Ally McCoist hits out at wantaway Rangers players as the exodus looms

He said: “It has been reported that a couple of players have indicated they want to challenge the transfer of their contracts. This is news to me and no player has spoken to me about it. At all times during my first year as manager, I strived to show players respect and in return would have hoped they would have shown me, and more importantly the club, respect by notifying us of their intentions before making it known elsewhere.

“Players have their own decisions to make and I understand that, but the question they have to ask themselves is do they want to play for Rangers or not? The formation of a new company is not the issue. The players would be playing for the same club – Rangers – in front of the same fans.

“If players want to leave and play somewhere else then they should be honest with the Rangers supporters. I don’t want Rangers fans to be reading over the next few days how devastated players are about having to go. The fans deserve better than that. They are not daft.

“I can understand if a player has the chance to go somewhere else and there is uncertainty about which division we will be playing in. If that is the case that is understandable but they should not expect sympathy from Rangers supporters if they use the transfer of contracts as an excuse.

Already some Rangers fans – a small minority I may add – have launched threats at youngster Rhys McCabe as he was announced as one of two players heading for the exit after refusing to transfer to the newco. The other player being last season’s top performer for Rangers in the second half of the season – Sone Aluko – whose contract was ending on the 1st July anyway. It is only the start of the exodus as many more of Rangers’ top players look for pastures new as they look for top level football elsewhere. Despite the rhetoric from some players in the squad, if the Ibrox side are consigned to the Third Division or even the First as reported by some papers, top earners like Steven Whittaker, Steven Naismith, Steven Davis and Allan McGregor will be gone along with a number of other – if not all – of the first team squad.

McCoist added: “I already know there are agents touting my players all over the United Kingdom, so let’s be brutally honest. We are in a difficult situation and the contracts issue has given some players and agents the belief they can use it to leave the club.

“After all that the club and the fans have gone through, the supporters, above all, deserve the truth and should not have to listen to stories trying to sugar-coat the possible departure of players from the club. The players were magnificent last season and made great sacrifices and that will never be forgotten. Now, we have to look forward and everyone should be upfront and honest about their intentions.”

Meanwhile Charles Green launched a threat to any player looking at the exit door, he said: “We are meeting the PFA Scotland and their legal advisers on Monday with a view to allaying players’ concerns about the transfer of contracts so the timing of these announcements by players is hard to understand.

“The transfer of contracts has already happened and the club’s clear legal advice is that players’ purported objection is ineffective.

“Rangers would like to make it abundantly clear to players, agents and the chairmen and managers of other football clubs that we will take whatever steps necessary to challenge what we regard as a breach of contract to protect the interests of our club.”

Despite strong words from Green, PFA Scotland are of a different opinion and have stated that the players are free to object to their contracts being transferred from the oldco to the newco.

The new season is fast approaching and with Rangers currently in limbo until the 4th July, players heading for the exits and the Rangers fans withholding season ticket money due to fresh concerns about Charles Green’s ability to finance the club amongst other issues, the saga at Rangers is only in its infancy. There are plenty of twist and turns, skeletons in the closets and spitting of the dummies still to take place. The question is who will be left with egg on their face – no pun intended Kirk – and who will walk away from this sorry mess with their head held high?

Meanwhile it has been reported in Canada, that American international Carlos Bocanegra could make the move across the Atlantic to sign for Vancouver Whitecaps, as the MLS side try to take advantage of the money situation at Rangers.


  1. go on sally demand the lodge gets there names and addresses where there kids go to school ya rat! you and mccullochwill be the only 2 left haha. sorry mcculloch will when you walk!away no team no ground no league haha

