UEFA open up disciplinary probe against Celtic over songs

According to a report in this morning’s Scottish Sun, a senior Strathclyde Police officer approached UEFA delegates during the game to report alleged offensive behaviour by the Celtic fans.

An unnamed ‘club insider’ told the Scottish Sun: “Celtic could be in big trouble over this. UEFA can hand down heavy punishments. The club have already pleaded with fans to cut out IRA songs at matches but it looks like some won’t listen.”

City rivals Rangers copped a ban last season after they were found guilty of sectarian singing during their Europa League games against PSV Eindhoven. UEFA imposed a two match away ban on Rangers fans – one of which was suspended. The Ibrox side were also fined 40,000 euro (£35,558) by UEFA’s control and disciplinary body.

Rangers were also fined the same amount and ordered to play their next home UEFA match behind closed doors for the same offence in the home leg, although that punishment was also suspended for a probationary period of three years.

A UEFA spokesperson said: “We have opened a disciplinary case against Celtic.”

According to this morning’s report, the case will be heard on December 8th.

However the report this morning also claimed that, ‘if the allegations are found to be true the Hoops could be fined or their fans banned from European ties’.

Despite this claim by the Scottish Sun’s Robert McAulay, UEFA will not hand down a ban on fans for a first offence, given that Rangers were hauled in front of Europe’s governing body FOUR times over sectarian singing and chanting before copping a ban on fans. In 2006 Rangers were fined £13,000 for discriminatory chanting and £9,000 for an attack on Villarreal’s team bus. And the following year, UEFA demanded they pay £8,280 after a UEFA Cup tie against Osasuna after violent scenes. And In 2009 the club were fined £18,000 after a Champions League match against Unirea Urziceni in Romania.

If Celtic are indeed found guilty of singing sectarian or offensive songs, then the club will be handed a fine and given a warning about their fans future conduct.

Despite calls from the board, manager Neil Lennon and a number of other prominent Celtic fans to stop singing pro-IRA songs, elements of the support have ignored the calls.

A Celtic Park source told the Press Association: “This is quite unprecedented as no issues were raised to the club during the match and the police didn’t inform us directly about their concerns.”


  1. What goes around, comes around…

    Two sides, same coin.

  2. Astonishing you have ignored the role of the senior police officer in this story

    Is it within his remit to interact with the UEFA observer, have any senior police officers in Scotland ever reported fans from other Scottish clubs clubs to the UEFA observer?

    Why no police arrests of the Celtic fans? were the stewards not asked by the police to eject the Celtic fans who were causing the problem?

    Many questions to be asked at Pitt street, Andy M should be on the case

  3. If this is indeed true it reconfirms the deep sectarian bias against Celtic in the Strathclyde Police.

    Rangers sing the disgusting famine song week in week out – not a peep, in fact the Police and Scottish government commend them for their behaviour.

    The police have NEVER complained about singing at Ibrox.

    There was no sectarian singing at the Rennes game. FACT.

    The sad bigot probably thinks that the Fields or Aiden McAnespie are “pro IRA”!

  4. An “unamed club insider”, the sun in an attack on Celtic excuse me a second while I open the window to let the smell of bull sh*t out. Dont know why I clicked this site same old garbage every time.

  5. An awful lot in there about Rangers. But deflection attempts are a waste of time. It’s Celtic’s turn now. The words “hoist” and “petard” spring to mind.


  7. Pro-ira songs are distasteful and offensive to some but are not sectarian

  8. When will our minority ever learn ? However! I was at the game and never heard any?

    Pointing out to the delegate??

  9. “According to a report in this mornings Scottish Sun” This ends the credibility in this story.

  10. Marty – Rangers were brought into the article because they were punished by UEFA for sectarian singing last season it is relevant – not what you claim as a deflection attempt.

  11. billy we have not ignored the role of the police officer – we have listed what was reported – we do not know what was actually said or who the individual was. And we have a top police officer from Strathclyde Police coming on our football show today to discuss the offensive behaviour bill and we were going to be questioning him on the reports today.

  12. I really cannot honestly believe that this story has been produced given that the source is a brief article from the Sun newspaper who make use of the good old “club insider”.

