Blogger to Blogger: The James Traynor story


The highest paid blogger in Scotland has hit out at – wait for it – bloggers and his former colleagues over their reporting of Rangers Football Club, the folk who pay a substantial fee into his bank account every month. Talk of a Swiss ban account is just vindictive and downright malicious though.

After years of writing articles with his supposed ‘stylish linguistic fingerprints’ all over the keyboard, according to his best bud David Leggat, and being from a tradition of journalism which now belongs to ‘bygone days of yore’, Traynor has now dropped to the level of a mere blogger on a wage that could have been best spent elsewhere. Even more so when you look at his archived work on the Rangers website. Three articles in two months – he must be very busy behind the scenes at Rangers getting ready for his new phone-in show live from Ibrox and a communications platform that will blow us all away.

Traynor may have been meticulous and fair when he was at the Herald, but he soon descended into the murky world of churnalists, succulent lambists and hacks with an ego the size of Ibrox.

According to former journalist turned blogger David Leggat, James Traynor was ‘checking and re-checking the facts, pouring over all the documents and taking nothing at face value’ before using his baby smooth stylish linguistic fingers to type out his latest aggressive and reactionary blog piece.

Rangers 2012 like to promote this notion of the club being victims of Craig Whyte and Sir David Murray. Sorry but the real victims are those businesses who lost millions when Rangers 1873 went belly up. Of course the fans will claim ignorance of all matters within the corridors of power – as they should – however they were not questioning Sir David Murray when he was spending tens of millions on players over the course of two decades and they certainly weren’t questioning Craig Whyte’s sordid past even when it was put on a plate for them by internet bampots, who were taking up the reins when journalists like James Traynor should have been investigating the Motherwell-born ‘self-confessed Rangers fan’.

But Traynor, that meticulous and fair journalist that he is, took Craig Whyte and his statements at face value. Traynor and others in his field during that period of Rangers dark history let down the fans and let themselves down – now the retired-through-spite journalist Traynor has taken exception to these same bloggers, who showed the former Sports editor and his charges up, reporting on the statements of Charles Green and the going-on at Ibrox.

Traynor, via his blog on the official Rangers website., commented: “Rangers are in an extremely healthy financial position despite the best efforts of the media and others to suggest otherwise. Their desperation to see Rangers fail appears to be blinding them to a reality they don’t wish to view. And I’m afraid their bile towards Rangers has poisoned their systems.”

He then goes on to state: “Once again, however, Rangers fans feel they have to react. Some are fretting, others are simmering, unsure what to do or say while a fair few aren‘t holding anything in reserve. They are venting their spleens. Sadly for Rangers fans this is not a new phenomenon. It is a fact that Rangers’ business cannot be reported in a fair or balanced manner. Stories are written to fit headlines which often bear little or no resemblance to the truth.

“Rangers fans have every right to be angry and are entitled to expect the club to deal with those in the media, who willfully distort, and also that close-knit gang of internet bloggers and posters. They will never have any connection with reality.”

No connection with reality? Really? This coming from someone who lived in his ivory tower while presenting a show on the radio that as all about him?

As a seasoned journalist he has stated that stories are written to fit headlines, this is nothing new, in fact Traynor was such perpetrator himself even when he was Sports editor at the Daily Record. But can we really believe Rangers’ Director of Communications? He certainly isn’t an independent voice now is he? His articles before the summer – while still at the Daily Record – read more like an application for a job at Rangers as he rewrote his own archive and ignored his previous comments on Rangers history and the rejection of a CVA.

His meticulous and fair-mindedness may have forgotten his own articles, his own words typed by his stylish linguistic fingers – but his former readers and those internet bampots he detests so much have not forgotten. Maybe just maybe that is why he hates us so much and doesn’t like his toes being stepped on.

His aura in press areas is now being diminished everyday by ramblings that David Icke would be proud of and given his penchant for knocking his former colleagues noses out of joints, I doubt many will be so welcoming of a man who sold his journalistic integrity for thirty pieces of silver and claims they are anti-Rangers in their coverage.

Traynor claims that they come under ‘almost constant barrage of abuse’. But the club cannot ‘react to every single internet bampot or each journalist or paper displaying a clear anti-Rangers agenda’. The Director of Communications announced that the club is doing a great deal in the face of this ‘almost constant barrage of abuse’ – yet failed to mention what.