  2. (Thai Tim! someone who has done your home work for you.) To avoid a criminal offence taking place, Mr Green, The Scottish Media, The SFA and SPL should be aware of the following:
    The law prohibits the re-use of a name of a company previously gone into liquidation, (section 216 of the Insolvency Act 1986). A prohibited name is a name by which the liquidated company was known at any time in the 12 months immediately before liquidation: whether this is a registered name at Companies House, or its trading name, or any name so similar to its registered or trading name as to suggest an association with the liquidated company. It is a criminal offence to contravene section 216 of the Insolvency Act. Anyone contravening the Act may be prosecuted by the Department of Business Innovation and Skills and could go to prison if convicted. In addition, under section 217 of the Act, you could be made personally liable for the debts incurred during the time that you were involved in managing a business using a prohibited name, even if it was a limited company. This could happen whether you are prosecuted under section 216 of the Act or not.
    Ally McCoist should be aware of the following:
    Even if you are not contravening Section 216 of the Act, you will be personally responsible for the debts of the company if you are involved in managing a business and you act on instructions from someone you know who is contravening Section 216. This is because you are helping someone to commit a criminal offence by contravening Section 216.

  3. Greene should stop spouting hot air and check which clearly states that under TUPE every player has the right to object to their contract of employment being transferred to the newco and this effectively means they resign.

    All a player has to do is inform either the newco or the old company and his contract of employment is automatically terminated.

    I have read Greene’s statements on a number of issues with growing alarm and can’t decide whether he’s a bufoon too skint to pay for basic legal advice or thinks that he can ride rough-shod over employment legislation designed to protect workers’ rights and treat players as if they are serfs. If his lawyers really are saying players can’t walk away then he really does need a second opinion.

    And he is being very disingenuous IMHO whining on about why players are taking action and the timing of it. The Tupe Regulations are quite clear that if the players don’t take action they will have deemed to accept the transfer. Interestingly, my reading of the Regulations is that if the job descriptions changes radically on transfer to the newco then the newco could renegotiate players’ contracts and I reckon Greene would be able to cut wages if Club 12 went from the SPL down the Leagues – I feel sure that Mr Greene will know all about the ‘economic, technical or organisalional’ reasons allowed under TUPE transfers that would allow him to vary terms and conditions but he might be hoping that the players don’t.

    But interesting how Greene is threatening legal action against any player exercising their legal rights – what a bully and who would want to work for him?

    And Coisty shouldn’t allow himself to be dragged into Greene’s machinations without understanding the legal rights of any player to walk away from the newco if that’s what they want to do. All Rangers players have paid their dues to this club with their wage cuts and can walk away with heads held high if they don’t want to play in a lower league for Greene. If Ally wants to stay and play for Greene outwith the SPL then that’s his decision. If he stays I really hope he doesn’t end up regretting it if the fans turn on him at a later date as so often happens following poor results which can happen to any manager and does.

  4. newco should move foreword leave rangers behind with its old ways and ailments starting afresh building its own history the genuine fans will follow leaving the riff-raff to sink in its own mire

  5. Kevin Connolly

    June 24, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    Is this the same Ally McCoist that was about to walk away from Disgrace FC last week?

    Maybe Ally should learn some “honesty” as well.

  6. What a joke!

    McCoist’s latest stumbling attempts at media (mis)management are nearly as competent as when he almost incited violence towards innocent SFA officials. Although, combining “innocent” and “SFA officials” isn’t something I thought that I’d ever write!

    The crux of McCoists rant is is: the question they have to ask themselves is do they want to play for Rangers or not?


    And why should they?

    They signed on to play in the SPL…not looking likely now, is it Ally?

    They signed on for regular European football…forget that for at least 4 years Mr McCoist!

    They signed on to play in front of 50,000 week in, week out…not really likely either as, perish the thought, most glory hunting fans of either Rangers or Celtic will “walk away” when they’re not winning. Just look at Rangers before David Murray…

    So, Mr McCoist, why would they WANT to play for Rangers? A club in disarray, owned by an apparently ill advised Englishman, when the Premiership beckons? I don’t think so.

    So, Ally, shut up and concentrate on your job…managing the players that you DO have to play in the lower echelons of football hell (Scottish 3rd Division) where, if you keep the heid, you could do your reputation no harm by winning promotion each year and show your TRUE ability as a manager.

    Until then…don’t talk to the press unless Uncle Walter has briefed you first.

  7. totally agree, spot on colin

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