    I can only presume that this story has been produced and uploaded by this site as these are the type of stories that get most reaction, most comments, most arguments etc.

    Poor poor show.

  13. Andy,

    If the Policeman saw it or heard it, why didn’t he simply send in the others to arrest those who were guilty? Why even go to UEFA? He hasn’t done his job if there was indeed what he alleges and that is a joke at best.

    If Celtic fans were singing something sectarian it would have to have a religious connotation, not a political one. Barcelona fans display pro- Catalonia banners and doubtless have their own anthems and that is a form of nationalism.

    This story appears to be silly and simply another attempt by those who hate Celtic to even things up which any right thinking person cannot fathom. There is no doubt chanting about the provisional IRA or indeed the original IRA is distasteful and may upset a number of people but it isn’t sectarian.

    I think this might bring this to a head. UEFA will either fine Celtic or throw the case out. If it is the former Celtic fans will learn not to do it but if it is the latter then it puts to bed the one’s as bad as the other lies which Rangers fans cling to.

  14. Reporting articles from the sun crikey andy get a grip

  15. I was at the game. There was a lot of singing but I don’t recall anything sectarian.

  16. Be careful with the language you use Andy, you wouldn’t want to sound like the SNP would you?

    Another crass and petty attempt by Strathclyde’s finest to even the score and blur the lines between what is actually sectarian and what some would go out their way to be offended by.

    NO SONGS THAT THE CELTIC SUPPORT SING ARE SECTARIAN and it is only in our bigoted little country that they are judged to be offensive (to some).

    Why Andy, haven’t you highlighted which song(s) are brought into question? so that people can judge the truth of the matter for themselves.

    The IRA songs that you refer to the support being warned about last year after the disgusting scenario that was Tynecastle, related to the more recent PIRA are very, very, rarely heard among the Celtic support.

    No words(s) or acronyms are automatically offensive, to claim so is devoid of adult reasoning. It is never the words, it is about the context in which the words are used. In order to claim offence to someone,something, word(s), that offence has to be justifiable. Moreover , just because someone claims offence to a song sung does not mean the the person(s) singing it have actually done anything wrong.

    Generally the songs sung by the Celtic support that are seen as dubious, are songs of remembrance. In remembrance of people who gave their lives fighting against tyranny, oppression and injustice. They are songs which tell of important events in Irish history, they are songs that are about who we are and the things that we believe in. These songs are not about hate mongering or bigotry like those that have been rightfully taken action upon, that are sung by the south-side loyal.

    For people to claim offence against these type of songs says more about the claimant than the accused! as some, (just a small minority) would take offence to anything pertaining to Irishness or Catholicism. Furthermore it is indicative of the the aberration that is the new ‘offensive behaviour’ bill. Rather than actually tackle Scotland’s problems on sectarianism, it only serves to cloud the issue and paradoxically gives the bigot a platform.

    Eufa has to look into into any claim but this is a non story predictably jumped on by the Scottish red-tops. I am confident that that will not result in any action for there has been no actual wrong doing.

  17. Re: Daviel,Rangers sing the disgusting famine song week in week out – not a peep, in fact the Police and Scottish government commend them for their behaviour.

    Where and when? As i think youve made a false allegation on this one.

  18. Daviel” Rangers sing the disgusting famine song week in week out”

    Whitabootery at its finest – also a complete lie. Stop deflecting Daviel – we are not singing any famine song.

  19. Up the IRA! not sectarin at all,if so report me. I’ll continue to sing pro IRA songs if and when i please, its not illegal so uefa can open whatever case they want at the behest of a hun cop,it won’t change a thing. oooh ahhh up the RA!

  20. When ‘will our minority ever learn’ what exactly? To not sing songs that you don’t like? When will bigots like you ever learn

  21. Yeah the Strathclyde police and goverment turn a blind eye to the songs sung by Rangers fans however Celtic will always run the risk if people continue to sing about the IRA.

    What have the IRA got to do with Celtic?

    Exactly, nothing.

    Stop it.

