are incapable of any governance when it comes to the competitions the leagues play in.

    This powerless over the leagues was first stated by Stewart Regan in response to a question put to the SFA by Alex Thomson and reported in one of his blogs.

    On the BBC radio programme at 6pm on Sat night Stuart Cosgrove asked Stewart Regan if the SFA did not have a duty of fostering football and telling the leagues that some of their actions were not allowable..
    Regan confirmed what he told Alex Thomson about being powerless over the league competitions.

    However Cosgrove was not able to pursue what is a key point in that supporters have an expectation of the SFA to govern and look after Scottish football but the SFA say they do not have the necessary power.
    This explains the dog’s breakfast the SFA and SPL made of Ranger’s demise and unless who runs Scottish football is addressed then we can look forward to more of the same.and CG getting away with crimes against the game.

  92. ANDY..NOPE,

    You Did Not.

    The SFA let you have a window to sign any player you wanted to… Despite the Original judgement.

    The fact you signed BLACK & a few other Phuds is Ally’s fault.

    What an overpaid, underperforming bunch you have assembled.

    I decline to say TEAM, because all the wee guys, on smaller budgets, who have put you out of the Cups, have emphisised your lack of defensive accumen & the general dissaray which sourounds Ra Rangers..

    Inverness Cally & now Dundee United have shown the depth of the gulf which now exists between your overpaid, under performers & a REAL Team.

    Worse for THE Rangers…You Boycott & what happens?… RECORD Crowds, well maybe not record, DU had better in Europe.

    But here is a fact, when the HORDE are not coming to your ground, & the price is affordable, you can have a Family day out at the footie.

    RFC(IL)? GONE, THE Rangers?

    Never arrived.

    Sub standard, overpaid players & a debt ridden club…

    How much pressure does that put on the Company, which owns the Company, which owns THE Rangers? Will they have to charge MORE Interest?

    How Many players will THE Rangers have to sign to be competative? Even as a THIRD Division Team, THAT defence is wobbly..

  93. You are right..

    See That Scotzine, they try to be too Fair..

    They give THE Rangers the benefit of the doubt…

    I suppose that is fair… EXCEPT,

    The crossbar gets Lower & the moans from the Deluded get louder.

    Here is a wee thought, YOU can Boycott us all… Promise NOT to turn up & we can all take the weans to a game in peace.

  94. B.B.

    I feel your pain… Again.

    Every time someone tells the Truth you get offended.

    Remember, you promised me a wee raggedy arsed lie of a shirt to clean my alloys with.

    WHEN can I have it?

    I don’t want involved in all that Creditor stuff.

  95. Jesus Wept.

    So did STEVEN..

    I live in the Here & Now…

    THE Rangers got well fecked..

    Live with it, Deluded one.

    No one want’s THE Rangers in the SPL, well, maybe DUNDEE… You would save them from Relegation.

  96. B.B.

    Who are The NEWCO?

    I don’t know, which Company are you talking about?

    There have been SEVERAL Sevco’s..Some gone, folded already.

    There is one one Renamed, THE Rangers… BUT.. There is one which owns A Company, which owns ANOTHER Company,which owns THE Rangers…

    I think we will have to wait for the NEXT Liquidators to sort it all out.

  97. B.B.

    You are getting into a frenzy.. or you have developed a wee tic in your one finger typing.. Why so many!!! & ??? in your posts?
    ps where is my raggedy arsed shirt?

  98. Shane..

    You are wrong.. FACT.

    Celtic had ONE EBT..FACT.

    Then, they paid the TAX when Mr Quinn was not happy with the EBT route… FACT.

    The RFC(IL) had lots… Fact.

    BUT.. the EBT’s did not kill them..TAX Avoidance & non payment of Creditors did…. FACT.

    RIP… FACT.

  99. What a result for the people of Dundee……no honking Wrongers fans anywhere near their city.

  100. Sevco is Slang for the tribute act called The Rangers International Sevco 5088.

  101. When a support are forewarned that their club are dying and do nothing its maybe unlucky. Now when the same support are warned for a second time their club is dying and do nothing well do they really care.
    Here lies the difference between the Celtic support and ra people.
    When our club was near death the fans saved Celtic we didn’t blame anyone else other then our directors.

