Rangers fans set to march on Ibrox in show of support for Walter Smith


With Rangers Football Club 1872 which will now be consigned to the history books in the next coming weeks, Charles Green and his consortium are looked upon by increasing numbers of Rangers fans as businessmen looking to make a tidy profit on their small investment.

Those fears increased with comments from the Yorkshireman who claimed that he was ‘given big hands so that he could hold more money in them’.

The large numbers of supporters’ groups, according to reports this morning, are set to call on all Rangers fans NOT to renew their season tickets until Green and his consortium hand over the keys to Ibrox and the other assets that they have bought for £5.5 million to Walter Smith and the bid that he is fronting.

The Rangers fans on all fronts look set to snub Charles Green and self-confessed Rangers fan Malcolm Murray, in favour of one of the greatest managers the club has had in its history.

As yet no details either from a financial or football point of view have been realised in terms of the Walter Smith bid, but it seems that his name alone is enough to get the backing from the Rangers support no matter how much money is available.

Rangers Supporters Trust chairman Mark Dingwall said last night: “The fans are sending a clear message – we want Rangers fans in charge at Ibrox, not speculators. This is not an anti-Green rally, it’s a pro-Walter Smith rally.

“We are politely asking Green to step aside and allow Rangers supporters to take over the club. It is nothing personal. We believe the administration process followed by Duff & Phelps was flawed. They showed themselves to be completely out of their depth and totally overwhelmed by what they faced at a club of Rangers’ size and standing.

“Add in the fact that one of their partners was a key adviser to Craig Whyte and you can see why the fans have distrusted their whole involvement. We think that Green should do the honourable thing and we don’t see why he should make a profit.

“Walter Smith is the right man for Ibrox and I cannot see any way that Green can ignore this huge groundswell of opinion from the fans.”

The fans will gather at Bellahouston Park and then march on Ibrox to the front steps of the stadium to voice their support for Walter Smith and their opposition to what they see as another group of owners looking to make a profit from the Rangers side.

We would like to hear from Rangers fans in regards to this planned march? Are you in support of this action? Do you back Walter Smith’s group despite the lack of information? Or do you support Charles Green’s consortium? What would you like to see happen at the Ibrox club?


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