Charles Green announces his investors but talk is cheap


According to Green, he has been inundated with requests to join the consortium, a great PR statement from the former ‘hatchet man’ of Sheffield United chief executive.

He told Rangers TV: “I can now provide two names, as I have clearance to do so on their part, of investors who are on the list. One guy is Jude Allen who is an Indonesian investor and the second is a lawyer from the Middle East Mazen Houssami.

“These two are very prominent in their areas. It’s a great opportunity for us to build on their experience, their connections in those regions because we want to take the Rangers brand into these areas.

“There are other names but for today they are two very prominent businessmen who are backing the football club. And in addition to these two previous names there is also a Singapore family trust.

“The reluctance to reveal investors initially was because a lot of these investors are offshore trusts and individuals who didn’t want their name in the press and media because they, like everyone else in the world, have been watching the Rangers story unfold through the media since February and indeed before that and these people are not publicity seekers.

“They want to invest in the football club for the right reasons and the other problem is that we have got an extensive list of interested parties and that list is growing daily.

“Since the announcement was made we have had a number of people who were not in my original contact list and some of those are local people that we are speaking to.

“We have visitors today at the club we had visitors yesterday – all of whom are interested in becoming investors. That’s great news for me because first of all it shows there is a belief that this club can be rescued.

“We read articles that the forecasts for the club were misleading. To be honest we have looked at these figures and we have made our own assumptions and we have made our own assessments and we believe we understand this club.

“Perhaps egotistically we believe we have the ability to resolve these challenges. We have viewed historical numbers as a guideline and we have to set our own budgets.

“Unfortunately for us we don’t know if the CVA will go through. We don’t know if we can get the transfer embargo overturned and these two things to have a material impact on budget.

“So we’ve approached this with complete flexibility and we have approached it on the basis that this not a one-year or two-year deal, this is a five-ten year plan.

“So I have to balance which of the investors are going to be best for this football club.

“I can assure fans that it is very easy to raise money, even in this financial market we are in, for an institution like Rangers. Raising the real best type of money that’s going to help us expand the club, develop the club in the Asian markets.”

Again it is a great rallying cry from Green in regards to rebuilding Rangers into a force on and off the field, once the financial fiasco is put behind them one way or another.

But it’s not the first time that Rangers have tried to develop the Asian market. Rangers tried to tap into the Indian market, by setting up a Rangers Hindu twitter page. With around 258 million Hindus to target on the back of inviting Indian footballers Sunil Chhetri and Jeje Lalpekhlua on trial, Rangers used a league game against St.Johnstone to launch the service.

It was heralded with much fan fare – similar to what Green is doing just now with his growing band of investors. But just over three months after the final tweet on the 11th February, the Hindu market has proven to be a huge stumbling block for the Ibrox side. The page has a mere 206 followers, and how many of those are from India or are Hindu? Eight. Eight followers are capable of reading the tweets in Hindu.

There is a lot of rhetoric in terms of promoting the Rangers brand in the Asian market. Celtic did it successfully with Shunsuke Nakamura in Japan, Ki Seung Yung and Cha Du Ri in Korea and to a lesser extent with Zheng Zhi in China. However they linked their brand marketing with signing players from that market also.

Rangers are trying to delve into a market that is fixated on the English Premier League. On Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool. They can throw as many Asian businessmen into their consortium as they want, however with no Asian footballer on their books that will set the heather on fire in the specific country or region, they will be with all due respect pissing in the wind as per the evidence of their failed Rangers Hindu twitter page.

They can post all the official statements and propaganda rhetoric they like, but talk is cheap. Rangers fans heard plenty of talk from Craig Whyte and that was just it – talk. Charles Green and his investors have a lot to live up too especially given the numbers they are throwing about with ease, likewise the comments in regards to financial stability and winning titles within five years.

First of all a CVA must be agreed, then Green has to stump up the cash and then hear of the SPL sanction proposals which could be imposed on Rangers for next season if any. Then there is the big tax case which could ultimately put the final nail in the Rangers 1872 coffin.


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