Maybe Rangers have bought Santa’s naughty and nice list., with Traynor now donning a big blue suit filling his sack with coal and Rangers footballs.

But he makes sure those Rangers fans who love ‘venting their spleens’ on anything that sees their club in a negative light – even when warranted – know that there is a plan of action to try to deal with pesky internet bampots and journalists who do not feast on the morsels they provide on a daily basis to those in the inner circle and on their nice list.

He continued: “I worked in papers for years and I know that managements, editors and hacks don’t even miss a beat when they hear that a particular club’s fans say they aren’t going to buy the paper anymore. It means nothing because so far these threats have been empty.

“Some fans do withdraw patronage but the fact nothing changes in terms of the balance of reporting suggests too few are exercising their right to switch.

“If every fan who said he or she would never buy a particular paper again actually didn’t then those publications would be out of business. The bottom line is everything to the managements and shareholders of these companies and a sharp decline in sales would register like a thunder clap at boardroom level.

“Too few fans realise just how much power they actually can command, especially if they’d step outwith their different groups and unite in one cause. Believe me, you could make media managements snap to attention and pay closer attention to the agendas of their editors, producers and journalists.

“Just imagine the strength to be wielded if, instead of arguing among yourselves on forums, Twitter and Facebook, you all came together and acted as one massive and potent force for change. Just by refusing to acknowledge stories and broadcasts which you believe to be malicious you’d change the entire agenda.

“Many are calling on the club to fire out banning orders and writs to various media outlets but an immediate and effective answer lies with the fans themselves. While a supporter cannot change his or her club because of the emotional investment, reading and listening habits can be altered very easily.

“If fans can no longer trust a particular journalist or paper to be impartial they can stop reading. If they don’t like the agendas of a particular TV or radio station they don’t have to watch or listen.”

Traynor was once a sports editor was he not? But he is now highly critical of ‘management, editors and hacks’ – again is this his bitterness coming through at being demoted in his months at the Record? Funnily enough he fails to mention his targets by name – now why is that? Fearful that his targets will stand up for themselves and tell the public what Traynor was like, before he began writing articles knowing he was moving to Ibrox weeks later.

Now he calls on Rangers fans to boycott those websites, television, radio and newspapers who they do not like hearing their coverage of. The same newspapers and radio stations that once paid his wages at a time when he was writing pro-angers and pro-Green articles safe in the knowledge that he had a new job lined up at Ibrox. I wonder if his dignified departure from the Record HQ involved telling his former colleagues of his destination – certainly we received quite a few emails and messages via twitter asking us if our exclusive on Traynor’s destination was factual.

He added: “But this club’s fans can make their play by realising it is your interest, your angst and rage which encourage the repeat offenders. Believe me, they get a real kick out of becoming the subjects of on-line threads and discussions and by paying attention, even if it is to hurl insults or use unacceptable language to describe them, you give them exactly what they want.

You are just about the only audience they have. Do not indulge them. Ignore their malice, pay no attention to their agendas, and do not let them into your heads. I know there are various factions among Rangers supporters but why not stand united in this cause? Your attention is their oxygen. It can be so easily switched off.”

Not another boycott! Look what happened at the last one. Rangers were humiliated by a club they detested and vilified so much with United fans celebrating all the way to the quarter finals of the Scottish Cup. Ad one of their own club reps fell on his sword after boycotting the boycott.

It is somewhat ironic that Traynor ends his blog by once again attacking his fellow bloggers, claiming: “But why is it that so many continue to write or broadcast that this club is a new club when it is the owners who are new? Is it a lack of basic intelligence or is it something more sinister?”

I guess his memory is just as bad as his claims of being dignified.

Remember his 13th June 2012 article entitled: SPL will not be able to prosper without Rangers? Traynor opened his article by stating: “No more than a good John Greig clearance away from Hampden one of the world’s oldest clubs lies dying.”

He added: “Rangers FC as we know them are dead. It’s all over. They are about to shut down for ever but not a single person among the game’s hierarchy was open for comment. And that just about sums it up for Rangers, the club the rest of the Scottish game came to detest.”

“Rangers have a seriously bad lot but the majority of the people who support the club are decent.”

Then comes the killer comments, that will question his own intelligence. Traynor declared: “….the CVA proposal put forward on behalf of Charles Green by administrators Duff and Phelps was rejected by HMRC. They didn’t even wait until tomorrow’s creditors’ meeting, although that will still go ahead.

