A Provincial prospective on Rangers administration


They have been blessed with a massive fan base, a core support who could sustain a prosperous and successful team but have been sadly let down by dreamers and fantasists who in their pursuit of glory have failed in the fundamentals of owning and running a football club.

Each fan who has walked through McDiarmid park in the past 20 years has never been under any delusion of our financial standing, we measure our success to our means and reach to the skies in our dreams and Saturday night fantasies.

To a St Johnstone, St Mirren or Killie fan, SPL status and top six finish is successful. To a Rangers fan unfortunately this is abject failure and a signal to spend. With 30 years of success having been built on lies and false economy myself and many “small” club fans who have been much maligned for being short-sighted and not spending in the 90’s under the remit of spend for success look to the once powerful façade of Ibrox Stadium and feel embarrassed for the history of the club which is being tainted by Mr Whyte and his predecessor Sir David Murray, also to the Scottish FA and the SPL who are equally tainted and not blameless, as governors of our game should have paid closer attention to its member clubs.

These men who have often been lauded as businessmen are appearing to operate as no more than vultures solely out for the benefit of themselves. With liquidation still a possibility I find myself torn on which outcome I would prefer.

As a St Johnstone fan I remember when Geoff Brown was ridiculed in the papers for questioning the sustainability of Gretna and unfortunately he was proven right.

Personally the death of Rangers Football Club may help rid Scottish football of one of its biggest diseases in the guise of the sectarianism which follows the Old Firm and taints each ground they visit.

Although TV deals may dwindle short-term, but with clubs being forced to rethink how they operate in time, I think our game would become stronger and with a solid footing would then prosper and help our national side.

The opposite side being the TV rights which keep so many operating just now are still vital and without knowing the finances of clubs it’s hard to estimate who could survive the short-term loss to recoup the long-term benefits.

As this week trundles on, I have sympathy for the innocents of Ibrox who will suffer so players can be paid their fortunes and fear of what may come, but I also look forward to what happens when we are passed the break point and Scottish football can work hard and earn the right to hold its head high and compete with the best through honest hard work and the belief you get out what you put in.

I confess I may see this through a simplistic and slightly tainted view in regards that my club had a chairman who was devoted to the club and not his personal benefit, ran it as a business with profit and loss believing that success off the pitch will lead to success on it.


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