  22. Total tosh. Celtic fans have never sung discriminatory songs
    While Irish political sing might be distasteful to some, it is not against uefa law, it it was Barcelona would be fined every week
    Songs against a race are banned, hence rangers getting finned again and again
    Scotland Is in Europe and European law prevails
    Nice try though lol

  23. Each and every time you post something ‘bad’ about Celtic you have to use Rangers as an example. How about the pro IRA chants that steam from the Green Brigade week in week out, is that not a good enough example? Whenever it’s Rangers fans you report on us and US ONLY!

  24. So why didn’t the officer do his job and arrest someone as well as reporting it to Uefa?

    Celtic do not sing a single song that is sectarian if we do could someone please tell me the name of that song?

    This is a load of rubbish end of..no fine or warning will come our way.

    We sing the same song’s now as we did in 2003, you know the year that we took the largest travelling support in history (at that time) to Seville and thus received the UEFA and FIFA fair play awards.

    Sepp Blatter – “Celtic fans, you are great, you are marvellous”

    Clarence Seedorf “Celtic fans are some of the greatest supporters I know”

    Franz Beckenbaur “This is the most fantastic support in the world”

    Michael Platini “I have never experienced anything like it. This is a lesson for all football clubs about how to be proper football supporters, This is the best club in the world.”

    Jose Mourinho “I fell a bit in love with Celtic, because the atmosphere was amazing and the crowd was magnificent, the way they behaved with the Porto fans”

    Barcelona Police “I speak for everyone when I describe the behaviour of the Celtic supporters as immaculate, with all the bother concerning racial insults and hooligan behaviour, these fans were a breath of fresh air”

    Are behaviour is always excellent and I was at the Rennes game. All I see here is a bigoted police officer trying to tarnish the great reputation of our support.

  25. It’s interesting and disappointing to see all those Celtic fans deluding themselves that there’s some conspiracy or misunderstanding at the heart of these allegations.

    Much like Muslim extremists who turn up at events commemorating UK fatalities, the racism and religious bigotry is clearly apparent in glorifying those who target innocent civilians for their nationality and/or religion.

    The IRA targeted innocent civilians when they targeted UK city centres and Protestant communities. To deny the existence of such racial and religious prejudice is preposterous, especially when you sing such anthems of hate on British.

    Ultimately, only a balanced approach by the authotrities will see the extremists and their conduct pushed out from our game, so this may be a positive for us all. Hopefully, the point-scoring can stop and we can enjoy our football in better environment, without the sort of evil nonsense we have seen lately.

  26. It’s interesting and disappointing to see all those Celtic fans deluding themselves that there’s some conspiracy or misunderstanding at the heart of these allegations.

    Much like Muslim extremists who turn up at events commemorating UK fatalities, the racism and religious bigotry is clearly apparent in glorifying those who target innocent civilians for their nationality and/or religion.

    The IRA targeted innocent civilians when they targeted UK city centres and Protestant communities. To deny the existence of such racial and religious prejudice is preposterous, especially when you sing such anthems of hate on British soil.

    Ultimately, only a balanced approach by the authotrities will see the extremists and their conduct pushed out from our game, so this may be a positive for us all. Hopefully, the point-scoring can stop and we can enjoy our football in better environment, without the sort of evil nonsense we have seen lately.

  27. Laughable….No doubt “The H**” will post a one sentenced,thinly veiled retraction on page 37 coulmn 6 when this is laughed from court

  28. i when was the last time the famine song got sang way rangers fans. think you shoud get your own house inorder before barkin nonsence ya idiot. dont throw stones when you live in a class house. youse have been getin away with singin pro i r a bile. for ages i e. tyncastle for instance when youse got beat 2 nil. a hope youse get hammerd …..

  29. Andy, make sure you get clarity as to what songs are offenceive,sectarian and other..Also, ask him why supporters are allowed to jump to their feet, celebrate a goal and generally move about a stadium yet they are not allowed to stand during games

  30. celtic have been getin away with singin pro ira bile 4 ages. ie, tyncastle when they got beat 2nil . A HOPE THEY GET HAMMERD ……

  31. Diligent police work….If you see or hear something illegal, what do you do?

    Got it in one, go see the UEFA guy in the main stand.

