Celtic Fans rep Joe O’Rourke makes Protestant Titanic slur

O’Rourke, the general secretary of the Celtic Supporters Association, replied to a comment posted to him via twitter which stated: “aye while the prods were building the Titanic all the Catholics were building an iceberg.”

O’Rourke then stated: “brilliant, the only problem is, the ones that built it didn’t sail on it.”

His comment sparked a volley of abuse and outrage aimed at the fans representative, before he apologised and deleted his twitter account.

O’Rourke has been an outspoken critic of the Scottish government’s Offensive Behaviour in Football bill, which was made legal at the start of March this year. But rather falling foul of the same law that he is against, the Port Glasgow resident was given a warning by Strathclyde Police over his online slur.

A spokesperson for Strathclyde Police said: “He has been given advice in relation to his use of social networking sites.”

It is too soon to know if O’Rourke’s position as General Secretary of the Celtic Supporters Association is under threat, however his position as a fans spokesperson is certainly untenable now.


  1. Is this the best reporting we have in Scotland? Jeez oh, has the fat le guen had to resort to call in his press pals to take the gas off his arse?

    Credit is due for Mr Lennon. Bullets, bombs, attacks and he still, will not be moved.

    This is only the begining.

  2. we've got jimmy jimmy jimmy johnstone on the wing,on the wing.

    April 8, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    What a stupid thing to say, cant people like this put their brain in gear before they open their mouths? yet more ammo to be fired at Celtic and their fans.

  3. It’s all the fault of they nasty kafliks so it is! The ranjurz fans can give it out, but cannot take it!

  4. Here we go, Rangers fans trying to find anything that’ll bring Celtic down to where they are & that is in the gutter. People in glass houses comes to mind. This is nothing compared to the sectarian bile that they come out with. Ballybhoy hits the nail on the head.

  5. As a club we are open to all. There are many protestant supporters of our GREAT club because of this. Mr. O’Rourke’s statement is abhorrent and against the ethos we all should try and aspire to.

  6. and the only one’s offended are the bjk and famine song chanter’s. Grow a pair and wise up. The only people that can truly hurt us are people we care about.the unafended champions.

  7. paranoidandroid

    April 8, 2012 at 5:16 pm

    It’s nice to see the photo of Mr O’Rourke standing at the feet of the greatest Celtic manager ever, Jock Stein. Wait a minute ! Wasn’t Jock Stein a Protestant ?
    I dont know who Mr O’Rourke thinks he represents, but It’s certainly not me.

  8. what a plonker….doesnt speak for this celtic fan

  9. The guy was having a laugh ! Get Real.

  10. Mr Muirhead, I do not find those comments acceptable, nor do I find acceptable the fact that you have chosen to highlight one alleged sectarian comment as being more concerning than the other: “all the Catholics were building an iceberg”. This is equally scurrilous comment, and does little more than add fue to an already raging fire which is better extinguished than fanned.

  11. this man should know better WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS

  12. What an ignorant idiot. Irish immigrants trying to find a new life in America were on the Titanic and were the first to die. As a Celtic fan you repulse me Mr O’Rourke.

  13. Bit of a double standard considering the comment he replied to was sectarian but his reply wasnt exactly bigoted only stating a fact that those who build a ship dont sail it. Typical scottish jounalism looking for any tiny hint while missing out the real sectarian statement while trying to implicate someone for answering back with humour.

  14. Mark are you kidding me? Only stating a fact? He stated a comment in which he wished that the ‘Prods’ who built the ship would have gone down with the titanic also. It had nothing to do with general terms of those who build a ship dont sail it. And just for reference purposes shipbuilders do sail on ships – ever heard of sea trials….

    Both statements were sectarian, however only one of those commenting is a Celtic fans representative and that is why his comments were outed. The other person is with all respect to him is no one of note. O’Rourke has a standing within the Celtic fan base and on top of that an outspoken critic of the offensive behaviour bill, so therefore his comments are going to be watched very closely and reported on if he steps out of line.

