Rangers groups call on fans to starve SPL clubs of revenue with a boycott


A collective of Rangers groups calling themselves, The Unified Supporters Platform, have called on the Rangers support to boycott the next round of the League Cup , should they be drawn against any SPL side away from home.

In a statement on several websites, it read: “The Unified Supporters Platform calls on the Rangers support to withdraw its financial input to any SPL club by boycotting the next round of the League Cup, drawn on 4th October, should our opposition be ANY Scottish Premier League club away from home.”

It added: “Since the turn of the year, Rangers FC and its supporters have been abused, maligned, derided and disrespected by the supporters and certain hierarchy of SPL member clubs. These cowardly clubs, who decided Rangers were not needed in the SPL, attempted to destroy us when we had reached our lowest ebb. Unfortunately for them, and to their bitter displeasure, the Rangers survived this trauma. We are stronger than ever and our magnificent history continues unbroken.

“Our supporters have waited patiently for apt opportunity to respond to some of the poisoned hatred and unrepentant vitriol directed, both at them and the club, by starving SPL clubs of much-needed cash. By boycotting this potential fixture the message the support sends out is loud and clear; ‘Their hate-filled stance against our club and its support will never be forgotten’.”

Venomous words to say the least from the groups involved, on an issue that was their club’s own doing.

Their clash last week against Motherwell provided much-needed funds to that SPL club as cup gate receipts are not kept by the home side but split between both clubs involved.

While their boycott, may heard by those who are members of said groups and those tagging along, do they honestly believe that if they were drawn away to Celtic that they would not turn up? In fact you can bet many of those who ‘endorsed’ the boycott plea would be in attendance for that game.

At a time when Rangers away form has been poor, the groups who endorsed the boycott plea, such as the Rangers Supporters Assembly, the Rangers Supporters Association, Vanguard Bears and Union Bears, would only damage their club further with no support at all.

We shall see who they are drawn against on the 4th October and latterly if their boycott plea is met with a resounding backing or blanked by the majority.


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