Lennon calls for referee consistency after United defeat


After already serving a two-match ban for comments made about refereeing performances and seeing a three match ban imposed upon him with a further three suspended this week, the Northern Irishman was trying to be careful with what he said to the waiting press.

However when comparing the decision made today against Celtic and the semi final game when a similar penalty claim was awarded in favour of Hearts, Lennon demanded to know what the difference was between the two.

Lennon said: “What do you want me to do, criticise the referee? I have a three-game ban hanging over me already. What is the difference between the penalty given against us in the semi-final and that handball today?

“He [Brines] will just say it wasn’t a penalty but I want to know what is the difference. Maybe I should ring John Fleming [head of referee development]tomorrow and ask him what is the difference because if they want to give them against us as a penalty, then that one today has to be a penalty as well. You’ve got to be consistent.

“I am going to get accused of being a sore loser or blaming referees but it’s not the point, what I want is an answer and I don’t feel I get them.”


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