  32. Ach take yer medicine and swallow it instead if spitting the dummy and calling bias all the time as its wearing a bit thin. TGFITW singing sectarian songs? Business as usual then I see…. Typical glass house syndrome – offended by everything embarrassed by nothing

  33. How old is the police officer…seven ?
    “Please mister, they bad bhoys are singin bad songs, so they ur!”. embarassing !, he should be fired for being infantile.

  34. Does anyone seriously believe this. Do you really think UEFA can punish a club for “offensive singing”. Utter rubish.

  35. they punished Rangers for Discriminatory singing razzors – that was the actual charge

  36. I’ll be amazed if Strathclyde Police have never reported Rangers to UEFA. Would someone please submit a Freedom of Information Request to Strathclyde Police asking how many times they’ve referred Rangers and Celtic to UEFA?

    Probably Strathclyde Police would hide the truth since the Scottish government shredded stats on religiously aggravated crime in Scotland over the last decade.

    Also the BBC Trust confirmed this week they are investigating Rob MacLean and Sportscene for a breach of BBC Editorial guidelines. Plainly they can’t say that BOTOB is religiously sectarian.

  37. big difference between “offensive” and Discriminatory. Man City fans signing about Munich, Man Utd fans singing about Hilsborough, Celtic fans singing about the IRA – offensive yes, discriminatory no, under UEFA jusisdiction – probably not.

    Rangers fans singing anti-Catholic songs – offensive yes, discriminatory yes, under UEFA jurisdiction – clearly.

  38. while i do not condone bigotry or sectarianism of any kind what is a high ranking police officer doing complaining to uefa about songs can he not do his job or is it selective hearing and complaints.after all the chief constable for strathclyde mr house said after the league cup final in march that the atmosphere was great i have never heard such poison in going to football for 55 years that came down from the rangers end of hampden that day

  39. typical its no us singing just big bad wolves out tae get us

  40. What is your source for Uefa investigating ‘sectarian’ songs being sung by the Celtic fans.

  41. on top of the report today it has been confirmed by the head of the new FOCUS unit tasked with dealing with sectarian incidents at football grounds today during our football show special.

  42. I can only find the words offensive everywhere, I understand you spoke to someone today but I cannot find and solid source that states ‘sectarian’ chanting. If so I can see Uefa having a clash of thoughts because the IRA isn’t sectarian. But I would like to see Uefa say something to the fans because the songs are political and can be considered offensive, they shouldn’t be at Parkhead. As long as people try to manipulate the songs as sectarian the minority of fans will continue to sing them.

  43. You should listen to the show that I am publishing soon mate because it will give you an insight into what the Police think in regards to the songs etc – very insightful to say the least.

  44. if we have been sectarian chanting and sing sectarian songs then we should get done, if we have been singing songs and chanting chants that the strathclyde police find offensive but are not sectarian then the copper should get done. wit gets me is why the police never arrested the fans, instead of just letting it happen. does anyone know what sectarian songs where sang or sectarian chants where heard from this copper?? HH YNWA

  45. Listen to our special show with Superintendent David Brand, MSP Humza Yousef and MSP James Kelly http://t.co/JCiK93zm hope you can spread it around your forum also – interesting comments from all parties

  46. I’ll tell you why the sun has ran with this story. Usually this time of year they have their pre-printed story about how us Celtic fans won’t commemorate the blood for oil wars around the world by not wearing a poppy. Nothing to write about this time as it’s international week so let’s run with this. A sham, a joke,pathetic !

  47. I suppose the other 10 or so websites that have this story are “deflecting” as well..no they are not they are just remembering everybody about the awful record that Rangers have regarding fans behaviour.

  48. Strange that there was no Police report handed to the SFA regarding the singing of ‘ illegal’ songs by the massed ranks of the Rangers support during the league cup final. The Scottish government went on to praise the behaviour of the fans at the same game. No mention of the singing of illegal songs. Now when Celtic fans sing political songs about a conflict that ended quite a while ago well according to the police that is worth reporting to UEFA. Scotland the most one sided biased little country in the world bar none.