  15. Mr Muirhead Joe is a better man than you will ever be may speak the out of turn an odd time .do u not and the likes of ur support he is against all bigotry of any type .I no for a fact people banned for sectarianism from ibrox still get in without no problem

  16. He is a better man than I will ever be? First of all you do not know me. Secondly I have never resorted to sectarian commentary and trying to pass it off as a joke, thirdly if he is against all bigotry of any type why did he make the ‘joke’ in the first place? Remember the Hugh Dallas email joke? Funny now that the shoe is on the other foot, some individuals are defending to the hilt yet when it was a joke against Catholicism the likes of you foamed at the mouth. Tell me JT would you be laughing and defending Mr O’Rourke if he made a joke about Muslims, Blacks and Jews? Or do you only back him when its a Cafflick v Prod thing?

    Plus if he did no wrong why did he delete the comment within hours and then delete his account thereafter? Why did the Police subsequently talk to him about his conduct? Oh wait thats right he did nothing wrong he is the innocent party in all of this and he is the better man after all.

  17. I think ur just a bit bitter and can’t take a joke even a bit out of line . Why not arrange a meeting with him he would shoot you down in flames he’s not one to hide behind a laptop what about ur fans waving we were not abused scarfs at ibrox is that ok

  18. Bye the way if u are able to have a reasonable meeting just contact Celtic supporters association

  19. What the hell are you talking about JT? Why would I be bitter over someone making a bigoted comment? Why would he shoot me down in flames? And you will find that when I contacted Mr O’Rourke and the Celtic Supporters Association to appear on our Sectarianism special for our football radio show they refused to do so – why was that then? Who was hiding then? The MSPs, the Police and Nil by Mouth turned up but those parties who represent the fans refused to come out and comment why is that?

    And my fans waving scarfs at Ibrox? Now I know you are delusional I am not a Rangers fan. Anyone who comes onto this site regularly from both sides of the divide PLUS those on twitter know that I do not support Rangers Football Club. But don’t let the facts get in the way of your delusional agenda JT.

  20. Maybe you should contact the CSA and O’Rourke himself to find out why they failed to produce even a written statement of their stance. I thought as a Fans representative they had to do the talking of the fans?

  21. If not a rangers fan why pick on Joe and not the muppets picking on mr Lennon who went thru physical and mental torture

  22. Maybe you should take a good hard look at our archives in that regards, and why should I not have a go at O’Rourke for his comments? I don’t care what allegiances he has and if they are the same as mine. A bigot is still a bigot no matter the colours he or she wears.

  23. Champions and Joe is one of them you have just found one reason to try make it a damp sqib for him it Will not work

  24. Why look at your archives . Don’t need to only been on here a couple of times .seems to b one way directed

  25. Maybe you should take a good hard look at our archives specifically under Neil Lennon’s tag http://www.scotzine.com/tag/neil-lennon/ so again please refrain from commenting on something that you are clueless about JT

  26. Clueless you seem to have missed the part on the original tweet about Catholics building the iceberg so is this ok then

  27. the person making the comment is a nobody, he does not represent the Celtic fans unlike Joe O’Rourke who then commented on it by stating that its a shame those who built it – as in the Prods mentioned in the tweet he was replying too – werent on the ship also. That is why there is no comment on the original tweet because the person making it is a nobody and does not have some perceived standing within the Celtic support AND is not an outspoken critic of the offensive behaviour bill.

    Now gather the facts the next time you comment JT.

  28. Did you not already say this a reporter should be able to answer a simple question with another answer . Obviously did not write good reporter

  29. When you can produce a simple sentence in English that makes sense then I maybe I can answer the question I have done three times previously. But when someone like you who doesnt know the facts of what they are talking about as well as backing someone making bigoted comments I guess thats what we must expect from you then eh?

  30. I’m not a bigot at all . Nothing I have said is bigoted and I think obviously you can read it ok it must be not to bad English . Go and pick on Andy goram or someone who is a bigot

  31. You really do need an English lesson James. I stated ‘backing someone making bigoted comments’ not that you were making bigoted comments. You are an apologist for bigots.

  32. Don’t believe in bigots no orange Or republican walks on our streets or reporters picking on one silly comment get alive if you think your a good journalist start trying to act like one write on something both sides of decide and everyone else can agree with

  33. Jesus Christ James did you actually make it out of high school? That is another sentence that is bereft of english and proper structure.

  34. Andy and Jt hale hale !!! Funny stuff….

  35. “A bigot is still a bigot no matter the colours he or she wears”.

    That’s a pretty bigoted remark.

    Your just another in a long line of Uncle Tims, Muirhead.

    You’re a disgrace.

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