Charles Green: Rangers will not play in the Scottish Premier League


Just days after Rangers chief executive Charles Green announced that he won’t leave Rangers until he hears the Champions League anthem played over the tannoy at Ibrox, the Yorkshireman has now insisted that while he is Rangers chief executive the Ibrox side ‘will not play in the Scottish Premier League’.

Green, who bought the club for £5.5 million in June, appeared on the Keys and Gray show on Talksport, he said: “The chief executive of the SFA, Stewart Regan, has said there will have to be some restructuring in Scottish football. It’s no secret the SPL have been working on a plan and I understand the Football League have got their vision for change in Scottish football. It has to change because it’s in a mess.

“It’s really difficult for me to take seriously the SPL re-structure. They threw us out of the league and are now pursuing title stripping, and for us to sit down and think that after all that has come to fruition I will say ‘OK, everything’s forgotten’, you’re in cloud cuckoo land. I don’t forgive and forget.

“While I’m chief executive, Rangers will not play in the Scottish Premier League. If that situation arose, I would go out to the fans, as we did earlier in the year. But my position wouldn’t have changed. If they wanted to go back into the SPL, then fine. But I won’t be chief executive.”

It’s a hardline approach by Green, but there are a number of flaws with his rhetoric. He first states that he wants to hear the Champions League anthem played at Ibrox, yet he claims that he doesn’t want Rangers to play in the Scottish Premier League. Doesn’t he know that without securing the SPL title then Rangers will never play in the Champions League?

He may claim that the ‘Football League have got their vision for change in Scottish football’, but they don’t hold the power in the Scottish game despite what he has claimed previously also. And there will be no sign of welcoming Rangers back into the top-tier – they will have to earn back their place.

Yes, Scottish football is set to undergo restructuring and while we may hopefully see the top-tier being increased in number and a pyramid system plus playoffs implemented – the Scottish Premier League will not disappear.

With the SPL securing their status as the top-tier of Scottish football, the only way that Charles Green, Rangers and their fans will hear the Champions League anthem is if they watch games live on the television, they buy a CD with it on it or they ask their rivals Celtic to turn up the volume when they next play a game in Europe’s premier club competition.

Green’s rhetoric of refusing to take a place in the SPL, even if they secure promotion to it after several years, may wash with certain extremist elements within the Rangers support but when it comes to serious investors – those who are looking for a return on their investment rather than doing it simply for the love of the club – he is providing them with easy excuses to not part with their money.

Speaking of causing untold damage to the share issue, Green rubbished reports that he is about to sell Ibrox and then leaseback the stadium and Murray Park for £8.5 million.

He said: “I saw an email and blog saying we’re going to enter into a sale and leaseback of Murray Park and Ibrox for £8.5m, but it is absolute nonsense.

“We’ve got a valuation that’ll go into the prospectus valuing all the properties in excess of £80m. This is just rubbish put out by people who are trying to disrupt this IPO (initial public offering).”

Was he speaking about Paul Brennan’s Celtic Quick News website? And their Sale and leaseback of Ibrox, Murray Park, Heads of Terms article.


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