IN FULL: Rangers newco statement on SFA membership

Malcolm Murray, Chairman of The Rangers Football Club, said, “The Club has finally been granted SFA membership which means we can now move forward and focus on the future.

“This is a new beginning for Rangers and its supporters. We have a difficult but exciting journey ahead and we want fans to enjoy watching their team play again at Ibrox and on our travels.

“The Club and supporters have the chance to make new friends throughout our journey and at all times we will strive to maintain the highest possible standards for this great institution.

“Rangers fans around the world have been tremendous in their support for the Club over the last six months – through what has been an horrendous period in our history.

“We still have outstanding issues with the SPL but we will challenge them at every turn.

“Supporters have been badly bruised by recent events but Rangers has survived and I believe the fans will now rally behind the Manager and Club and stay with us through this rebuilding process.

“The football landscape is changing, not just here in Scotland but across Europe. With the exception of a few, clubs cannot run with huge debt burdens and there will undoubtedly be many more casualties in the coming years. Rangers was a casualty but now we are debt-free and can rebuild.

“As a lifelong Rangers fan, I am relieved that we are finally at the point where we can move forward and focus on football again. Our journey back to the top is only achievable with the support of our loyal fanbase and we will rise again with their help.

“Starting again in Division 3 is what our fans wanted and I look forward to seeing them back at Ibrox for our first game against East Fife and at many matches throughout the season.”

“This is still Rangers and the next chapter of our history has the potential to be one of the greatest stories in the history of sport. The Rangers revival begins now and I, for one, am looking forward to the journey.”

Charles Green, Chief Executive of The Rangers Football Club, said: “We have signed an agreement today that allows Rangers to be granted membership by the SFA.

“In reaching the agreement, the Board has had to take some very difficult decisions to gain SFA membership, including accepting the delayed transfer ban and paying outstanding financial penalties, but we are now able to get back to playing football and plan for the new season.

“The agreement enables the Club to move forward but there remains an outstanding issue with the SPL regarding EBTs. As we have proved in the last couple of months, we will stand up to any challenges that face Rangers and will continue to fight for the Club’s best interests.

“We owe that to all the fans who have supported Rangers through the most tumultuous period in the Club’s history.

“This is the point where our task of rebuilding the Club from Division 3 starts. We have a long road ahead and clearly the transfer ban makes our job even harder but every one of us involved in taking the Club forward is committed to the task and we will not falter in our commitment.

“There will undoubtedly be difficult times ahead but we have a consortium of investors who are in this for the long haul and are excited about being part of the journey to rebuild this great Club.

“It is my job, and that of the board, to ensure Rangers emerges stronger and financially fitter and I am confident we can achieve this.

“As the Chairman said, this is a new beginning for the Club. Supporters and everyone connected to Rangers have the chance to be part of something special over the next few years.”


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  1. D Macinnes says:

    FOR THE CRY WAS NO SURRENDER. That is in relation to title stripping. All the best Ally – you are our voiceWATP

  2. Ulysses54 says:

    Any chance that the Newco fans could take the opportunity presented by a new beginning to drop all the “No Surrender” stuff? From the above comment it would seem not.

  3. daviec1872 says:

    Well Done Ally

    Time to get a few truths out there about the biased and corrupt coopeartive that is the SFA/SPL (BTW showing them as a single entity is intentional.

    There has been a conspiracy at work with the sole intention of putting Rangers in a position where she isnt completly dead ,but as good as dead.
    They wanted Rangers to still be a cash cow for the rest but to unable to compete effectively.
    So much for sporting Integrity eh? More like unsporting corruption at work.

  4. francobhoy67 says:

    Fpml….some of that statements comedy gold…..sums pure pish….best fans out…threatening green..him moving about safe houses..RSA telling fans not to buy season tckts…rangers are debt free now…shameful statement from remorse for £55m odd worth of debt that was jettisoned and no apologies to the creditors….newco are picking up where rankgers left….i cant wait till more of the past catches up with them ;-)….hh gbnl

  5. Trublu says:

    I am confused, have Rangers been given a license or is it a temporary one. As for being punished! The transfer ban was punishment for not paying income tax and nati

  6. Trublu says:

    There has been NO punishment re the EBT’s, the transfer ban was for bringing the game into disrepute by not paying income tax and NI. If the EBT case is proven then Rangers MUST be punished for that alleged crime. Not have some retrospective justice for a different crime. Strip them of titles and let the record show that there was no winner of the SPL in those years.

  7. jinkybhoy says:

    Would Rangers have attracted those types of players to Rangers if they were not avoiding tax a question mark shall hangover that , would Ronald de Boer pass up Mancherster United now for Rangers without any affilation to them especailly with a wage decrease very doubtful the players that Rangers attracted at this time were obtained through a tax avoidance scheme as proven by an ex-players representative coming out and asking if it was legal during transfer negotiations
    that obviously ment that they were used to entice players so should Rangers be stripped of titles ask yourself would they win the titles without these high profile Players the answer to that is more moral than legal as the legal stand point is that Rangers if proven to have had dual contracts forfeit any game these players if even one competed in and seeing that the team was made up of these EBT side notes we see they unfairly used tax avoidance to gain an unfair advantage not just on Celtic but all the respective teams that you have competed against Home and Abroad

  8. jinkybhoy says:

    very true franco very shamefull especially to the small businesses that are in financial jeopardy because of it doesn’t show any dignity from a Chairman of a club boasting about being liquidated to clear debts as the cva was laughable especially as Green classed the Players as Assets and valued at £50 million could only offer 5.5. looks as if he was trying to dupe the Rangers fans as that clearly wasn’t a ligitimate attempt he obviously thought he would make more money from the liquidation of the club than taking the c.v.a route

    Hail! Hail!

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