  102. Rather than analyze the game of football that was played , this rag , seems intent on drumming up a political point of view .
    You seemed to be stoping just short of creating a lynch mob to go after Mr Green with pitch forks . The hatred and bile you project here week in week out is so outlandish and so way of point it really does make one laugh .
    While attacking Green with your dispicable attitude , you are merly covering up your real personal opinion , at which you always stop short of pointing out . That opinion would be that you hate rangers with such venom you would rather we disappear of the planet . Well sorry to say that wont happen , and your tireless assault on rangers being cheats is a complete falsehood and you know it well , rangers were relegated for unpaid tax bill for a period of 9 months under a rogue owner. EBT gate , is an accusation that has been crushed by the Courts , and for some strange reason is unfortunately still being pursued by the SPL , the transfer ban was deemed illegal , yet we still bear it round out necks .
    You think Green should not be allowed to speak his mind in a free country , you sir are the one who is dillusional , and with all your hatred coiled up in you heart and mind , you become a jealous nut that can’t sleep at night bar dreaming about Rangers , you are firmly what everyone would call gutter press , but keep it up it always astounds me the level of obsession which the other side holds towards Rangers.

  103. Well done today D.U.F.C for slapping down that wee annoying dog in the corner of the room….Was it Oldco/newco/sevco/tesco/who/really/cares/co….???? Anyway,the football done the talking and it really was MEN against BOYS….wee pathetic thumb suckers from DIV 3,,,,and you wanted a cup tie against the ,TIC…???? P.m.s.f.l,,,,

  104. Another Gers Hater wrighting stories,,, still obsessed with the Leaders of SFL3,,, get a grip son, all good wrighters know wright storys from an unbias POV, but u clearly are a Douche as the yanks would say!!

    I personally take my hot off to the Fans that went to Tannadice because after all WE WILL FOLLOW ON!!!!!!

  105. Yeah but our fans pissed in the street !! Maybe we should have took a leaf from their book and done it in chapel grounds like they did in Spain. Short memories.

  106. BlueIsTheColour

    February 3, 2013 at 8:40 am

    So a Dundee Utd fan, on the eve of their cup victory writes a piece on Rangers rather than his own team. Always about the Rangers!

  107. The Rangers a big club with a small mind.

  108. looks like you might get your wish to never attend another Spl ground as a Sevco supporter, with losses made this year, they might not be around long enough to get to the SPL…Hahahahaha

  109. And this extra money for wages is going to come from where????.
    They are already posting working losses of over 1m in there 1st year, despite your full stadiums at ibrokes.
    any footballer with ambition would rather play in the lower leagues of England , that starting in the bottom tier of scottish football….despite the money being offered.

  110. Gotta laugh at the Boycott that never was? Just a wee Rangers crowd! Green promises his 40 percent will go to charity, what charity?….The Rangers charity of course shuffle a few cards here and there….use the money they would have given the charity for Rangers and make a big statement saying they donated x amount from the match. We dont do walking away… sure do?

  111. My god you really are a bitter obsessed hatefu individual are you not….you filling phil shoes while hes mia

  112. It pretty much is all about us. You and your cohorts will never stop obsessing about us. Add some variety to your life please. You’ll thank me for it if you do.

  113. It proves what an attraction Rangers are. Utd beat a 3rd div team and u think they had won the cup. Rangers force is growing globally. Give them 4 or 5 years!

  114. Slanging matches become easy on these types of threads but I won’t be part of that. Rangers fans have to be aware that there is now no God given right to lord it over Scottish football- on or off the park. They played as a 3rd Division team would have played and there was to be no upset yesterday. The boycott never happened and Charles Green was witness to the job he has on his hands. He won’t sack the manager so the ‘journey’ will take longer than he thought. As an aside, the financial goings-on in the background have to be a worry after his ‘successful’, share issue.

  115. BB …go easy on the excessive punctuation marks. lf you make a valid point, then one exclamation mark suffices. Using many at one time is acting like a screaming infant. Naughty step for you.

  116. jimmy r stranraer

    February 3, 2013 at 10:15 am

    never heard as much garbage from the arabs, this was a club who said they didnt want us, didnt need us, so whats the problem, you dont go where you arent wanted. spl is so bad that celtic are 15 points ahead, they lost 20 points before xmas,,,so to the world that does show how crap the spl is,,,enjoy your highland league

  117. You don’t like what you read so you call it rage
    Just read it and try to understand
    If you listen more , you’d hear more.

  118. dundee hibs,no much o history there then,,,,,,,,,,

  119. The old Sevco motto: when in doubt, whatabout.

  120. B.B. SEVCO are the team who were given entry into the 3rd Division against the Rules. Do you remember now who SEVCO are…?
    They later changed their name to THE Rangers.

  121. Just been pumped by one of the bhoys and you worry about attendances.
    Watch our next home match see how many are there.

  122. JB our report for the game is yet to be published – one or two wee things to be – plus was waiting for our photographer to send photos in yesterday which he has done now.

