Scottish Premier League: Financing our future


With the ink never touching the paper of the new £80 million TV deal that Neil Doncaster was so proud to appear on TV to slap his own back about, our clubs financial futures have been sunk into the background and seemingly discarded is a minor issue.

Don’t get me wrong I believe that as much effort should go into finding a resolution to the situation at Ibrox, but where is the point that we draw a line and look after the future of the rest of Scottish Football?

With the current division of the SPL money, there is a possible solution to at least some of the struggles that the ‘gang of ten’ are foreseeing.

Neil Doncaster’s seemingly elusive £80 million pound contract which has the handcuff clause of four Old Firm games would fill the SPL prize pot by £16 million per year, but the very inclusion of such a provision seems to be forcing the delay on how the Ibrox situation is dealt with. So why not take a new look at how we secure the future of the rest of our national game.

The English membership and the spectre of the Atlantic league have had many an Old Firm Chairman claiming that they have outgrown Scottish Football, so why not ‘split the pot’ so to speak?

Taking our lead from La Lìga why not set up a form of split deal in where the supposed big two are separated in the TV deal.

Understanding where the Spanish went wrong is the key and only allowing the SPL to broker the deal should be written in stone coupled with the clause that the Old Firm agreement is activated when the ink has dried on the deal for the other ten.

For the proposed deal each club is guaranteed £640,000 for their participation in the league alone with the other £8.32 million spread throughout the final league standings. Not a lot of money by any stretch of the imagination, but there is an alternative.

If the powers-that-be care as much for the other ten as they claim, securing equal funding through other means should have been on there agenda. But splitting the TV deal seems to be our only hope and by sending our negotiating team to SKY HQ to broker a deal should be Monday’s priority.

Armed with a package that should hopefully secure the finances of the innocent member clubs, an example of which is £67,000,000 over the same term of five years for the ten non-Old Firm clubs netting each a guaranteed £643,000 slightly higher than current proposals. If backed up with an “Old Firm” deal of £13,500,00 giving them a guarantee of £648,000 per year with the 52% from each deal being combined to the SPL prize pot.

A solution which would seem to fit everyone and secures the future of many of the SPL member clubs and possibly our game’s future is not to far from our reach.

We must remember that the SPL needs the other ten as much as it needs Rangers and Celtic. Remembering that is the key to the future of our game.


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