Aberdeen Blog: A letter to Craig Brown



Dear Craig. Whilst having the greatest regard for your work both for AFC and Scotland, there are some questions I (and some other fans) have about our team set up.

Now I know you are the manager with lots of experience but it does seem from the stands that a few changes to the tactics would be appreciated, and my first polite rant is about our defending at corners!

Why do you not leave someone on the halfway line?? Good grief, someone like Niall McGinn ready to get a clearance and dash for goal would give us a great chance as well as requiring the opposition to leave at least two of their defenders back reducing the threat to our goal!

Now I know some great teams use the ‘everyone back tactic to have a coordinated break, but as you’ll know we are not Barcelona or Man United. The threat of a fast and tricky forward with a whole half to run into should give their defenders a squeaky bum time or two and would probably have a better probability of success than having another forward defending in the box. We usually have to defend three corners at a time until we get the ball away.

My next polite rant or question is about the almost constant situation at Todders where players are regularly played out of position. Jimmy Calderwood was famous for it, Mark McGhee was as bad and it seems that you are also fond of this too.

Obviously there are great teams whose players move around a lot, but they are often established and first-rate guys using their skills and experience to cope with different challenges. Our squad are not in that league.

I think a lot of fans would appreciate seeing players get long runs in their best positions – assuming they are fit and are deemed to be chosen for the game. I would think that the team would benefit from consistency, hopefully winning more, and getting that winning mentality based on players getting the chance to play in familiar roles.

So, in the words of Farmer Hogget in the film Babe, “That’ll do, pig”. That’s it from me. It looks as if we won’t be taking the chance to be second best this season when there was a great chance to do so.

I hope these tactical issues weren’t to blame, but many fans would be happier if we saw a more positive approach, giving our players the chance to shine in their best positions, at least until they are established in a winning side, able to experiment for the future.

Best wishes, A J Murison.


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