Rangers fans claim Police used heavy-handed tactics as eight arrested


Eight Rangers fans were arrested following a disturbance inside Ibrox stadium on Tuesday night as Rangers beat Annan Athletic 3-0 in a Third Division league tie.

A Police spokesperson said: “We can confirm there was a disturbance within Ibrox stadium during the Rangers FC versus Annan Athletic match. It was brought swiftly under control by stewards and eight persons were arrested.”

Rangers fan group Union Bears have claimed that fans were ‘subject to savage, unjust brutality at the hands of Strathclyde Police’.

In a statement published online, the Union Bears claimed: “Last night, at our home stadium of Ibrox, we as a group, and fellow supporters including women and children, were subject to savage, unjust brutality at the hands of Strathclyde Police.

“Currently, we are gathering as much pictures and videos of last night and will be meeting as a group in the next few days to discuss where we go from here.

“We would like to thank the fans who stood with us last night and reiterate the fact that we will continue in our passionate support of Our Club, regardless of intimidation or acts of violence against our members.

“We will also be releasing a full statement in the coming days regarding last nights events. No Surrender.”

Some fans claimed on a Rangers forum, that the incident started when Police had pulled a fan out from among the Union Bears section, with around 20-30 members of the group then either trying to walk out of the ground in protest or confront police over the arrest of one of their members. This number swelled to around 200 fans in the concourse during the height of the disturbance.

Police arresting Rangers fan within Ibrox stadium – via twitter

While others claimed it was down to some fans singing a sectarian add-on within the song Super Rangers, which states: “We Are Rangers, Super Rangers, No One likes Us, We Dont Care, We hate Celtic, F**ian B**tards, and Well Chase Them Anywhere.”

One Rangers fan denounced the trouble on twitter later on and published unconfirmed reports that ‘female stewardas were assaulted’ and that some fans had ‘blades’.

He claimed: “Absolutely disgraceful behaviour from the so called Union Bears, should be disgusted with yourselves. F***ing idiots. Hitting female stewards and jumping about with blades near children? Hope you drop the soap in prison you f***ing t**t.

“Left early because of the a***holes claiming to be rangers fans kicking off trouble in a third division game on a Tuesday night #pathetic.”

Rangers Football Club were unavailable for comment.


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