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As the winter break ended St Johnstone fans could feel slightly aggrieved at the team’s league position, as the domination of matches failed to bring the points their play had clearly warranted.

This was demonstrated none more so than the weekend’s fixture against Motherwell. Domination of the match and a flurry of missed chances, lead to a record-breaking day for Michael Higdon as his opportunism to capitalise on some good fortune sent the Fir Park three goals to the good and the hardy band of Saints fans were left scratching their heads as to why the game had been ripped from their grasp.

Simply put Steve Lomas’ evolution is being hamstrung by the lack of a finisher. As chance after chance goes fizzing by the post, the fans looked to the stands to see the ghost striker that is Craig Beattie twiddling his thumbs week after week with a seemingly endless line of sicknotes curtailing his pitch time to only nine minutes of first team football.

The inevitable came to pass this week, when Beattie’s contract was terminated by the club whose known frugality couldn’t let a top earner idle away in the stands with seemingly no hope of fitness. Another fact to note is young Scotland Under-21 striker Steve May being allowed to extend his loan at Hamilton when the need may be greater at McDiarmid?

So with a wage seemingly freed will the fans see the finisher that will surely be the missing link in St Johnstone’s season propelling them up the table to a second consecutive qualification foe Europe and its much-needed cash boost?

Only two can answer that question, so it’s over to you Messrs Lomas and Brown, the fans are waiting for a spark and need you to provide it. The evolution needs momentum and the fans need a hero.


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