  49. So it’s all made up then? Clearly Celtic supporters would never sing anything remotely sectarian. I laughed.

  50. yeah it is, i didn’t hear any sectarian singing, and no IRA chanting. its just a dig which the newspapers can make money on, using the past probing of rangers as a tool. typical newspapers making us out to be as bad as you lot when we’re clearly not and our record shows it, they’ve been doing that for years.

  51. It is probably just a coincedence that a certainn tax-dodging football club from the south side of Glasgow are in serious financial trouble, and are on the edge of administration/oblivion and yet the lap-top loyal focus all their mighty investigative powers on a non-story like this! A naughty spot of deflection by the biased blue-nose reporting lickspittles perhaps? Shameful!

  52. Does not matter what any policeman or scottish politicain, european law does not ban political singing
    It does ban racist activities , hence rangers being fined again and and again
    So uefa can never fine Celtic for their fans singing political songs. End of story

  53. spitting my sides laughing here at he we dont do nothing brigade at the piggery give us a break youve been found out not enjoy the punishment what goes around comes around G.I.R.U.Y

  54. Sydneytim your talking tripe why sing political songs at football match anyway END OF STORY im glad your down under one less here now jog on muppet

  55. Treble T hows it a non story because its about celtic showing them up for what they really are get a life whats rangers tax got to do with this ohh forgot DEFLECT DENY CHEAT ACCUSE THE CELTIC FAMILY WAY

  56. Name one then?

    didn’t think so

    The only remotely sectarian song which the Celtic fans have sung in previous years is “Roamin in the Gloamin” and thankfully this “triumphant” song has all but died out

  57. At the end of the day the minority must stop singing IRA songs..My god half of them couldn’t point to Ireland on a map…

  58. Sydneytim, You are bang on sir

    These non stories always pop up during the International break…This “story” (sic) will fade away without so much as a wimper

  59. True blue. So uefa will fine Barcelona ??
    They sing political songs every week

    I did not say I agree with it
    But the facts are uefa do not ban political singing
    They do however ban discriminatory singing
    Not talking rights or wrongs
    Talking the laws of uefa, which are backed up by european courts which also dont make political songs illegal , but to come out against racist activites

    You may think it’s tripe , but it’s the laws

  60. Bogbhoy – you represent everything Celtic FC want to remove from the stands at Parkhead – you are not a true celtic fan – in fact you are a complete tadger.

    Why don’t you stand by your club or is the deep rooted hatred so stuck into your petty little head that you think that by singing pro aye.are.eh. songs you are somehow helping the team?

  61. Sydneytim, the kid on celtic fans have been hiding behind this “political singing” crap for too long. Since when did the aye.are.eh. become a political party and stop becoming a terrorist organisation?

    Would it be OK then for me to go to the USA and start shouting pro al qaeda chants?

  62. Razzors “Man City fans signing about Munich, Man Utd fans singing about Hilsborough, Celtic fans singing about the IRA” offensive yes, discriminatory no, under UEFA jusisdiction – probably not.
    Razzors – Munich and Hillsborough were disasters – accidents. What the aye,are,eh, are responsible for are deliberate acts of terrorism in the UK. Chants glorifying these acts are most certainly within the UEFA radar.

    How you can compare hillsborough and Munich to the actions of the IRA is completely bewildering way of trying to justify pro ira chants – in fact – it’s complete lunacy.

    It’s like comparing world war 2 to an earthquake

  63. Let the debate begin all Celtic fans would encourage such a debate.
    Just hopefully nobody in Scotland has any influence in the decision making.

  64. After FARES hatchet job on the Rangers the consistently held view was that it did not matter who reported you and why, as all that matters is that you commited the offence as charged. Now it all appears to be about who reported celtic and what were his motives.

    Also the claims that these chants are acceptable or are not being sung are quite simply cringeworthy. Some appear to be seriously suggesting that it should be acceptable to glorify a murderous terrorist group with our Scottish Football grounds; and any claims that these chants are not sung can be easily disproved with almost every game recorded in this day and age.