“But Rangers FC won’t. They’ll slip into liquidation within the next couple of weeks with a new company emerging but 140 years of history, triumph and tears, will have ended. No matter how Charles Green attempts to dress it up, a newco equals a new club. When the CVA was thrown out Rangers as we know them died.

“They were closed and a newco must start from scratch although their fans will insist the history will be boxed up with the strips and balls and carried into the future with the new club.

“Technically that history belongs to something else, some other company but even though the governing bodies appear consumed by technicalities and protocol supporters have other priorities. They strive for continuity and Rangers fans will never be separated from or denied their past.

“The name might change slightly, there will be a new owner, new players and a new beginning. But somehow nothing will have changed for many of the people who buy the tickets.

“They’ll never forget and they’ll remember yesterday, too. Even though they and everyone else knew the decision to accept or reject Green’s CVA was 50-50 this was such a momentous day in the history of Scottish football.

“Of course Rangers are guilty of shaming the game and they accept they have to be punished.”

Maybe James should head to the club doctor’s office and ask to be examined for he seems to have ditched that succulent lamb he gorged on for so many years and turned instead to snacking on Findus Lasagnas – he seems to be having a reaction to his new meal of 100% horse meat.


  1. Why does Scotzine hate anything Rangers?

  2. anynamethathasntbeentakenalready

    February 8, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    You seem to have included more of JT’s comments than your own.
    Your own, in comparison sound petty and with a distinct touch of jealousy. Is that because Celtic haven’t offered you the same sort of deal?

  3. Newco dont half love a boycott, they boycott the truth, they boycott games they know they wont win, they boycott paying bills, they boycott taking responsibility for cheating, they boycott responsibility for trashing Manchester and the terrible behaviour of the fans. Imagine how trully bealing you’d have to be to behave in such a way. I wonder what all the other investors in Greens folly are thinking knowing that he wont pay out money owed. And the poor old newco fans having lost so much already they remind me of Roger Daltry’s character in the seminal Rock Opera Tommy, “You didn’t see it” “you didn’t hear it” And Jabba the Oliver Reed character of the Piece strutting about with his happy face and wee Ally rolling about his living room in a tidal wave of beans like Ann Margaret. I can see another liquidation event happening soon and those poor deaf dumb blind newcos sure talk a mean boycott.

  4. It Must be Horrible,NOT TO BE LIKED!

  5. There is only 1 word that can be used to describe an ink stained wretch like Mr Traynor. That word also is the last name of a Bugs Bunny character named Elmer……

  6. Is This An Anti Jim Traynon blog or just an other anti Rangers Bog.
    Your pathetic writing displays nothing but your bitterness and obsession to anything to do with the worlds most successful club the Glasgow Rangers.

  7. A good and honest assessment from Jim Traynor, Scotzine would do well to follow his honesty but as we all know Scotzine are always anti Rangers and that will never happen!. The usual drivel from celtic minded posters always contains the words… I can’t wait for this to happen to them ..I can’t wait for that to happen to them ! that really says it all! your hatred is there for all to see, the reality is that Rangers are still here and we always will be and the sooner you guys wake up and smell the coffee the sooner the drivel will stop.Experts on all things Rangers don’t flatter yourselves, Rangers Groupies yes. Remember 55 titles in the bag and 11 to the good and when we eventually meet up in the league we will still be 11 to the good and I dare say that is when Lennon will return to his normal self spitting and spouting bile at the refs because competition has returned

  8. Why waste time on a washed up has-been hack like Jabba? “What doth it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” Traynor is nothing but Greens hired doxy, a whore of a wordsmith…and a trashy no-frills cut rate one at that.

  9. Remember Jim our success over the years has always made celtic look bad, maybe that is why they are so bitter and obsessed with wanting us off the planet. The reality is that we are still here and starting to prosper and that gives them a lot of pain.

  10. He’s Rangers mouthpiece and you are Celtic’s. He gets paid for his services whilst you don’t. The jealousy is tearing you apart.

  11. Well then B.B. Now that Jabba has spoken, and provided you with the truth. You will know all the facts. How much is left to pay, how much already paid, What were the services provided by this former Charles Green company. Was it really a fee for “introducing CG to an investor” someone who CG says was a long time friend. What was the dispute, Why are Sevco, a cash rich club, trying to arrange a payment plan, And importantly, What are the views of Orlit, considering that it has been reported they have said “No deal!”. Pray tell!

