St.Johnstone Blog: Unity is the key for the Perth Saints


For many St Johnstone fans, expectations of this season’s prospective achievements have been marginally skewed by events at the end of last season.

The demise of Rangers FC and Heart of Midlothian’s Scottish Cup success opened up a route to European football that covered many inadequacies, our from post split was woeful as the size of the squad was exposed and while breaking in, not only a new manager but a new chairman things were bound to be tough as both learned the ropes of their new roles.

Swept up in the euphoria of the ties against Eskisehirspor, Saints fans seem to have forgotten where we have come from and raised the expectations of what they want from the team this season, forgetting what our very core values have been for the past 25 years under the stewardship of Geoff Brown.

As this season started with another heavy change in playing personal the inevitable poor start to the season followed, turning many previously proud Lomasexuals into a mob looking to show him the quickest route south.

After victory against Celtic, the form picked up and many fans expectations started to rise and with Lomas starting to get his team to gel we were looking good and life was rosey, but as we headed to the split our lack of ability to finish chances created started to bite us as we threw away point after point heaping pressure on the players and fledgling manager.

But as we limped to the winter shutdown I ask Saints fans to temper their expectations and look at where we have come from, skirting relegation in 2005 to European football this term.

Don’t forget the past as we build to the future, each year is a building block beneath us as we reach to the stars. More struggles will come as our financial frugality continues, but unity is the key and St Johnstone will keep their stock rising and as they investigate new avenues – such as under 12’s going free and an association with a local online TV company to engage more with the fan base – things can only look good for the future in whatever guise it may be.


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