SFL Chief Executive David Longmuir states that Rangers newco must start in Division Three


If the SPL clubs vote against the re=introduction of Rangers, then the Ibrox side will have to apply to join the SFL but there will be no option for them to join the First Division. Such talk is on the cards in a bid to salvage the £80 million deal with SKY and ESPN, which has failed to be signed despite all the back slapping and publicity surrounding the talks and its ultimate conclusion.

Since Rangers went into administration, Scottish football has heard that the deal will be dumped by SKY if they do not get their four Old Firm games which are supposedly pre-requisites for the deal to stand, according to SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster.

However, over the past few days SKY have used their twitter account [Help Team] to tell curious fans: “We have no plans to pull out of covering the Scottish Premier League.”

If that is true then the scaremongering which is evident from certain quarters within Hampden, can then be shot down in flames.

Despite these claims, David Longmuir is clear what must be done.

“The decisions that have to be made by the SPL and SFA in the coming weeks are far more crucial than the knock-on effects that come to the SFL,” he said. “There are no winners in this situation. The good of the game is balancing sporting integrity with the finances available, and to be realistic about the future.”

Longmuir also suggested that a Rangers newco would not be welcomed to submit an application to join the SFL unless they are prepared to start life at the bottom.

“It would be a newco scenario and the only way we could accommodate any new application would be to create a gap in the Third Division through the play-offs with teams shuffling up,” said Longmuir. “We would then judge every case on its own merits. There would be no provision for any newco Rangers to go into the First Division rather than the Third Division.”

Source: Daily Telegraph


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