Interview with Glasgow City & Scotland U-19 defender Eilish McSorley


[media-credit name=”© Lorraine Hill” align=”alignleft” width=”321″][/media-credit]How did you get into football?

I think it was my dad, I was about 6 when I started playing for a team. But as far as I can remember I was always taken along to watch him play and I must have enjoyed it and he later put me into my local Under-8’s boys team.

What players did you look up to when you were coming through the ranks?

I actually didn’t know much about women’s football until I got into the national set up. Although I loved watching Henrik Larsson play when I was growing up!

When you are not training and playing football – what do you do? Day Job? Studying?

I study Sports studies at Stirling university, I am currently still in my first year.

What does your typical day consist of? Work hours, training hours? What is your routine on game day?

Typical day – 6.30 wake up, National Academy Training 7.15-8.30am, Uni classes throughout the day, Club training 7-9pm, then bed!

Game day routine – breakfast/pre-match meal, pack for the match, travel to the game, 2pm KO, travel home, post-match meal and finally relax

You currently play for Glasgow City in the SWPL – what ambitions do you have in the game? Play on the continent, in England?

An ambition of mine would be to play professionally whether it’s in Scotland, England or anywhere else in the world. I would love to play in the German league, it’s so competitive and the standard is amazing.

You are currently a member of the Scotland Under-19 squad do you see yourself breaking in the Scotland team this season?

Well I am in my final six months of being eligible to play at u19s level. I would love to be picked to play for the A squad at some point, but unfortunately that’s not my decision, I will just have to work hard and try to prove myself while still playing for the 19s and afterwards with my club. Can’t really predict when anyone will get selected as there are a lot of young talented players in the A squad at this point already.

You are a member of the Scottish National Women’s Football Academy – what does the academy do for your development as a player?

It helps you focus on you as an individual player, you are given extra training hours to work on your game whether its technically or physically with expert coaching advice.

How do you rate your club head coach Eddie Wolecki Black? What does he bring to the City set up and how does he interact with the players?

Eddie is a fantastic coach and I think he has proved that with what he has achieved with Glasgow City in recent times. He has great knowledge of the game and he gets what he wants out of players for them to perform to their best. He interacts well with the players you know when things are serious and you need to concentrate, but he’s always up for a laugh and joke.

City has won the title for the past five years in a row and have dominated the Scottish game. This season also saw the team reach the last 16 of the Womens Champions League – ahead of the new season what are the aspirations of yourself and the team?

Our inspirations would obviously be to continue to improve as a team, to hopefully win the domestic treble and also to go further in the champions league again, we have seen the high standards of the top teams and we will strive to reach they standards.

Who do you support in the Men’s game?

I support Celtic, although I must admit I am a part-time supporter. I like to watch Barcelona and Man Utd these days.

Who is the best player you have played alongside at club and at international level?

Club Level – Rachel Corsie
International Level – Emma Mitchell

Who is the best player you have played against at club and at international level?

Club level – Anja Mittag (potsdam)
International Level – Turid Knaak, although I would like to say the full German team.

If there was one part of your game you could improve what would it be?

Always room to improve everything.

What do you do when the football season is over with?

I relax as much as possible, like just chilling with friends, going shopping or even if I have time go on holiday before it all starts up again.

If you could select a starting eleven, from the Women’s game, with yourself in the side who would you pick?

Hope Solo, Babette Peter, Ali Kreiger, Carli Lloyd, Lauren Cheney, Homare Sawa, Heather O’Reily, Amy Rodriguez, Abby Wambach, Anja Mittag.

The Olympics are getting ever closer, despite the stance of the Scottish FA in not supporting a Team GB would you consider playing for a Team GB in London 2012?

It would be a once in a lifetime experience, although I have never really thought about it too much. As I don’t think I will be expecting an invitation.

If you could have three wishes what would they be?

1. To play professionally and have a good living through the game.
2. To play in a World Cup.
3. To continue to win more trophies with my club.

We would like to thank Eilish for taking the time out to answer our questions.


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