Could Independence save Scottish Football?


hampden1The Independence referendum is set to take place late next year and could provide the crucial stimulus needed to save the professional game in Scotland.

Scottish football certainly has its problems at the moment, a lot of which is self-inflicted through bad management and planning, however Independence provides a real opportunity for the sport in Scotland.

A yes vote could lead to greater exposure, more government support and an increase in national pride.

These advantages of independence will not necessarily just affect football in Scotland; it should also trickle into other Scottish sports such as Rugby, Shinty, athletics etc.

Currently the mainstream media in the UK dominates its sports coverage with news from the English Premiership with Scottish football side-lined to the status of a secondary league if it is lucky.

This concentration of coverage on the English game gives it an advantage over Scottish football when it comes to attracting supporters and sponsors. It also gives viewers an impression that the Scottish game is inferior to that offered south of the

However with Independence, this will certainly no longer be the case with Scottish football set to take centre stage with potential for greater coverage.

New football supporters and followers will be inclined to support and follow Scottish football with the English game reduced in its status to that of a foreign league similar to the current situation of Spanish or Italian football.

Attracting new supporters and coverage of Scottish football is also crucial in maintaining and growing the amount of capital clubs can raise from advertising and television revenue.

An independent Scotland will also have to provide extra financial support to sporting organisations. Currently sports funding is a devolved issue to the Scottish parliament, however Olympic funding is still supplied by Westminster. Independence would see
Olympic funding for Scottish sports and athletes coming from Holyrood.

This change in political status may benefit minority sports more than football but it will still probably see an increase in funding, especially in youth development.

Independence will probably lead to a greater sense of Scottish national pride. This increase in national pride could spread into sport with higher attendances at Scottish national games. This will again probably be more an advantage for other sports in

All these advantages of independence at the moment are of course just guesswork and estimations but Independence would provide an opportunity for change in Scotland and hopefully a change for the good.

Can you imagine any possible advantages for Scottish football through Independence? Do you believe that independence could be detrimental to Scottish football? We want your views.


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