    Rangers have been rightly villified and punished in the past and their fans appear to have both wisened and cleaned up their acts. Celtic are years behind being clearly still in denial. Acceptance and change will need to follow or there will be hard times ahead.

  65. League cup final 2010/2011 this is the reaction we have come to expect from the Scottish government and Scottish police force when there is racist and sectarian singing at a football match.

  66. We have been found out doing what exactly?? I think you will find the investigation is still ongoing so your “youve been found out” statement is just wishful thinking.

  67. if proved correct that celtic fans sang “sectarian”songs alan h then fine.name and shame.Regards you lot should you not be more worried about impending HMRC outcome? and your own sectarian fans. away you go back to your own sites.regarding renaming your midden how about *ankers r us haha

  68. Stevie – stop deflecting the issue here. This is about a problem with Celtic – this has nowt to do with Rangers.

    For your info – I have noticed a big improvement in the chants/songs belted out by Rangers fans. Many supporters clubs and fans groups got together at the end of last season to discuss the way forward. This season has seen a big improvement.

    I’m not saying it’s perfect – still some way off – but at least we are heading down the right road.

    If Celtic are to cop – pardon the pun – a fine here and it gets the message through to the pro ira chanting morons then maybe it might not be such a bad thing.

  69. Smoke and mirrors by the Scottish media, not as if there are any other news worthy stories at this time.
    FTT finished anyone.

  70. Andy M. It is irrelevant what the police think. They are not supposed to dictate law making their purpose is to uphold the law of the land. The law as made by elected representatives of the people for the people. The police have over steeped the mark in this instance. As far as i am aware no law in Scotland exists to ban the singing of political songs. There have been numerous cases in Scotland where citizens have been arrested for singing pro IRA songs in public – none have been successfully prosecuted. It is also doubtful that any law passed in Scotland to try and curtail the singing of political songs would be deemed lawful under European law. That is political songs that do not discriminate against ethnic groups or minorities (for example the famine song) are allowed. Songs relating to Para military groups such as PIRA (a non sectarian organisation) are deemed political and therefore the right to sing songs relating to the organisation are protected by European law. Also political songs are allowed UEFA regulations it is highly unlikely UEFA can do anything even if they wished to as they would be in breech of European laws.
    The debate with regard to the Celtic support singing these is a different matter and is one for the Celtic support to decided not biased politicians or policemen with their own agendas.

  71. Didn’t Prof Tom Devine suggest that IRA songs aren’t religiously discriminatory? Might be wrong but this would suggest Rangers are out on a limb with their discriminatory and racist supporters. Racist sectarian Rangers are fairly unique in Scotland

    Also UEFA have previously abandoned investigation on BOTOB


    Jog on….nothing to see here…

  72. Oglach – another one hiding behind the “political songs” line.

    So called Celtic fans are singing about a terrorist group, the ira are not a political party.

  73. Daven, what’s the song we’re talking about here? BOTOB?

  74. Daven although I tend to agree with you about offensive singing it has no place in a football ground.
    At this moment in time offensive singing is not a crime. What is more concerning for me is a police officer feels the need to report to UEFA when he hasn’t felt the need to do this in the past.
    So which is worse, offensive songs, racist songs, sectarian songs, only two are illegal, but all are unacceptable.
    Still I believe this anti Celtic story is to sell newspapers to their readership and we know what sells better.

  75. Stevie, I’ve had the same old debate with so called Bears who think it’s ok to sing about the uvf. UEFA don’t want to hear politcal chants and if chants are glorifying terrorist groups then yes I think they should be punished.

    I don’t quite get the last bit of your post – are you saying this is a made up story just to sell papers or are you saying the paper should not be printing in the first place because it’s not in the public interest? Singing pro ira songs is sectarian.

  76. Stevie can you sum up for me the difference between UEFA investigating Rangers for their chants at the PSV game and Celtic fans for their chants at the Rennes game? Is it simply because the information came from the match commander? Surley it is the job of the match commander to comment on the behaviour of fans within the ground. He is afterall the most informed man in the ground with access to all CCTV and police reports. Or would you be happier to see this continue to be covered up?

