Vote of confidence for Regan from the Scottish FA board


A statement via the SFA website read: “He (Regan) has led us through an unprecedented modernisation. He has our full support to continue the excellent work undertaken so far in accomplishing our key objectives.”

Regan played a pivotal role in proposing Rangers dropping into the First Division, as was self-evident in the leaked email over the weekend.

During Friday’s SFL vote on Rangers, a vote of no confidence in Regan was proposed and seconded but the vote did not materialise.

Dunfermline chairman John Yorkston blasted a broadside at Regan calling for him to depart his role at the SFA, a statement which has received significant backing from fans across Scotland.

He said: “As far as Stewart Regan goes, we’ll certainly be supporting moves to get him out his job when the SFA agm (annual general meeting) comes up. I believe it will be progressed and have a lot of support.”

Yorkston added: “I am just so disappointed with emails I’ve seen from Mr Regan at the SFA where, three weeks ago, they said Dundee were the team that were going up. Why couldn’t he have told us? We’ve still to get a team together for the start of our season and, if they made that decision three weeks ago, they should have had the decency to tell us.”

Another man who is under increasing pressure to quit is SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster, who has face significant criticism for his handling of the Rangers crisis.

But chairman Ralph Topping has stated that Doncaster’s position is not under review, however in an article on Scotzine, Topping’s own position as SPL chairman should be under review.

On the pressure facing Doncaster, he said: “It is up to the 12 clubs to decide my position. I’m here to promote the best interests of the SPL and the 12 clubs within it. That’s something I am very happy doing. There are huge challenges ahead, that’s clear, and they will keep us all busy.”

With his SFA counterpart facing as much if not more criticism, Doncaster backed his fellow countryman, he said: “I think the personal criticism Stewart has received is wholly unmerited. It doesn’t bring any credit to those who are engaging in that sort of personal criticism.

“The guy has a tough job. He has put forward his views as being what is in the best interests of the game as a whole. That is leadership and I don’t think he should be criticised for that.

“I’d like to think that everything that the governing bodies of the game say is true and fair and, if people have suggestions that that isn’t the case, they need to brave enough to say so directly.

“The reality is that the executive here at the SPL, just like the SFL, do not have a vote. We can lead the discussion, we can advise, but ultimately the votes on where the game will be taken are made by the clubs themselves.”

Scotzine contacted both the SPL and the Scottish FA requesting interviews with both Neil Doncaster and Stewart Regan, on the fans views, the state of the Scottish game and how they can turn around our game while under so much pressure themselves. Unfortunately the SPL stated that they were not doing interviews at this moment in time, while the SFA Director of Communications refused to even reply to both emails and texts.


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