  12. I just absolutely love his article when rangers went bust and how they are a newco lol but now he is employed by ” the ” rangers, well, oh how his tone has changed lol

    He will never be allowed to forget that article and it should be brought up in every arguement against him

    Over to you Jim , if thats your name or are you now called ” the ” jim lol

  13. How would you know if he gets paid or not? Did somebody leak you this info?

    If it was the same guy that said whyte was a millionaire…well….just….PMSL

  14. Now now bb, success over the years ? obsessed ? You may still be here just. Didn’t think you would be taken in by traynor or his lies without questioning but then again you have been listening to chuckie for to long.

  15. BB you won the European cup in what year?
    Why do you the Sevco support always get fooled.
    If Traynor says your club died it good enough for me.

  16. Jeezo, MORE complaints about Scotzine Daring to use Actual Facts & Verbatim Quotes in an article about THE Rangers…

    RA Rangers Supporters don’t like Real Fact’s & Accurate Quotes, they are too used to sweetened PR Bullsh*t, fed to them by the Succulent Lamb scoffing Laptop Loyal.

    When has the MSM been against THE Rangers or RFC(IL) before them?

    How Very Dare You Scotzine…. YOU will go on the List you know.

  17. Why do I even waist my time reading this drivil!? The next question – why isn’t this site called “Celtzine”?????

  18. Scott1
    If you can’t tell the difference between a Scotzine blog and a Jabba rant well more fool you.
    In saying that you’ve all have been fooled before just over a year ago.
    As Roger Daltrey once sang
    ‘Wont get fooled again’
    Unfortunately some do.

  19. Oh dear. The above article clearly shows Traynor up for the lying, two faced, rag hack he was, is and always will be yet the usual rangers fans reaction is just to dismiss it as anti-rangers.
    The fact Rangers are actually paying him a big fat healthy wage is music to my ears. He’s taking money out of their pockets for doing precisely hee-haw. 3 articles on his little red, white and blue blog in 2 months??? Haha. Good work if you can get it. Legend big man. Take them for everything they’ve got. And get a pat on the back while doing it. Just like Mr Whyte. Tragic!

  20. Why are you reading it if your convinced he’s Celtic’s mouthpiece and can you confirm he makes no money from his blog?

  21. Of course he has. Why paraphrase, mis-quote or attribute when you can actually use the guys own printed words to expose him. Traynor is saying the opposite of what he said before his words were fully bought, sold and paid for. Why anyone, especially Rangers fans, would invest anything in his wee pravda opinion piece is beyond me. I just feel sorry for rangers fans who think it’s acceptable that he takes their money to do nothing exactly but sabre rattle for Charles Green!!!

  22. Charles Green’s buffoonery has spread like a dose of Asian Flu amongst staff and fans.

    It is incredible that they, (followers), call real supporters who ignored a call to boycott enjoyment – and that is what watching football is – scabs. Geez its almost like some bizarre occult. Lets not take them seriously – not clever ‘peeple’ at all, pity the gullible ones.

  23. If Andy is paid by Celtic then that explains a lot. I don’t think he is though. Do you?

  24. I can tell the difference. One is paid by rangers and is pro rangers. The other is pro Celtic. Didn’t you know that?

  25. I didn’t say that Andy does not earn money for this website. Good on him if he does. Despite the fact that I may disagree with a lot of what he says, he is clearly passionate about his work and has put a great deal of effort into it. I commend him for this whether he benefits financially or not. My point is that I don’t believe he receives money for his blogs from Celtic. It was a flippant comment but drew the normal defensive responses from the usual grovellers.

  26. Let’s talk about football and the forthcoming Juve game then Chris. What do you think about a team who was kicked out of its league and stripped of titles, training at Murray Park next week?

  27. Just to clear up this – I dont get paid a wage to do this site. I get paid for my freelance work though. Not by Celtic obviously.

  28. anynamethathasntbeentakenalready

    February 8, 2013 at 7:22 pm

    It must be wonderful to have never lost an argument. To never having had the true facts pointed out to you and saying “Oh yes, I was wrong there, but now I know the truth.”
    It takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong.

