‘New’ Rangers claim to have paid all European football debt



Rangers chief executive Charles Green has announced that Rangers’ European football debts have been paid or have been settled with their respective debtors.

The statement on the official Rangers website claimed: “There was no compunction for newco to pay or contribute to any monies owed by the former owners. There was money owed, for example, to Palermo for Dorin Goian and St Etienne for Carlos Bocanegra.”

It continued claiming that Green decided that it was the ‘honourable thing to do’ to settle with those clubs that Rangers owed money too.

Green told the official website: “What we have done since we came to Rangers was to act properly and not just for the best interests of Rangers but for football as a whole. We have a fiduciary duty and a responsibility to our share-holders and we want to run this club honourably and be fully transparent.

“Coming to agreements with all of the European clubs where we paid all of the debts or reached settlements with them is another example of the commitment ‘new’ Rangers have made and not turning our back or walking away from oldco’s responsibilities.

“So we have put down a marker in that regard and what we want to do now is get UEFA and FIFA onside. I have spoken to both organisations informally and in the next few months we will have some formal conversations.”

If Green’s claims are correct then Rangers have paid debt to Rapid Vienna for the remainder of the transfer fee for Nikica Jelavic, GNAS for Mervan Cellik, Palermo for Dorin Goian, St.Etienne for Carlos Bocanegra – not to mention a share of the ticket revenue to Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea for friendly games arranged at Ibrox between the sides.


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