Green light for McCoist at the end of Rangers darkest season


But after a brief meeting on Saturday night, he is convinced that he is the man to take Rangers forward. Stating that Charles Green “knows what he wants for the club and aims to take the club forward” and urges the fans to get behind him.

McCoist said: “I met Charles last night and we had a couple of hours for a brief chat, as you would imagine, because of the game today. I had to come up to the hotel to meet the rest of the lads. But I remain as positive as ever. I had a good discussion with Charles and he’s certainly very positive. He knows what he wants for the club. He aims to take the club forward, which is what we all want.

“I can understand the support being a little bit wary, a little bit guarded, not of the individual but just of the situation and because of what has happened in the past. But we have to all take stock, all support and get behind Charles. Hopefully, in the future, he’ll be the man to take the club forward. That’s what we want.”

Pleased at the progress that has been made, McCoist won’t be anything more than pleased until all the details have been finalised and the club is officially handed over to Green and his consortium.

McCoist is looking forward to meeting with Charles Green over next 48hrs to finally make plans for Rangers future, which at one point was not clear.

Not leaning toward Green’s hatchet-man reputation, McCoist believes his future is assured as Rangers manager on the strength of Saturday nights meeting and can lay plans for pre-season fixtures and signings, still hopeful of retaining stars who made sacrifices this season and took wage cuts.

McCoist added: “I will have discussions with Charles in the next 48 hours but this should certainly help me, I would hope, in terms of being able to plan pre-season games, maybe a trip. But definitely the most important thing is finding out who will be here next season and if we’ll be able to add to that squad. The next 48 hours will go a long way to answering some of those questions.”

McCoist believes that Green has done due diligence and calls for everyone to support the club so that they may still have a chance to move forward.

Acknowledging that the club are still in a precarious position McCoist stated that “the bond between the players, fans and staff at Rangers” is the only major positive to come out of this season and something to be built on.

Charles Green Press Conference


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