  29. Rangers are the greatest mightiest institution is Scotland alongside the Church, Andy Cameron, the Orange Order, and the Krankies. The Rangers always represented clean shaven upright hard working white male protestantism at its best. The family unit. Traditional values. Women in the kitchen. The sabbath. A well ironed suit and sensible but ultimately comfortable brown brogues…unquestioning obedience to the rules, especially if it was all going our way…Organization. Order. A fetishism for uniforms and an abiding romanticism of martial values combined with a unrealistic glamourization of war…well let me tell you I know Dr Reid is pulling the green strings in the background. The good doctor- a reliable authority has told me at the club over a cinzano or two- that he owns a copy of the Nolan’s Sisters “Japanese Hits”, a copy of My Left Foot on DVD and drinks coors…what more evidence is needed that Rangers downfall is the work of one man!

  30. anynamethathasntbeentakenalready

    February 8, 2013 at 7:34 pm

    It seems to be more of a personal agenda against JT than anything else as can be gathered from 4 of the 5 previous posts listed at the end of this article.

  31. anynamethathasntbeentakenalready

    February 8, 2013 at 7:45 pm

    And now in the last 16 of the CL,soon to be the last 8.
    A sign of things to come maybe.

  32. Chico for Prime Minister

  33. You must think that every morning when you look into the mirror

  34. Anyname, I bet Chuckie tries to Hi-Jack Juve into a photo op wi the new bri-nylon orange taps!(Aye, he is that predictable) The gullible wans will cream themselves.

  35. Your obsession with Rangers and facts and figures must surely keep you awake at night.Your OCD is compelling you to repeat your drivel. Stressful events can trigger OCD, try thinking back over the years…maybe when Rangers won 9 in a row was the trigger? Cognitive behaviour therapy and medication is the road I would advise you to take! If you attend classes you may just encounter one of your colleagues by the name of I. Ferguson he can be recognised by continually going round in circles chasing his tail……very entertaining!

  36. What unadulterated tripe you have posted. You have probably been over indulging on the Cinzano by a bottle or two, this is tripe, so you, and the good Dr Who, can go and take your sectarian comments and post them elsewhere, then again, this web site succumbs to postings of this nature.

  37. The poor old bears they must yearn for the olden days when they could talk pure guff and there wasn’t the means available to call them out on it. Except maybe the odd letters page and phone in where they cut you off for hinting at the truth behind their utter pork pies and sychophancy. And the famous succulent lamb piece of gonzo churnalism the only thing missing from that article was who carried who up the stairs afterwards. I predict another share floatation in the near future because they are skint again and can’t pay their bills. I wonder how certain churnalists and fans will spin this one. Chuckles will say he is keeping a promise to the fans that no one remembered him making in the first place and like the other one the fans will stay away in droves. It’s the orange bucket rattler brigade I feel sorry for all those previous months rattling the bucket for the fans fighting fund coming up with such a paltry sum only for the old rangers to go bust and die. Will this new entity known as newco thats only ties to the old club is their die hard fans will they be able to stave off liquidation, highly doubtful in my humble opinion, death and taxes and all that. Still at least we will see the fans marching about asda with their XXXL cut price newco 2 tops trying in vain to make angry eye contact with all and sundry just to let everyone in asda know that even though no-one likes them they dont care. And if any of you happen to be customers on that fateful day try not to laugh until they are well out of earshot.

  38. So your not answering the questions then. Just your usual drivel, honestly you deserve Jabba.
    Do you believe Jabba when he said Oldco died.
    I know I did.

  39. B.B. did you not post a comment previously about tail chasing. Your comment reminds me of a man who listened to a therapist, then paid no heed! I will admit I was wrong about you though. You struck me as someone who cared for your chosen team, so I assumed these kind of facts would be important to you! Can you tell me, was Craig Whyte, on his arrival, a club saviour in your eyes, and did you believe in his wealth off the radar. Or did you google him, and find he was barred from being a company director and that his previous C.V. was very colourful. Maybe you just bought a ticket, and sat on the famous “train”. I am interested to know which camp you were in. Genuinely! I have no experience of psycho-analysis, so I will believe you when you say that stress can bring about repeat behaviour. in a form of OCD. I am however, not under any stress in life. There must be some other cause. Maybe I just love an honest game of fitba’ Anyway, at the risk of sounding OCD, do you know any of the answers to the original questions?