  77. Daven I believe the Scottish newspapers print what sells best and an anti Celtic story sells better than any other. No Daven I don’t believe it was made up.
    Alan H
    Total agreement with you on the match commander Alan.
    Find it very strange rather than take any action whatsoever he decides to report to UEFA is this the first time this reporting has taken place and if so why, now I was at the Rennes game and to my knowledge I didn’t hear any such singing that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
    I think we all agree such behaviour shouldn’t happen or shouldn’t be reported it,s the way it was reported I find very strange.

  78. It does not matter the rights or wrongs of singing the Ira songs
    One club in Glasgow breaks uefa and european law and gets fined repeatibly
    The others does not break the laws and does not get fined

    Unless the laws change then the result stays the same

  79. I’m confused. There’ been a huge debate about Salmonds law and offensive singing and chanting at games and yet strathclyde police heard what they deem offensive chants emanating from the Celtic support and rather than discuss with the clubs or even arrest the culprits they reported the issue to a supranational sporting body? Wtf ? Our taxes go to pay the police to enforce the law – what do they think their job is?

  80. “It does not matter the rights and wrongs of singing Ira songs”. On what planet?

    So Rangers are bad and should not sing about loyalist paramilitaries or fenian b’s whilst celtic are good and we should ignore the songs about republican paramilitaries, huns, fenians and orange b’s. You simply could not make this up. Please do us all a favour and stay on the other side of the planet.

  81. I think you will soon find out that it is not unusual for the match commander to provide the footballing authorities with his report, indeed he is often asked for it. There will also be police action taken against some fans.
    What we actually have here is the celtic PR machine in self defence mode and turning this into a “their all against us” story. They would be much better served facing the problem head on as Rangers eventually had to do, as you will find out on the 8th of December.

  82. Well Stevie, when it was Rangers it was front or back page headline, I didn’t see this with the celtic story – maybe I picked up the wrong paper.

    I do agree that newspapers are too quick to print non stories about the old firm while ignoring the good that they do in communities and charities.

    What was it about the report that irks you?

    Sydneytim – has Australia recovered from the mess celtic fans left when they were down there?

  83. Daven. Celtic had nothing to do with the bush fires. That was a charitable donation, not guilt money.

    There are numerous youtube videos of Celtic singing during the Rennes match and most of them probably have better sound quality than the CCTV footage.

    If the match commander is trying to sell “Paddy McCourt Fenian Army” as a ‘political’ song, I think he’ll be sorely disapponted.

  84. Just thought I should say that Rangers were done for singing about killing Catholics which is discriminatory chanting.

    By the way the meaning of illicit is illegal or forbidden and these songs however much you may disagree with them are not illegal.

    Funny that this is happening just as a law that has as its main aim making the law less unfair to a bunch of bigots who love singing about killing Catholics according to Christine Graham is being forced through.

    Any law that’s being laughed at by the vegetable garden that make up the rest of the Scottish Parliament is clearly a terrible idea.

  85. Another interseting point. Should the football offenses act be passed and for instance a Celtic fan is arrested for singing a song deemed offensive by PC MCPlod if 1000 of the Celtic support decided to act as a defence witness and state the they were not in anyway offended how would the courts deal with this? Would they accept the word of the arresting officer or the multitude of defence witnesses? This is why the act is nothing more than a waste of legislation. If the court rules in favour of the arresting officer we have the basis of a Police state.
    The majority of politicians, out with the SNP, along with the majority of Scotland’s legal profession are opposed to the proposed flawed and unworkable legislation.

  86. I would be interested to know if you would offer and maintain the same opinion for a Rangers fan singing the Billy Boys in the stands of Ibrox and if you did so in the past before your own team also came under the spotlight?

    Be honest now, I have a feeling that you were probably full of righteous indignation when Rangers were in the dock……

  87. Prof Ton Devine is not the law and he certainly is not impartial.

  88. The charge relates to Uefa disciplinary regulation 11.2, namely: “the use of gestures, words, objects or any other means to transmit any message that is not fit for a sports event, in particular if it is of a political, offensive or provocative nature”

    Game, set and match my ill-informed friend.

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