Rangers Blog: Gers cannot be criticised for chasing the English pound


ibrox1Like the continual bitter infighting amongst the Tories over the UK’s place in the EU the talk of the Old Firm packing up sticks and heading down to south to reap the riches of the Premiership rears its ugly head on a regular basis.

However of late the debate over the possibilities of them quitting Scottish football has been limited to just Rangers with their old rivals across the city stating that they are quite content to stick to their roots giving the 12-12-18 set up their thumbs up.

The general consensus over large swathes of the Rangers support is that Charles Green should be pursuing any possible avenues to the English top flight even if it meant taking our place in the conference league with the hope of working our way to the glamour of the EPL.

This desire has been given added strength by the view that there was an overwhelming feeling of blood lust and desire to kick the club when they were on their knees last summer by those who possess a real dislike, if not bordering on hatred, for the Gers, and that we are not wanted in our homeland so why not abandon Scotland and let the rest get on with it?

Indeed despite what some say, the Rangersless SPL has not been a roaring success in terms of attendances with television viewing figures also taking a dip.

It cannot be argued either that the fall from grace of the Ibrox club has indeed had a detrimental effect on the financial well-being of some of the SPL clubs, two home matches a season against the Gers would undeniably help the likes of Kilmarnock and Hearts who are suffering from their own well publicised monetary problems.

Throw in the fact that the SPL/SFA/SFL proposals for league reconstruction would mean Rangers would incredibly not be rewarded for their inevitable securing of the Third Division title with them forced to play in the bottom division of 18 and it is easy to understand the growing feeling of resentment many bears have toward the games authorities.

The failure of messrs Doncaster, Regan and Longmuir to properly consult their member clubs about their desire to push their plan for this botched plan for reconstruction highlights the amateurish way the game is being run in Scotland, Charles Green and co would not being doing their jobs properly if they were not pursuing any better set up.

It was interesting to note this week that both the St Mirren chairman Stewart Gilmour and his counterpart at Ross County Roy McGregor did not dismiss the idea of the three divisions of 14 originally proposed by Rangers, which appears also to have found favour amongst many fans of the game who see the 12-12-18 plan as a complicated mess with no appeal.

Rangers, no matter what many may find unhappy about, really should have a big say on what is the best solution to improve the standard of play and get the crowds back as well as ensuring that the sponsors do not continue to walk away.

With the fifth highest average attendances of any club in the UK, a tremendous feat when you consider they are watching their team ply their trade in the lowest tier in the country, Rangers FC surely carry plenty of weight when it comes to discussions of the games future.

Until then I’m afraid we may well have to do with more and more talk of the Light Blues chasing the Premiership dream which is as unlikely to happen as David Cameron winning over his warring eurosceptical backbenches.

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