Rangers newco ‘assisted’ by former banned football agent Stretford


Charles Green is reportedly using the services of the agent, who was banned in 2008 for 18 months and fined £300,000 for a number of misconduct charges handed to him by the English FA, relating to his acquisition to represent Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney.

A spokesman for Rangers newco said: “Paul Stretford is assisting the club.”

The news of Stretford hooking up with the Ibrox side, comes days after the club reportedly accepted the 12 month transfer embargo on them by the Scottish FA, which starts on September 1st 2012. That means Stretford will be at the front of the Rangers newco transfer deals – an idea that all Rangers fans should be worried about given his previous working practices.

In July 2008, the English FA found Stretford guilty of seven of the nine charges against him, which included making false and/or misleading statements to the police and in court.

Three months later, Stretford left the agency Proactive claiming ‘huge and irreconcilable differences’, however he was in fact sacked for ‘acts of gross misconduct; and the agency

In October 2004, a case against three men charged with trying to blackmail Stretford collapsed, after it emerged that the football agent had misled the court by giving false statements when giving evidence.

Stretford had told the court that he had not represented Rooney before December 2002, when the striker was represented by agent Peter McIntosh.

But two documents showed that Stretford had poached Rooney by September 2002, and the prosecution stated that they could not rely on Stretford as a witness.

Prosecution barrister John Hedgecoe said at the time: “In the circumstances, and having seen those documents, in particular that one dated September 19, we do not feel able to rely on Paul Stretford as a witness in this case.” .

“In view of his importance as a witness to the way in which we have put this case from the outset, we have decided that the only appropriate course is to offer no further evidence.”

If that was not enough for the controversial football agent, he got on the wrong side of Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson over Wayne Rooney’s desire to leave Manchester United, before he signed a new five-year deal with the club days later.

Ferguson stated: “I think he [Rooney] took bad advice and when he saw the impact of the fans and my response he realised – and I’m sure plenty of people told him – that he was making a big mistake.”

The Govan-born manager then claim that Stretford was ‘not the most popular man in the world – certainly at our club’.

With the recent goings-on at Rangers and the Scottish FA demanding to know everyone involved in the consortium fronted by Charles Green – who are now in control of the Rangers newco – if Stretford is part of the newco board and an investor in the consortium, how he will pass the FA’s fit and proper fitness test is anyone’s guess.


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