Charles Green now marinades in his own venom


charlesgreenDundee United fan Graham Harrop states that despite being an Arab, it would be easy to lord it over Rangers tonight. So he does it anyway.

The purile, snarling, arrogant, bullyboy demeanor of Bears and Charles Green alike has been nothing less than staggering, especially in the build-up to today’s game.

The now standard attack/deflect/threatening statements would have seen action taken by the Scottish FA had they been made by any other club, but our nation’s craven footballing authority have proven that they’re incapable of fair governance having bent over backwards to provide a soft landing to the Govan coercers.

Buoyed further by the official fanzine – the groveling, sycophantic rag that is the Daily Record, an inevitable series of propaganda articles were gladly published in an obvious attempt to validate the embarrassing and unsubstantiated stance taken by those of a light blue persuasion in another blatant bid to keep the Bears on side as their paltry circulation plummets as quickly as the Jim McLean Fair Play stand emptied this afternoon.

The astonishing sense of false entitlement that emanates from Ibrox, invites nothing but richly deserved ill-feeling towards the deluded fourth tier outfit (4th tier having been allowed to bypass the application process, remember) against a backdrop of oldco cheating on a staggering scale to ensure an undeserved position that could never be threatened. A shred of sympathy may just have emerged had it not been for the spectacular lack of humility which manifested itself as soon as today’s fixture was drawn.

Let’s remind ourselves of the literal definition of ‘delusion’: It’s a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary. Where did Rangers get the idea that they should have been allowed entry to the SPL? I mean seriously! They, and more worryingly, Sky, ESPN, Neil Doncaster, Stewart Regan, Michael Johnston and most talkSPORT presenters all thought it would be okay for a football club to go bust and then continue unabashed as a debt-free newco as if nothing had happened. You couldn’t make up such grandiosity.

On June 25th 2012, demagogue Gers Chief Executive Charles Green said: “Let’s now start moving this club forward, stop the fighting, stop the disagreements, get behind the club.”

But it’s clear that they can’t move forward, they can’t stop the fighting, they can’t stop the disagreements and as exemplified today, can’t get behind their club. They still can’t get over the consequences of liquidity and sought to blame a face that fit. United’s was as good as any.

The illogical and tenuous acumen to boycott today’s game could only have resulted from the exclusive brand of mass distorted Ibrox reasoning. Reasoning that consistently looks outward rather than in, consistently lacks argumentation and lacks dignity in perpetuum. The official slur was firstly that United were especially vocal in rejecting newco Rangers’ SPL application. Or you could say that United’s fans were just vocal about the existing rules being enforced, leaving Tannadice supremo Stephen Thompson no choice other than to vote accordingly. An apparent and constant pickle for those of a light blue persuasion are those pesky rules that everybody else abides by and don’t expect special treatment over.

Did Stephen Thompson actually say more about Rangers than any other chairperson last summer? Where are these offensive quotes from him? If anything, Thompson was watching his mouth very carefully given that he was on the board of the SPL at the time.

Of course, Rangers fans also sighted a grudge held since November 2009, back when Cheryl Cole’s ‘Fight For This Love’ topped the charts. A rained off game resulted in a re-scheduled fixture where the Terrors charged £12 entry to both sets of fans to cover the extra expense that the mandatory Police attendance at Tannadice brings. So in other words, because Bears can’t behave, United had to pay for heavy security twice, so the fans were charged twice – albeit half price for the replay. It’s worth mentioning that Dees and Dons also pack Tannadice but don’t need nearly as much security or police officers. As documented on this website previously, Bears have attended Tannadice en mass since the replay, yet curiously kicked up the most fuss over it a full 38 months on.

Having come down to the nitty-gritty, the actual football, United have sent the light blues packing with much to think about. Was the boycott really worth it? Perhaps today’s result would have been different had a large, vocal Gers support been there. Surely a Scottish Cup quarter-final with a chance of going on to win the trophy would have sent out a louder, more meaningful message than a Tannadice boycott? But nope, the Union Bears set the ball rolling to stir up as much ill-feeling as possible and are now marinading in their own venom. If anything, the ill-thought-out boycott only galvanized Arabs to what was probably a better level of support than would have otherwise taken place today.

In synopsis, the accusations were unsubstantiated and the boycott had no rational explanation. All the level of hatred showed was how important United must be to Rangers. Well done today, Bears. Good one.

Written by Graham Harrop


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