Green attacks Dundee United’s decision and right to sell tickets direct to Rangers fans


Charles Green as hit out at SPL side Dundee United’s decision to sell match tickets directly to Rangers fans for the Scottish Cup clash at Tannadice in February, an action which flouts the Ibrox side and supporters groups boycotting of the match.

Rangers had already made it known that they would be boycotting the match after a call from supporters groups, before urging the Tannadice side not to sell tickets to those Rangers fans who did want to support their side in the Scottish Cup tie.

However, United have ignored calls from Ibrox and have decided to sell tickets directly to Rangers fans wishing to attend the game, a decision that they are well within their right to do.

A decision that has irked Green.

Green told the official Rangers website: “Football needs to be safe and there’s no guarantee it will be. It wouldn’t need a bright guy to tell you that there has been tension between Rangers and Dundee United for a number of years.

“We have taken a decision to diffuse that tension but the decision to sell tickets to people who may not be Rangers fans is taking it to a high level.

“I’m disappointed, I spoke to Stewart Regan about it the other day when the SFA asked my reasoning.

“We have been very clear from day one, because of the fans’ issues with Dundee United in the past as a board we made the decision not to take tickets and requested they didn’t make tickets available to Rangers fans.

“There are a number of issues, safety has to be paramount. We are very conscious of safety. We are concerned that Dundee United won’t know who they are selling tickets to and how will they know if they’re genuine Rangers fans or potential troublemakers?

“The reason why is because if we’re not selling the tickets then we’re not convinced that someone on the outside has that control. It’s safety-driven.

“Ally supported this and was part of the decision-making process. Who better as a former player, a fan and a manager who said that fans shouldn’t go to the game.

“I would ask United to think again. The majority of Rangers fans said they didn’t want to go. There will be a few who do and I can understand that.

“But I think it’s foolish to try and bring in a few Rangers fans who might not be – it could be any number of people who turn up with a red, white and blue scarf on.

“I can understand that people will want to watch their team play – genuine Rangers fans. There will be people who have not missed a game in years, I recognise that and admire that passion.

“We see it every week at Ibrox when 49,000 turn up to see a fourth division match.”

Sadly something that Green has forgotten to mention, is that clubs have been selling tickets directly to opposition fans for a number of years including Rangers fans with no hint of trouble.

In the article, Charles Green’s safety concerns defy logic, Scotzine contributor PrideandnoPrejudice stated that United’s decision to sell tickets to Rangers fans was a ‘far safer option’.

He wrote: “The supporters groups do not however speak for every Rangers fan and nor does Charles Green. There are many who disagreed. More pertinently, there are many who said they would still try to attend the match – and it seems safe to say some of those fans would indeed have got tickets.

“Picture that scenario for a moment: pockets of Rangers fans interspersed throughout the home support at such a high tension match. If that isn’t a recipe for crowd trouble then I don’t know what is. Those Rangers fans will now find themselves in a properly segregated area. And that is most certainly a far safer option.”

What has Green to fear? Dastardly tricks from Celtic fans dressed up in Rangers tops? Those pesky Chelsea fans who destroyed Manchester in 2008 or the realisation that individual Rangers fans would ignore his ‘call to arms’ to simply support their team on the field of play?


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