  40. Someone needs urgent humour bypass surgery- how can you take that post seriously? I know there’s a lot of paranoia flying about but come on. Relax uncle jock, unclench your cheeks and let your rage go.

  41. Ann, Poor old B.B. has nowhere else to go.

    He has let the delusion take over his life, there is nothing he can do now.

    Look at the poor old Supporters VP who broke ranks & thought for himself & attended a game to support THE Rangers.

    He got binned for not being a BAA BAA Blue Sheep & following the flock.

    Poor old B.B. can’t afford to think for himself… He would end up unloved & unwanted by The Horde, worse still, he would actually have seen the Truth..

  42. question…when you say you get paid to freelance,surely you cannot take your one sided biased comments to any reputable news agency,what newspapers or better still how can we read some of your articles,reason im asking this is just to see if you are a serious journalist or just a bigoted wee man who once dreamed of making a career out of journalism…

  43. So in summary, Celtic don’t need to pay someone to oppose Traynor. Nice one!

  44. Poor old B.B. I have tried to explain to you so many times, but you seem incapable of understanding… The Old saying is True, There are None so Blind as those who Will not see.

    It’s not a Tail I’m Chasing..I am Chasing YOUR New Teams Tale. If you were not so deep in Denial you would spot the difference in spelling & meaning.

    All the lies, Double Dealing, Rule Breaking Etc which allowed Sevco into the 3rd Division, against the rules.

    How the MSM, including Traynor, admitted that RFC was dead & gone.. Then all of a sudden they declared RA Rangers lived on in Sevco..

    How Sevco then morphed into THE Rangers, complete with a BOUGHT History… & The deluded Horde LOVED it all.

    I have always been told to follow the Money… Where the feck is it? £22m in a Share Issue & THE Rangers are in debt?

    Then there is the Sevco companies, all renamed, some binned. One has sold Shares, but shares of what? Not THE Rangers football Club..

    WHO owns the assets? We know THE Rangers own the debt..In a wee Holding Company of course.

    I LOVE Chasing these Tales, I LIKE Knowledge & Truth..

    Poor Old B.B. You love the thought of your raggedy arsed lie of a shirt which will celebrate the waste of Millions of Pounds to win Your First League Flag, while kidding on it gives you continuity.

    Deny, Defy & sing your LA LA songs, better still keep up your faith & belief in Traynor’s mince…It stops you from having to Think.

    PS Sell the Shares ASAP.

  45. Jeezo, that’s some place for a meeting between confirmed cheats & the Tribute Act of another team of failed cheats, whose theme song is it wasn’t me.

    Maybe it would have been better NEXT year, if THE Rangers still survive they could tell of all their Bought Titles that were taken off them.

    Maybe if England does not want them then Juve will put in a good word for them in Italy..

    See all these big pals Charlie has, what a man. A true International Giant held back by pygmies & silly rules & maybe a bit of debt.

  46. They are simply not very likeable Geo.

  47. as I said I get paid for my other work away from this site – writing about Scottish football. Yes on websites and yes for newspapers also.

  48. Scott1, the two blogs which seem to upset The Horde the most are the Traynor & Green ones.

    Both are Factual & are complete with verbatim Quotes from both parties, there is no spin on the articles, so how are they Pro Celtic?

    Traynor lied, got caught & his diatribe is actually an insult to anyone of average intelligence. “TRUST IN ME”, I can’t make up my mind if he thinks he’s Big Brother from 1984, or the snake from the Jungle book. The snake fits the man but I think he pictures himself as big Brother.

    In THE Rangers World, Jabba will tell you as it is, HE will proclaim to the BAA BAA BLUE SHEEP all the Official RA Rangers versions of events, complete with warning to read or trust no other & Premium Rate numbers to phone if you want to hear the great man’s voice or that of his Master, The Yorkshire born Snake Oil salesman, or maybe even Fat Sally’s latest excuse, oops, I mean explanation, or maybe a wee rallying rant for the THE Horde..

    As for Green, he is a born Liar & a Walter Mitty type. No one HAS to put a slant on him & Scotzine certainly did not… They just put a link to each of his most outrageous lies & let people read them… How is this Anti THE Rangers?

    It is the truth, yet still the Horde, upset at reading Factual articles, complete with Quotes & evidence to back the articles up, are outraged.

    Every one who Dares say a word which is not the Ibrox line is Lying, Obsessed, a bigot, full of bile etc.

