A hurting Rangers employee hits out after a simple request for confirmation


If you are a regular reader of Scotzine you will know that we have expanded our coverage significantly within the Womens game in Scotland. Dickson’s threatening tweet was sent after I had sent an email to one of the club’s community coaches who I have dealt with in the past in regards to the Rangers Ladies side.

Why contact Rangers about the Rangers ladies side you make ask? Well there have been rumours that, due to Rangers’ financial situation, that Rangers ladies who were reportedly receiving funding from their parentco would soon lose this money which helped towards paying pitch costs etc.

So rather than writing up a story without any facts or comment from Rangers FC or Rangers Ladies themselves, I contacted a representative who would know specifically what was going on and who was at the heart of the women’s team. Something that most journalists – even so-called internet bampots would do, to a certain extent.

My regular contact at the womens team replied to me soon after stating that the information received was ‘totally incorrect’. He then ended that the team are looking forward to the next half of the season and who they will be playing. You would think that email along with a wee polite request to direct further emails to the press office would be enough? In the case of Andrew Dickson you would think wrong.

I have never hidden the fact who I support and never have intended to do so since I started this site. This has certainly annoyed some elements, especially when I cover issues relating to THEIR club.

You would expect elements of individuals who spend their life on forums to lash out at anything and anyone who cover THEIR club a way they do not like, but would you expect a so-called professional journalist to publish a clear threat via a social network site? Of course not. So why has Andrew Dickson of the Rangers media department?

In a comment directed at me which came out of the blue [no pun intended]Dickson said:

You would have to ask him why he let slip his air of professionalism to make such a threat? A threat that the bigots, liars and racists of the Vanguard Bears would be proud of. In fact members of the Vanguard Bears lauded Dickson’s threat soon after, the same individuals who aimed threats at myself, my wife and later on my wife who was at that time carrying my unborn baby. He certainly does keep good company.

Has the continued saga at Rangers taken its toll on oor Andrew? Has he decided to follow some of the Rangers players in not transferring his contract to the newco because he does not want to be part of a media team in the Third Division?

This is all speculation however as oor Andrew is the only person who knows why his veil of professionalism slipped over a simple request for information over a women’s football team.

But given past experiences of covering the Scottish game nothing surprises me anymore, from an unnamed journalist lying to the Scottish FA about false threats allegedly made by me to Graham Speirs – which Mr Speirs denied categorically of course. But that didn’t stop me from being blocked from further SFA-controlled games while that unnamed brave journalist stoats around without a care in the world and no better than those who broke the law by hacking phones for the News of the World. Journalists have to follow a code of ethics, editors have to follow the editorial code of conduct. So what code of conduct was Andrew Dickson following? By his later comments it seems he doesn’t care.

Of course I knew what Dickson was talking about, but he failed to mention to his followers the simple and polite email I sent to a club representative was far more professional than his pitiful tweets which peddled to the lowest common denominators of the Rangers support. The bigots, the keyboard gangsters, the racists. Now don’t get me wrong there are a vast number – the majority – who are all about the football, all about Rangers Football Club and nothing else. These are the people I respect, these are the people who deserve our respect. But with Andrew Dickson representing the club and peddling to the gutter tripe, his journalistic integrity is in question.

Now you would think a smart chap like oor Andrew would choose his words carefully when he is seen as one of the public voices of Rangers Football Club. And maybe one of his final tweets aimed in my direction, should have been framed on his wall to remind him who posted the only threatening statement on a public forum.

Or maybe he was expecting me to slink away quietly scared of another browbeater who can’t stand someone with their own opinions and who is free to state what he or she thinks without having to kowtow to Oor Lord Dickson of Edmonton Drive.

As for Scotzine’s coverage of the Scottish game? It will continue to grow, I have worked with many professional journalists, press officers, club representatives and bloggers over the past six years. The Scottish FA have kindly given us access to expand our coverage of the women’s game to international level, the SWPL is being covered more so now by ourselves and other ‘internet bampots’ than the mainstream media have ever done since it began and we have now began an expansion drive to recruit more match reporters to cover games across the leagues from the dizzy heights of the SPL to the Juniors and the Women’s game not forgetting the SFL and especially the Third Division, where I am sure I shall meet oor Andrew on numerous occasions as he ‘slums’ it at the lower leagues where the SFL press officers and media employees could teach him a thing or two.

I can just see oor Andrew now sitting on his bucket contemplating his next tweet, but maybe he should run it past the club’s press officers first.

I will certainly fight my corner on every occasion no matter who it is, what club they represent, what body they are from, who try to bully us into submission. This site has through hard work from not only myself, but all the writers who have worked on the site over the years, reached a level where we are now stepping on the big boys shoes – maybe a little bit they don’t feel it though. We don’t brown nose, we do not pussy foot around officials to gain entry to the corridors of power. We call it how we see it and while it will probably annoy a few folk [understatement of the century] our coverage is better for it – whether our writers are Celtic, Rangers, Hearts, Hibs, Ayr United or Aberdeen fans to name but a few.

So post your bile, your threats and your hate-filled messages towards us from behind your keyboards we will continue to produce the content that our readers want, that we think needs covered and if these elements of pond life do not like it – whether they wear a club blazer and have a journalism degree, or just one of the so-called internet bampots – their threats make them the same. To be treated with contempt, disgust and above all pity.


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Andy Muirhead is the Editor of Scotzine and the Scottish Football fanzine FITBA. He is the Scottish Football columnist for The Morning Star and has written for a number of other publications including ESPN, Huffington Post UK, BT Life's a Pitch and has had his work featured in the Daily Record, The Scotsman and the Daily Mail.

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