Rangers podcaster arrested over offensive remarks at Journalist

Rangers fan and podcaster David Limond has been arrested by anti-terrorism officers on Friday morning, over alleged offensive remarks made on his show directed towards journalist Angela Haggerty.

Limond was arrested in Ayr by officers from Strathclyde Police’s major crime and terrorism unit.

A police spokesperson said: “On Friday 14 December officers from Strathclyde Police’s major crime and terrorism unit detained and arrested a 40-year-old man in relation to alleged remarks made online.

“He was charged under the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 and was released on an undertaking to appear in court at a later date.”

Haggerty edited the controversial book Downfall: How Rangers FC Self-Destructed, written by Irish-based journalist Phil MacGiolla Bhain.

The book has courted controversy since it was first published by Frontline Noir, as it covers the demise of Rangers Football Club. Critics of the book claim that the book and its author are anti-Rangers, while a recent serialisation of the book in the Scottish Sun was cancelled by the newspaper’s editor following threats made to the journalist who interviewed the book’s author, the paper was inundated with hundreds of Rangers fans complaining and after the editor deemed the author being ‘tarred with a sectarian brush’ after reading a satirical blog post titled ‘The Incubator’.

Limond is alleged to have made offensive remarks towards Haggerty, who featured on a Channel 4 feature recently after she had received threats due to her links to Downfall and author Phil MacGiolla Bhain.

Channel Four senior correspondent Alex Thomson, who presented that feature, who wrote a forward for Downfall and who had covered the Rangers tax case, also received threats – including one from a journalist who was later hauled in front of the NUJ disciplinary committee and held accountable for his comments.

Limond was released pending a court hearing on January 7th, he has since protected his twitter account following his arrest.


  1. Yet more one-sided pish. Site should be re-named ‘Timzine’ as the vast majority of articles concerning Rangers go out of their way to paint the club and fans in a negative light.

  2. PrideAndNoPrejudice

    December 17, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    “One-sided pish”? The site’s main author makes no secret of his Celtic allegiances but that does not detract from the facts of the story and it is not actually as one-sided as you suggested. The author clearly explained that the Sun’s editor perceived Phil McG to be “tarred with a sectarian brush”. Kind of shoots your ‘one-sided’ argument down in flames don’t you think?

  3. Free speech will not be bullied away by low-browed idiots – go away with your infantile ‘propaganda war’ that is continually peddled – along with garbage about conspiracies, cabals, witch-hunts and the like on social media sites. The truth will out, eventually. What laughable nonsense to see idiots proclaiming to belong to a faith tradition that embraces freedom, reason and logic as part of its heritage – and go threatening people for reportage or views – an embarassment – and yes – I’m ‘one of you’ and not ‘one of them’, whatever the hell it is supposed to be.

  4. Ah Scott1 As usual you are the master of the ‘one sided pish’Every comment you have made on this site is totally one sided.The article only gave the true facts.

  5. Yep, thought it was him.

  6. Scott1 would just like to ask, is there anyone anywhere that sevco supporters have not threatened, if they dare stand up against sevco publicly. I could give a list of names but you would not believe it if I did

  7. Actually the correct phrase The Sun used about Phil Mac Giolla Bhain was “tarred with a sickening sectarian brush”. His claims that he was being “satirical” are nonsense.


    … is typical of what one might see emblazoned (in blue of course) in any rest-of-the-world-hating corner of the internet.

    Tell me why this pompous, sanctimonious, cryptic and vaguely sinister baloney doesn’t come in for some form of satire.

  9. Other than clearly being a Gers fan, has this “RANGERS PODCASTER”(Andy’s daft headline) actually got any link at all with Rangers Football Club??

    No. He hasn’t.

    But then you knew that didn’t you Andy?

  10. Rangers fan produces a Rangers podcast therefore factually correct to state he is a Rangers podcaster Joey.

  11. PrideAndNoPrejudice

    December 18, 2012 at 2:31 am

    No doubt the said podcaster is actually a Timposter as we’re usually led to believe whenever someone posts such musings…

  12. Your right Ann, we are the devil incarnate.

    The green hordes with their terrorist loving ways (stokes for example) never threatened or hurt anyone.

  13. Can you tell me what,terrorists I support Grant ? So by your reckoning sevco have never had terrorist supporting players really?

  14. Why is it when I read these militant posts by sevcovians,I get a mental picture of jackbooted, black shirted hordes marching down Copland Rd. Its rather worrying.

  15. This David Limond guy is an example of everything that is wrong with Scottish society, I’ve been victim of his insane antics once before, it was only a matter of time before the law stepped in.

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