Neil Lennon: If Rangers are stripped of titles so be it


The Northern Irishman, according to the Daily Record, wants Scottish football history rewritten and clubs who were denied the titles and trophies, by playing within the rules, given recognition.

Lennon, who played for and captained the Parkhead side through many of the years that Rangers were allegedly using the dual contracts and EBTs, said: “If they are stripped of titles so be it. It will be a moral victory for those who were treated unfairly.

“It won’t change my life but it’s right to do it for historical reference. What went on in the past cost players new contracts and bonus money. It might have helped relegate some clubs and cost managers their jobs.”

He continued: “I don’t want any medals for years gone by. I can’t get the feeling back of what it would have been like to win those titles and that’s why it won’t make a huge dent in my life if Rangers are stripped of trophies. I don’t want a medal – I want to see rightful winners emerge and then we can close this chapter of the game’s history.”

Another former Celtic captain, Tom Boyd commented: “I’d probably be due more than a couple [of medals], I think, when you look back on the number of years. We’ll wait and see the outcome of the appeal.

“The correct thing to do is not so much give it to other teams but punish those teams for losing it if they have found to have been getting in fraudulently or cheating through that way…. I think the appropriate punishment would be to strip them of these titles. But we will wait and see if that has been the case.”

“If they have got these players illegally then it’s certainly the case that they should be stripped of those titles. Whether you give it to the team who finished second or whatever will be for them to decide.”

Meanwhile it has been reported that an independent commission will decide if Rangers will lose their titles over the dual contracts issue, which allegedly gave the club an unfair advantage over their opponents.

The legal team at the SPL will turn over evidence gathered to an independent commission on 10th August, who will then make a decision to prosecute the club or not.


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