How much would you donate to save your club? How much does it mean to you?


Rangers fighting fund boss Jim Hannah, who doubles up as the club’s supporter liason officer announced details of how much had been donated so far and by whom, in a recent newspaper article from a Scottish redtop.

Hannah claimed that one wealthy big name fan, known to many Rangers supporters had donated £100,000 to the Rangers Fighting Fund. Another donor has donated £10,000 ‘to make his late dad proud’ and I know of one Scottish businessman who has donated £5000.

The Naples Loyal RSC in Florida donated $5,000 (around £3,160.80), while another supporters group in Vancouver, Canada donated $6,000 (around £3,793.03) and the Burlington RSC gave £3,000.

The Ibrox club announced that the fund had raised just over £150,000 yesterday afternoon. Basic mathematics would tell you that ofthose listed above a total of £124,953.83 was raised between six donors, that leaves just over £25,000 donated by other fans and groups.

The average Rangers attendance at home this season is 46,242 according to the official SPL website. Again simple mathematics shows that for every Rangers fan on average attending Ibrox has donated 54p each.

Now you will be correct in saying that it is early days for the fighting fund, as it has only been in existence for nine days. But given the stature of the club you would expect the fans to spread their wealth a little bit more than the 54p on average.

Another club that was placed in administration this year, Darlington FC is in the same predicament where they need to raise funds to survive and they have asked their fans to help out as much as they can. In just 14 days, Darlo supporters raised £291,450 via the crowdfunding website, Crowdcube.

Darlington, who ply their trade in the Blue Square Premier League, are putting the big boys of Rangers to shame. They have on average 2,000 fans attending their homes games this season – a far cry from the 46,000 fans at Ibrox on average. Their highest attendance was 6,413 against York City at the end of January, while Rangers’ highest attendance to date was the Kilmarnock game days after the club went into administration last month with 50,268 fans turning up.

So for a small club like Darlington for every fan on average they have donated around £146 each to date. Rangers fans on average have donated 54p outwith those listed previously above. Even if you lump in the £150,000 in total and work out how much the average Rangers fan has donated, they have handed over £3.24 each.

Jim Hannah commented: “Rangers fans are really hurting. The club is bleeding and so are they. They have rushed to help with a generosity that is typical of our fanbase.”

Maybe things will change in regards to the amount within the club’s fighting fund when pay-day comes around next week. But given the club reportedly took between 150,000 and 200,000 fans to Manchester in 2008, you would expect them all to donate at least a tenner each. £2 million in the club’s coffers come Friday 30th March then thanks to the loyal Rangers supporters.

A further question to pose is, given that the money is being used for the day to day running of the club, do the club know that they will have to pay tax on all monies received?


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