Has Neil Doncaster given the green light to Rangers liquidation with new TV deal


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It seems we have to wait no more as details have emerged which appears to give Rangers the green light for liquidation as the new deal, although not yet signed, stipulates there must be four Old Firm meetings in a season.

It has been reported that the Sky and ESPN have negotiated a termination clause in their contract with the league, should either side no longer be in the division. The deal worth £80 million would be null and void if Rangers are demoted to the Third Division or a newco is refused entry to the SPL by the member clubs.

As the 10 non-Old Firm chairmen stage a number of meetings to try to better our game, by bringing a more democratic structure to the voting so as not to be held to ransom by two clubs, who no matter how they try to disguise it, are convenient bed fellows when it comes to voting to suit their collective needs they appear to have a new foe in the fight for that future in Mr Neil Doncaster.

In agreeing to a deal with such a crippling demand he has in effect given the green light to Rangers administrators to liquidate the football club paving the way for a newco Rangers with no argument or debate on automatic re-entry to the Scottish Premier League.

With this possible scenario looking ever more likely it makes me wonder how the fans could look on the SPL hierarchy as an impartial representative acting in the interests of the league and not themselves or the supposed big two.


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