Vladimir Romanov, Paulo Sergio and all that Jazz!


After the weekend’s comical tirade from Hearts manager Paulo Sergio aimed at Alan Muir during the 1-0 defeat to Kilmarnock at Tynecastle, it was inevitable that the club’s owner Vladimir Romanov would shuffle onto the dance floor and let his mouth do all the dancing.

The Scottish FA had earlier released a statement that a Notice of Complaint had been issued by the Compliance Officer Vincent Linny, in relation to the incident involved Paulo Sergio being sent to the stand on Saturday.

According to the statement, Sergio was allegedly in breach of Rule 203:

“No member of Team Staff shall commit Misconduct at a match, including but not limited to committing acts of the kind described in the Schedule of Offences in Annex C (including where there is aggravation by any factor, including but not limited to prolongation of the incident; combination of different offences; continued use of offensive, abusing and/or insulting language and/or behaviour;calling a match official a cheat and/or calling a match official’s integrity into question; failure to comply with a match official’s requests; adoption of aggressive behaviour towards a match official; any racist, sexist, sectarian and/or otherwise discriminatory element; and the degree of any physical violence), breaching the Post Match Protocol and committing Unacceptable Conduct.”

The statement comes two days before the Hearts manager will be hauled in front of the SFA Judicial Panel to answer for his comments against Iain Brines before a match with Dunfermline last month. He could face a three match touchline ban for his Brines comments and could face further sanctions when he faces the Judicial Panel again on the 17th November for his actions at the weekend.

Vladimir Romanov soon after released a statement via Hearts News saying:

“The media describes the current situation at Hearts as a soap opera. In reality, the soap opera, or to give it a more apt name, show business, is the whole of Scottish football, where lead roles are played by the teams from Glasgow, the national association, league, media, referees and the teams who agree to participate in this show.

“The game against Kilmarnock was another show. Following on from the investigation of Paulo Sergio for legitimate comments he has made, it simply shows how the media is running, or should that be ruining, Scottish football.

“Ian Black’s sending off played its part and the whole game against Kilmarnock turned into farce. For a hand ball of the opponent we were not given a penalty, however Kilmarnock got theirs, but what for – as it is not clear why the “guilty player” was allowed to play on? As a result, Hearts lost the game again.

“That was the show, and it left many disappointed fans. They spend their money to watch football, not the show, but unfortunately as usual they didn’t see any football.

“We also spend a lot of money but didn’t manage to see any football in these six years. We watch football degrading in its homeland. There are practically no high-quality Scottish players left, Scottish clubs don’t play in Europe and the national team doesn’t manage to get into the finals of international championships. Additionally, Scottish football ranks alongside Armenia, Panama and Burkina Faso.”

He added: “Entrepreneurs and various large businesses turned their backs on that sort of football and left this national heritage to the mercy of its own fate. That sort of outrage from the media, federation and tax authorities kills everyone who is trying to change this situation including ourselves who are ready to invest in Scotland once again with stadium plans. And no one is interested in what’s going on. This is why I think that there is no point is spending millions to watch someone else’s show.”

The showbiz continued at Tynecastle as PFA Scotland are reportedly exploring the prospect of Hearts players terminating their contracts with the club as wages are still unpaid.

The Players Union have contacted Hearts raising their concerns, but the Tynecastle side have yet to reply.

Wages were supposed to have been paid on the 16th October, but they have failed to be paid for a second time with players now being hit with bank charges.

The players could now take their concerns to FIFA – citing a fundamental breach of contract without just case. If the governing body agrees, then the players can apply to be released from their contracts allowed them to freely talk to other clubs.


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