    Btw Rangers were not relegated for unpaid taxes and EBT gate – that is a misconception peddled by those who cannot see the facts. Rangers are in the Third Division because they breached SPL rules by going into administration – they were handed a points deduction for that. And were then kicked out of the SPL for going into liquidation. That is why they are now in the Third Division – the place where the Ranger fans wanted to be supposedly.

  123. Superb, newco are becoming as hated as oldco.

  124. Dundee isn’t in the Highlands – so therefore would be ineligible to play in the HFL.

  125. Steve W, lol. Failco.

  126. You wish lol. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. Julie

    As I’m sure you are aware Phil has his own blog,
    and I find it very sad that a sevco fan knows he is mia.
    Even I didn’t know that, but obsession and sevco go hand in hand.
    Sad sad person, why don’t you just congratulate Dundee United and then slink back under the stone you appeared from

  128. You couldn’t make it up a sevco supporter complaining about sectarian chanting

  129. You keep playing this single dull note. Try seriously to read what people are writing – not out of hate – but out of a genuine sense of grievance emanating from a certain club’s behaviour.

  130. Although factually correct Andy, day after day night after night the cover-up continues, I have heard the word RFC where demoted on sky sports news, radio Scotland, radio Clyde, BBC news, Scottish news, and every Scottish newspaper, we even hear McCoist and Green use this word demoted to describe RFC (Oldco) so we should not be surprised the establishment fans believe the lie.
    Now when anyone tells the truth they are targeted and described as Rangers (deceased) as hater.
    In years gone by this cover-up would have worked not these day with the rise of the Internet the truth can be told time and time again.
    I blame the football authorities in Scotland for not making a clear distinction about Newco’s status.
    So dear Sevco fans, the honest football fans and there are many thousand off us will never tire of stating the truth.

  131. Rangers are dead they don’t exist. Are you experiencing paranormal activity.

  132. B.B.

    Union Bear arrests ended in 200 fans confronting the Police, that’s not a demo, it’s intimidation…It’s THE Rangers way.

  133. JB: what strange, overwrought language out of touch with what has been written. Try to read what people are writing – after dismissing the obvious schoolboy entries – and respond rationally. You write as someone who bridles immediately you read anything that could be perceived as an attack upon your club and you throw reason out the window. That helps no one.

  134. Spot on Ian, I took my 5 year old daughter to the game yesterday & she loved it !! I would never have even contemplated taking her to the game if the usual 2000 or so huns were coming through !!

  135. I agree with Shed no one likes you, you don’t even like each other.

  136. BB we also thank our lucky stars your a Sevco fan.
    See look hard enough I we find common ground.

  137. Wolfhill what part of Rangers are dead don’t you get.

  138. Well done united enjoy you well deserved victory. As for you new sevco bully boy halfwits stop yer greeting and get back tae yer caves. Well observed and well written piece.
    New huns just as ignorant as the old huns. No one’s obsessing about you we all couldnt give a flying fook about you or your backward thinking horde. Is that the real problem we dont need you we dont miss you and your right we dont fookin like you. I guess the hardest thing to take in is the fact that we are all pishin oorsels aboot the state of you deluded crackpot lot.
    You know the one chuckles doesnt want to play in
    You may well play in the spl one day but remember this it will be the first time the rangers play there.
    Enjoy the adventure wi aw yer new pals. Ha ha ha
    Well done you arabs

  139. Rangers as always TOP STORY

  140. BB The reason Rangers are top story because they died and yet the fundamentalists believe they live on like some kind of ancient relic.

  141. I find it very funny that the “sporting integrity” mob are rejoicing in a hollow victory over a hamstrung Rangers … lets face it … if the illegal transfer embargo that Rangers had forced upon them by means of blackmail by the SFA were not there then Rangers would have strengthened in the window and may well have beaten United … still if the bad losers in the SPL that have a huge inferiority complex after years of looking up at Rangers find comfort in this then good on them as deep down they know that Rangers are on the rise fast and in another year or two will be back at the top dishing out the punishments on the pitch … highly amusing stuff from the minnows … lol

  142. Lewis please inform us what was illegal about the transfer embargo?

    Furthermore on a legal issue, why was a new co/club allowed to walk straight into The Scottish Football League without providing any form of fiscal accounts?

  143. Lewis you surely are not having a go at the SPL,& sfa that made up new rules to allow sevco into football again through the back door

  144. andy how come ann answered my post before it was on the screen .mmmmmmmmm i wonder

  145. I go down the order of the posts needing moderated. Last is shown up first on moderation screen that is why – no conspiracies and no I am not crossdressing

  146. Andy you should have left him dangling there lol is he isn’t he, sends them mental, conspiracy theories

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