    Big Brother Jabba must be all chuffed to have a zombie like support who will Follow Follow on like wee sheep. His job will be Easy up until the Financial collapse… I will love to see him explain That away.

  49. Poor Chris, so much Anger, so Many exclamation & question marks… I can feel your Pain.

    Poor Chris, he can’t bear to read the Truth, it causes an uncontrollable rage within him, the Dark Side takes over.

    Calm down Chris & we will all try & help you.

    It is called Scotzine because it covers SCOTTISH FOOTBALL at all levels & is a Fanzine open to all, including guest writers from ANY Club & has within it great scope to bring Match Reports from the various Supporters of Clubs who have signed up to provide this coverage.. In short a Great concept for a Fanzine & well run to boot.

    Now a wee suggestion, go away & READ the articles, the Facts, The Verbatim quotes etc & come back & give us a few Facts to back up why you think it’s Drivel… Wishful Thinking does not count as a good reason..

  50. Why don’t You Try it then?

    It may be the first step to recovery.

  51. scotzine, how dare you quote Mr T. just because he said it last June in the DR doesn’t mean he said it, surely you know that.

    go to the naughty corner and face the wall

  52. Your compulsion to write drivel about the mighty Rangers are ritualistic actions performed to neutralize the anxiety and distress caused by your Rangers obsession,your facts often become opinion which then turn into bias feelings!
    As mentioned before….obsession your Axiom

  53. BB when Jabba writes Oldco Ranger’s are dead is that Drivel or what he now writes for Sevco is that Drivel.
    Either one or the other can’t be both.
    Just like a sponge you accept what Jabba and Green says as gospel.

  54. Your problem Jim has been exacerbated by JimTraynor & his former colleagues at the daily record andy & his team @scotzine are well& truly respected bloggers who do not shirk responsibility when it comes to facts & truths the pain you are feeling shines through in your comment.
    Unfortunately it does not detract from the facts that the whole of the footballing world know Rfc1872* are no more Liqidation=finished,dead,gone,capoot , hybrid liquidations, holding company’s these are all buzz words to keep the fans onside & the mere fact you believe these ‘buzz words’ tell all.
    If you still believe” 54 titles worlds most succesful club still exists see these 3 links i know its hard BUT this is LAW see here >>
    here >> & here >>
    accept the LEGAL FACTS as they are presented this way you have a chance of moving on there is morepain on the horizon@ this rate anyway for New Club, Aw aye before i go gues who wrote the daily record story your new PR guy Jim Traynor

  55. Stevie some good quotes for us all…Time discovers truth….Truth never lost ground by enquiry….Truth fears no trial…A lie can travel half way round the world while the truth is putting on its shoes….Stevie accepting what people say is up to each individual and who says I accept any of the things you mention?

  56. Yet we’re obsessed for wanting to know the truth.
    Tell who is obsessed the one and only Charles Green can’t stop talking of Celtic.

  57. Stevie I would say some of the posters on here are more obsessed with ridiculing and kicking Rangers when they are down rather than the truth don’t you agree?

  58. The ridicule comes with the total denial of Newco fans to accept that their club cheated and where liquidated. I fully accept that the fans hold no responsibility for the fact that no tax was paid last season and dual contracts where issued.
    I would think that the Sevco support should be more interested what is happening at Ibrox more than what other fans are saying or name calling.
    This myth that somehow your club is being kicked when its down is one of the reasons that drives the dislike for your club when it’s clear you’ve had rules broken to see Sevco was born in the first instance.
    So accept the banter and ridicule will never stop while your support act as if their somehow superior to the rest of us.

  59. B.B.

    we have done Tales/Tails.. then AXIOM Yet Again.

    Remember I put it into context the last time.. Go Look.

    Are you on a loop?

    Why are you not concerned about money going out of THE Rangers on a “Gentlemen’s Agreement”?

    This is the FOURTH Invoice & they only fell out because it seems to be “Inflated” because of the Share Issue.

    What are the Invoices for? When were the services given

    Jeezo, I know it’s Singapore, but a possible £800,000 for “Services Rendered” is awfu dear.

    what about Ally’s interview? That sounded like I know Nothing.. Cue the Theme Song … It wasn’t Me.

  60. B.B. You are right .. A LIE can Travel the World.. Charlie did.. & told a few more on his travels

  61. So you believed him when he told everyone that sevco were no more ?

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