Please note – SFA – the lowest league in the professional land had the least number of postponements last weekend! Games played saw Rangers and Elgin continue their battle at the tope of the league whilst Berwick and Peterhead miss the chance to gain ground on Queens Park and Montrose.

Game of the Day

Elgin City v Queen’s Park

Elgin won 2-1 at home to Clyde thanks to a Stuart Leslie double. They even gave Clyde their goal through Marc Nicolson’s head – must be Christmas. Queen’s Park also won 3-2 thanks to an Anthony Quinn penalty, Anthony McParland and Aiden Connolly though they had a very late scare as Annan scored twice in the last 4 minute to make it a 3-2 win away for the Spiders.

Elgin City

Reported Out

David Niven, Lewis Halford, Cieran McLean

Queen’s Park

Reported In

Jamie Brough, Jamie Longworth


A cracker for Christmas – ought to be and Elgin could maintain an interest in the title by keeping tabs on Rangers by winning. The Spiders though are unlikely to lie down just to make the league more of a competition.

Clyde v East Stirlingshire

Clyde lost 2-1 way to Elgin with an og being the only goal they had to show for it whilst East Stirlingshire sat last weekend out.


Reported Out

Stefan McCluskey

Reported In

David Marsh

East Stirlingshire

Reported Out

Mark Begg, Rhys Devlin, Craig Donaldson, Jamie Benton, Jamie Glasgow

Reported In

Raymond Buchanan (As a trialist)


This is a tough tie to call but one that Clyde ought to be winning to get away from the bottom. The injury list at East Stirlingshire may be significant.

Peterhead v Annan Athletic

The Blue Toon drew 1-1 away to Berwick last weekend with Scott McLaughlin having out them ahead. Annan lost 3-2 at home to the Spiders with Andy Donley and Michael Daly scoring in the 88th and 92nd minute to give Queen’s Park the shakes.


Reported Out

David Ross

Reported In

David Cox

Annan Athletic

Reported Out

Graeme Bell

Reported Doubtful

Lewis Sloan

Reported In

Steve Swinglehurst


Peterhead will bounce back and this may be the weekend they start a wee run… Annan and Harry Cairney will do all in their power to stop that but the Blue Toon have always been my pick as a decent side in this division – time to start proving me right… cue disaster…

Stirling Albion v Berwick Rangers

Greig MacDonald’s men came away fruitless against Rangers last weekend – no disgrace but they need points! Berwick, thanks to Darren Lavery got a draw at Peterhead.

Stirling Albion

Reported Out

Daly McSorley, Jamie McCunnie, Danny Ashe, Jamie Clark

Berwick Rangers

Reported Out

Dene Droudge, Marc Lancaster


The Binos desperately need to win and this looks a very tricky tie. I think the Borderers may shade it.

Montrose v Rangers

Montrose were idle as Rangers recorded revenge over Stirling Albion thanks to David Templeton and Andy Little in a 2-0 win at home.


Reported Out

Paul Lunan


Reported Out

Ross Perry, Kane Hemmings, Sebastian Faure, Emilson Cabri

Reported Doubtful

Fraser Aird, David Templeton


My spy and reliable source tells me Rangers should win. Despite his obvious allegiance to another side and his pained expression whilst saying it, I couldn’t fault his prediction from last weekend and feel he may well be their lucky charm…


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